Wenonah Canoe - leader in canoe industry for more than 40 years with more than 40 world top class canoe designs.Uniquely designed solo or tandem canoes for touring sports or leisure, down River, white wather or expedition models. Find the boat that fits all your adventure, for family fun, fishing, expeditions and everything.


& Fishing canoes

"Backwater" 15ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

Excellent stability square stern sport & fishing canoe L15" with motorized intentions designed in aluminium and wood bracket,this models are suitabele for float fishing or rocky rivers, stable version for two passagers. Model available in ...more

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Sevylor Inflatable Canoes - 350-500lb

Canoe & Kayak Manufacturers - specializing in kayaks equipment and accessories


Inflatable Canoes for one and two person

Sevylor offer series of perfect inflatable canoes for fishing or hunting the day’s catch, looking for a rush, or simply hunting.

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For EU Customers: www.sevylor-europe.com

Inflatable canoes

The New Fiji Travel Pack Inflatable Canoe

Overall a pretty nice 122$ kayak, the New Fiji, first designed 1992, and this time Fiji Inflatable comes equiped with a travel bag, removable middle seat and paddle. You can use also he troll motor too.

This is light, a full-size canoe/kayak with the convenience of an inflatable Sevylor® Fiji™ boat. Designed for two-person with PVC construction and Airtight® Sevylor System, Multiple air chambers which is guaranteed not to leak and stay inflated if one air chambers is punctured. For easy deflation & inflation Fiji comes equiped with Double Lock™ and Mini Double Lock™ air valves.

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The Fiji floats well and fills easily. In add You buy the skeg that goes with it to ensure well tracking as recommended by other enthusiasts.

Sevylor Rio Canoe -

Inflatable canoe

very rugged and rigid canoe for One person and 350 lb - max capacity

Sevylor Colorado Canoe -

Inflatable canoe

Comfort and styling Indian Inflatable canoe with double hull construction and 500 lb - max capacity

Sevylor Rio Canoe -

Inflatable canoe

for fishing or hunting

One person inflatable canoe and 350 lb - max capacity

The pros and cons are fully dependent upon what you want to do with the Sevylor rio , unless it's backpacking. Then you need the packraft. Almost any kayak is going to paddle faster than a packraft in flat or slow water. The packraft will "be" more stable in initially rough water if you are a beginner/beginning intermediate skills. That is to say, you will be more stable. (remember, there's no tippy boats, only tippy paddlers) Will your floats be road accessible, or do you plan trips where hiking or flying in are the only way. Kayaking will give you a better workout as it more fully uses all the large muscle groups of the body and requires more micro adjustments in balance. Mostly, however, it depends on what/where you want to float.

Sevylor Colorado Canoe -

Inflatable canoe for fishing or hunting

inflatable canoe for two person and 500 lb - max capacity

Sevylor Sport Fisher Canoe -

Inflatable canoe

Durable and performance Sevytex fabric material with a strong polyester core with 1 Year Warranty

Canoe KCC-305

Inflatable canoe single "KCC-305". Raised bow and stern of inflatable canoes KCC305 so similar in form, usability and performance of the traditional North American Indian canoe as far as this style can be repeated in the manufacture of inflatable boats.

Two-chamber body design makes the boat strong and reliable. Stability, maneuverability, and seaworthiness of these boats is comparable with the convenience, appearance and practicality of classical Indian canoe.
They can be used on rough rivers, lakes, seas, fishing and diving. They are simply designed for beginners of all anglers and active recreation on vode.V kit boats include comfortable seats, removable bow and stern compartments for the carriage of goods, carrying handles, multiple Rymov D-shaped, halyards, fasteners for the installation of electric motor SBM and Nylon Bag for transporting boats

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks

Currently, Sevylor® offers an extensive range of new and timeless (models since 1969) inflatable kayaks for fun or fishing. To see a full range of Sevylor kayak models click here.

