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Having a over 80 years of paddle-sport experience and well design team from early 70's Valley manufactures engaged in an arms race striving to faster, produce, shorter and more manoeuvrable surf kayaks, that played a lead role in this fierce competition boat paddles industry .

Valley Rush 2 Kayak

The Rush MK2 was the next progression of the Rush family. By capturing the speed of the original Rush and the maneuverability on the Rush 7-2, the Rush MK2 is the ultimate Valley HP surf kayak. The Rush MK2 also features softer front rails for more forgiving landings from aerials. Another developed for the Rush MK2 was a longer V on the hull to maximize tracking down the line.

Continuing with the success of the original Rush, the Valley MK2 has not disappointed, gaining medals at the major competitions since its launch. The Rush MK2 is surely the boat to achieve great things in.

The Rush+ was developed from the original Rush, for the bigger paddlers. If speed, hold and drive is what your after in a surf kayak then the Rush + is the boat for you. Designed for the bigger paddler in mind, the Rush+ has ample leg room.


Order features

Longer 229cm V on the Hull
Softer front rails for landings
Excellent volume distribution
Slightly more rocker for easy use and excellent manoeuvrability
Sharper rear rails for execlent hold

Valley Rush 7-2 Kayak

If you're after high speed aerial maneuvers then the Valley Rush 7-2 is the perfect choice. Developed as apart of the Rush family, the 7-2 is the short, sharp, snappy short board style within the Surf Kayak world. With increased rocker for big wave surfing and cut back ability, the 7-2 is the perfect choice for any budding aerial pilot. If your after a surf kayak that will cut back quickly or if you're the smaller paddler who doesn't need the extra length or volume of the Rush MK2 then the Rush 7-2 is perfect for you.

Order features

Short snappy length
for cut back ability and big wave surfing its Increased rocker
Perfect choice for any aerial pilot
Kayak will suit smaller size(60-90kg) paddlers

Valley Nemesis

The world of international class (IC) surf kayaks has taken a massive leap forward in recent years. The most radical development of these surf kayaks has been Valley's IC boat the Valley Nemesis. With the IC surf kayaks not being able to run fins, this has made the ride of most being more of a slip slider than line holder. The Nemesis is one of the most radical IC surf kayaks available with the unique dual concaved hull and razor sharp edges within the tail. These features mean that the well designed Nemesis is an absolute charger down the line with high levels of grip and hold never seen before in IC Valley surf kayaks. Great success has been achieved in international competitions with the Nemesis, with medals at every international competition since its launch.

Order features

Daul concaved boat hull
Sharp rear rails for execlent hold
Soft front rails for forgiving landings
levels of grip and drive out of bottom turns
for more impact restiances - Deck ridge

Valley Storm

Developed from the Original Rush, the Valley Storm is still the most radical roto-moulded surf kayak available. The Storm ensures your ability and imagination are the only limits to your performance. Being widely chosen by paddlers who surf on very rocky beaches that do not want to risk damaging a composite surf kayak. Also chosen by paddlers who are just starting out that want the high performance shape of the Storm from Valley but not the High Performance cost of the composite Rush Family. Moulded in extra high density polyethylene for increased rigidity and durability.

Order features

Developed from the original Rush Cesign
High performance boat design with user friendly plastic construction

Great surf kaya for beginners as well as intermediate paddlers who are
looking for a very user friendly construction

Integrated thigh grips for added control

Valley Big-Gun

The user friendly Valley performance kayak Big Gun is specially designed for bigger paddlers.

Valley Sneaker

The Valley Sneaker is evolution of the nice Moccasin surf kayak of the 70's. Sneaker really a soul surfers needs.This retro-styled Valley surf kayak can be considered the mini-mal of the kayak whitewater world. Amazingly forgiving in almost all river conditions and suitable for almost all levels of ability.


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Valley Options

Paddle Leash and Rudders

Sea kayaks from Valley comes equiped with a retractable skeg boat system. Currently Valley sea kayaks offer a choice for paddlers of rudder systems on most of the kayak range and this is one of the most usefull custom options. For the options available visit

During rescue situations Paddle Leash is another usefull and simple effective method of securing the paddle.

To see all visit

Special Vulkhead from Valley, Valley Hand and foot Pumps, Valley Rudders,Valley Compasses and Keel Strip.