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Mega Sports Vertriebs GmbH
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Robsonstrasse 1, Triefenried Bahnhof
D - 94209 Regen, Germany

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For over 20 years Robson has been makng paddles and boats in Germany. Robson are grateful to live and work in a beautiful area surrounded by forest, rivers and mountains.

Robson's craftmanship

Robson is proud to be a regional employer making our boats and paddles locally. "Made in Germany" is a symbol of high quality and craftsmanship world wide. Our production demands close attention to detail in all stuff, a high skill level and underlying knowledge of how the boats and paddles will be used. Robson employees use all of their experience and ingenuity in making kayaks, canoes and paddles assuring that Robson's craftmanship lives up to the trust that Made in Germany inspires. Robson is well know for pushing the limits and thinking outside box when it comes to design and technology. In the last few years Robson have brought you Armerlite super durable and light weight canoes that are recyclable, FlowTech paddles - beautiful, light weight and epoxy free. In 2013/14, Company are offering our new Jamaica kayak in recycled PE, using scrap material. Working responsibly is a goal that we are constantly moving towards whether socially or environmentally. Robson use solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint, employ natural light in our production and office areas which provides a comfortable environment for our employees and uses less energy.

New Robson

Trophy Kayak

length 378 cm, width 23.6'', height 32 cm, weight 17 kg

Entwickelt für den Red Bull Dolomitenmann und das Green River , new Trophy features clear, sleek lines that guarantee a smooth, fast, snappy straight. The Rocker "Trophy" is designed so that the boat itself against the flow simply accelerated while the Trophy is no rotation is too much. Uncompromising driving pleasure is inevitable - not only for racers.

To glide smoothly through larger waves and holes, the Robson not forgotten the necessary boat volume, which making boat ideal of stagnant water to bred torrents for almost any terrain.



Robson Totris 14's & 16's Kayak

Titris 14's:

Trim & well balanced, the Robson Titris 14's good natured design can handle short day trips to multi day adventures. The stable & sleek hull helps to develop skills & handles chop with ease, good initial & secondary stability. Standard outfitting: fully adjustable thigh braces, footrests and backrests, thermo foam comfort
seat, deck lines, bow & stern hatches with bulkheads, rudder ready. Options: rudder.

Titris 16's:

A sleek and sea worthy design the Titris 16, has a slight V shaped hull making it easy to control and edge. This kayak is quick to build up speed and glides effortlessly in open waters. Standard outfitting includes:day hatch with bag, bow & stern hatches with bulkheads, deck lines. Cockpit design: high density ergonomic comfort seat with fully adjustable backrest, thigh braces & footrests for a solid fit. Rudder ready.
Options: rudder.

Robson Aloha

A great blend of performance and stability Excellent glide, comfortable interior, fully rigged deck makes for an efficient light touring Robson kayak. Comes standard with two hatches plus bulkheads bow & stern, adjustable comfort seat and footrests, deck rigging & optional rudder.

Robson Balboa kayak

This small day tourer is super stable with a large size cockpit & comfort seat. A great choice for getting out and enjoying your local waterways. Comes standard with backrest, front deck rope, zig zag footrests, drain plug & easy grab handles.

Robson Balboa 2

A spacious two man tourer equipped with a super stable hull. Large cockpit for easy entry & exit plus plenty of foot room. Standard features: flip down backrests, zig zag footrests, hatch with stern bulkhead, padded grab handles & rudder ready.

Robson Waikiki touring kayak

A perfect recreation touring kayak. The unique shaped hull provides maximum stability plus ample storage area in the stern for your camping gear. Standard outfitting: drop down skeg, deck bungees, bow & stem grab handles, comfort seat & zig zag footrests. Expedition version: 10" hatch with stern bulkhead.

Robson Recycled:

New Jamaica Recycled Kayak

A stable tandem New Robson touring kayak perfect for families and friends. Designwed to enjoy light currents and calm water paddling . Comes standard with two largi size adult seats with collapsible backs. Jamaica Available in standard PE and recycled granite effect.

Robson "Calypso" touring kayak

A stable & quick double touring kayak from Robson with a large cockpit & plenty of room to store gear. The bow cuts through chop with ease. Comes standard with deck bungees, high collapsible back seats, zig zag footrests. Expedition version with rudder, bulk head & 10" hatch. Optional child's seat.

Robson "Kona"

Built by Robson to give more of an edge in the surf, the Kona has enough length to help you punch out through the Kona surf & a low center of gravity for stability. These features also make the boat a great little boat to explore calm water avenues. Stackable & self bailing, grab handles & rear tank well with gear strap, round out
this versatile sit on top.

Robson Kaiula

It is stackable & self bailing with four large molded in grab handles for easy carrying.

Robson most popular & versatile double sit on top with center seat for solo paddling or for a third paddler. Super stable hull design with built in keel for tracking plus a large weight capacity.

Robson Verron

An excellent all around sit on top kayak, molded in ergonomic seat & large gear well in the stern. Super robust Verron build, self bailing with center scuppers, grab handles bow & stem plus stern gear strap. Perfect for the lake house and rental.

Robson Croco

This kayak is a kid magnet! You can't get more FUN, have more SMILES or hear more LAUGHTER -than on the CROCO! Go on and have some FUN. available only in green.

Robson Croco

This kayak is a kid magnet! You can't get more FUN, have more SMILES or hear more LAUGHTER -than on the CROCO! Go on and have some FUN. available only in green.

Slalom Kayaks

C1: The ideal Slalom C1 for training and beginners. Stable designed kayak made from robust PE comes standard with molded seat, adjustable thigh straps, foam pillar.

K1 :A traditional K1 design specifically for training novices & honing early kayaking skills. Made from durable PE & available in Expert & Club outfitting. Expert: adjustable footrests & backrests, bow & stern foam pillars. Club: zig zag footrests & seat.

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