Inflatable sport kayak "Sevylor SVX" designed for exploring the rivers, lakes and reservoirs, as well as for sports and hiking up to the fifth category of complexity.
Single and double kayak - "Sevylor SVX100" and "Sevylor SVX200" - the perfect vessel for outdoor activities.
A distinctive feature is the raised pointed nose, which allows the kayak easier to mount on a wave and protects from splashes when agitated.
Kayaks "Sevylor SVX100" and "Sevylor SVX200" have an inflatable bed. Lack of rigid elements of the frame makes them easily enough.
As the main material for making kayaks "Sevylor SVX100" and "Sevylor SVX200" material used SEVYTEX (2 layers of PVC + 1 layer of polyester) having high strength and abrasion resistance.
Plastic fittings used to secure attachments, and valves are made from high quality polyamide.

Sea eagle inflatable Kayaks and Packages,SE Overview of Models and comments

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Sevylor Accessories

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Sevylor Pumps - Hand, Foot & Power Pumps for inflatables

Inflatable canoes

Whitewater 4,3m

Inflatable canoe

Tandem Model(C42T) of light weight inflatable Canoes for 2 or 3 Person with low-drag hull design (heavy duty canadian style) from Incpept designed for sheltered rivers and lakes. Robust constructions give maximum speed and handling. Light weight Canoe 25 Kg with 3 air Compartments. Available Three marine-ply padded, Outboard bracket, 2 Colours - red or yellow. More >>

GRABNER manufacturer of inflatable boats, Our ine of boats include: Sailing inflatable, power boats, rafting and canoe inflatable boats for hunting, fishing , rafting and fun boat.

Inflatable versions Canoes

XR 400/95 cm

Inflatable canoe

Canoe Model length 400 cm and wiegth 21 kg for 2 Person suitable for lakes and rivers, 4 level of dissiculity with operate pressure 0,3 bar. Single or Double blade paddle and Carrying belts. Seats can be moved ... More >>

Speed 455/100 cm

Inflatable canoe

Foldable inflatable canoe with air deck avaliable 3 speed versions, 3 level of dissiculity. Heavy duty "Canadian" style canoe which can be used with outboard engine for speed. Canoe model also adapted to sailing and have more place for stowage. Canoe Lenght 455 cm and 30,5 kg with losding 380 kg and sail area of 7m2.Suitable Speed Canoes for lakes and rivers designed for outboard motor with max 4,4KW... More >>

All GRABNER inflatable from GRABNER boats are quality products and come with 5 YEARS GUARANTEE

AQUADESIGN company leader of the market of the raft, canoes, kayaks gonflables equipements and accessories in European country.

Inflatable canoes

Explorer II 345/90 cm

Inflatable canoe

Explorer single or double paddle Canoe series with sitting at the bottom (wiegth : 24kg) for 2 Persons made in rainforced tubes and floor in Hyplan TDEX
and 3+2 air compartments. Canoe with hyplan construction perfect for active use, ensures an effective wave managment for all Classes of river difficulty...more >>

Dumper 400/106 cm

Inflatable Fishing canoe

Lightweight Fishing Canoe with loading capacity max 260 kg
33cm diam Tube, Single,Double or Tribal fishing Canoe/Kayak (wiegth : 18kg) series from "Aqua Design" with comfortable removable 2 benches at the bottom
designed for 3 Persons and fishing activity. Made in PVC tubes and floor and 3 air ... more >>



- 20 years experience in manufacturing and designing some of the finest open canoes available around the world, durable and quality materials offer all-around performance with minimal compromise. We have canoes for everybody whether you're a fisherman or beginner, want to get back on the water or are a
canoe buff we can provide you with a canoe that has fine design pedigree,
great quality and superb performance.You’re sure to find the Ideal Venture canoe

Hunter 520kg

Fishing canoe

A great hunter-fishing canoe for getting active for sportsmen and families.
Canoe specially designed for long distance touring with lenght 17'6" weight 34" and max load 520kg.
Packed with features like comfortable 2 wood plastic seats,wooden centre yoke and rear thwart, the Hunter Canoe is an amazing value.
Available Options with 3rd seats, kneeling thwart and canoe ...more

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