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Wilderness Systems Tarpon Kayak Series

The Tarpon Kayak is perfect for the beginner to intermediate paddlers and avid anglers.

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon is extra wide, and super stable giving even the most novice paddler confidence to take on rolling waves and chop.

The Tarpon's flat cockpit floors combined with its superior stability gives the average angler the confidence to stand up and cast. The Wilderness Systems Tarpon comes in five sizes; Tarpon 100 (10'), Tarpon 120 (12'), Tarpon 130T (13' Tandem/2-Person), Tarpon 140 (14'), and Tarpon 160 (16').

The Tarpon 120, 140, and 160 are also available as Anglers, already set up with rod holders, anchor, and the "SlideTrax" Accessory System. The Tarpon 120 is the most popular version of the Tarpon series, it size is efficient and versatile for most all paddlers, it has plenty of storage room, and it is rigged for your next adventure.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120


What makes the Tarpon so great?

Tarpon 120, Model 2014

Wilderness Systems -  Tarpon 120

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The ever popular Tarpon series of kayaks offers exceptional paddling performance through enhanced the bow lift for gliding through the surf and copious tankwell storage space. Raised floors offer an even drier ride in the seating area.

The real headliner, though, is the customization capability of the total experience made possible by a series of outfitting and deck innovations. The Tarpon 120 is the most popular Tarpon by far. The Tarpon 120 measures 12'3" in length, and 30" wide, making the Tarpon 120 a great boat for people of most all sizes (weight capacity is 350lbs).

Looking for Comfort

The Tarpon 120 Kayak comes with the most comfortable "Phase 3 Sit-On Top" Seat! The Legendary Phase 3 comfort technology meets the sit on top. Unprecedented body fit and comfort comes from an ergonomically designed seat and precision adjustment settings. The Tarpon's Phase 3 SOT outfitting is a key component of making the most enjoyable ride on the market.The Phase 3 SOT seat is engineered with a high-density foam seat for air circulation. Patented height-adjustable backrest and adjustable leg supports allow repositioning on the fly. The Phase 3 Seat is available on all Tarpon model kayak except Tarpon 130T and 120 Ultralite.


One of the down sides to the Tarpon 120 is its weight. The Tarpon 120 weighs a hefty 63 pounds, making this boat difficult for one person to car top by himself. Because of the size/weight of the Tarpon it is suggested that you use transport this boat flat on its hull rather than on its hull. You can do this inexpensively with a set of kayak foam blocks and tie down straps on your roof top rack, or with a set of Thule or Yakima Rollers & cradles specific for this kind of transport.

Want to lose a few pounds

The Tarpon 120 also comes in an "Ultralite" version. The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Ultralite is just that, light weight... for a Tarpon. The Ultralite Tarpon weighs a mere 43 pounds, making transport much easier! The Tarpon 120 Ultralite comes in two colors Red/White & Yellow/White.

Buy American Made!
All Wilderness Systems Tarpons are made right here in the USA!

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