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Wenonah Canoe - leader in canoe industry for more than 40 years with more than 40 world top class canoe designs.Uniquely designed solo or tandem canoes for touring sports or leisure, down River, white wather or expedition models.


Sport, leisure and fishing Canoes

| Designed for fishing, hunting and nature viewing, our sporting models are stable platform s with high initial stability.

Find the boat that fits all your adventure, for family fun, fishing, expeditions and everything.

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& Fishing canoes

"Backwater" 15ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

Excellent stability square stern sport & fishing canoe L15" with motorized intentions designed in aluminium and wood bracket,this models are suitabele for float fishing or rocky rivers, stable version for two passagers. Model available in "Royalex" or lightweight composite materials.

"Boundary Waters" 17ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

17ft solid canoe model provide ezsy paddling and exc. stability with extra capacity.
For fishing or family fun ,sports and leisure. Easy maneuverable and control canoe.
Model available in "Royalex" or lightweight composite materials in red, Aqua, Ivory, Alaskan ivory, Sand ,Caribbean ,Burgundy and Green Colours for exterior and interior coat finish.

"Fisherman" 14ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

Stable fishing short Canoe 14" catch more trout fly fishing on rivers with "fisherman"
Model available in "Royalex" or lightweight composite materials - Kevlar
in red, Aqua, Ivory, Alaskan ivory, Sand ,Caribbean ,Burgundy and Green Colours for exterior and interior coat finish.

"Kingfisher" 16ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

The "Kingfisher" - Tandem is available in 16" more capacity canoe but still easy to maneuver.Extremely stable hull and comfortable canoe for large-size paddlers, Adjust seats to accommodate 1 or 2 passengers.
Model available in "Royalex" or lightweight composite materials - Kevlar in red, Aqua, Ivory, Alaskan ivory, Sand ,Caribbean ,Burgundy and Green Colours for exterior and interior coat finish.

"Champlain" 18ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

Champlain - Tandem 18" a larger Canoe made in aluminium and wood mounting bracket for 2 anglers provide more comfort and stability perfect for long distances.
This model is one of the largest fishing canoes with less sensitive to waves siutable and for use in rivers-vast waters, lakes, and the ocean.

Model available in "Royalex" or lightweight composite materials - Kevlar with 8 colours exterior and interior coat finish.

"Cascade" 15.6ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

Blunt ends Canoe 17'6" ideal for vast and swift rivers,heavy loads.
Model available in "Royalex" and standart equipment(vinyl gunwales in black, 2 seats, thwarts & handles in wood and Ash yoke) in "Spruce" Colour

"Fusion" 13.6ft.

Sport-fishing Canoe

13 foot solo Canoe, uniquely designed solo paddler and features of both a kayak and canoe fishing. Quicker and more lighter Model for solo fun with High levels of stability and easy access to fishing gear, allowing you to focus on your sport, whether it is hunting, fishing, or just fun&relaxing.
Model available in "Royalex" Spruce Colour and Kevlar light hulls - 13.5 kg

Wenonah Canoe enthusiasts - Review

The Itasca is a large, fast canoe for major trips and big loads. It is made and finished beautifully. But it is a very specialized canoe as advertised. I bought one for last season but 1/2 way through my wife Lynn and I realized it was not for us. I returned the Itasca to Piragis (could not have been nicer), and tested and purchased a new Wenonah Spirit II. Lynn and I were extremely pleased with the change.

The fault was not with the Itasca but with my choosing it with our abilities and usage.

The Itasca is big and fast and it wants to go straight. But being long and narrow made her tender if you were not moving. We were using it in tidal estuaries on the Southern shore of Long Island Sound, Stony Brook mainly. Strong currents, winds and side wakes, often together, made it an awkward, challenging location. Diverse, beautiful and teaming with birdlife it has draw us canoeing for 40 years. We don't travel great distances with great loads. We like following waterways as far up as possible and thread through the Spartina alterniflora grass islands. I had envisioning taking friends with but mostly it was the two of us in too large a canoe.
Another problem was that Lynn was having trouble turning in the bow and I in the stern. This boat wants to go fast and straight. Lynn's cousin Rich has extensive canoeing experience including running rivers in the Canadian Arctic and he showed us how to turn her. His techniques were severe and forceful Lynn could not manhandle the bow around and should not have to.

I feel the Itasca is an excellent boat for skilled people and less suited to more general level paddlers.
The Spirit II is an amazing, all around boat that better suited our needs. Turns well for 17' and is Very Stable. We have explored dozens of new locations on fresh and salt water. We love the boat. Roy Hovland

Rosco - 300-500 Bass "Catcher" and "ready-to-fish" canoe package. Rosco - canoe of distinctive design and excellent workmanship, with the result that type of canoe became a standard one for hunting and fishing in Australia. Rosco canoes & kayaks represent a blend of techniques az well as of new models.
Australia's Leading paddle sport kayaks and canoes include fishing models and accessories designer and manufacturer since 1970. Rosco offers most diverse range of finest matºrials kayaks and canoes[...]

Fishing canoes

Bass ‹Catchert®›- 300

Fishing Canoe

Rosco™ fishing Canoes suitable for 1 to 3 Passengers or payload over 320kg.Very light , reinforcement in key areas and maneuverable for its size-32kg comfortable and easy to use and carry .The generous beam provides a high level of stability for
simpler no problem great fishing.

Canoe L430cm,W95cm designed from highest grade materials, knitted double-bias fibreglass fabric, coremat and C.S.M. reinforcement in key...more>>

Mad River Canoe™ - Sports & Outdoors. Over 40 years of experience in canoe industry, we have never lost mission to build a better innovation canoe. Advancing tradition in canoe[...]

MadRiver Fishing canoes

Angler - 14(424cm) MR Hunting &

Fishing Canoe

This fishing Model provides stability, and a superb platform and reassuring initial, lighter version - Royalex® by "Spartech" hull, easier to handle and able to access the most remote waters, lakes and ponds. available version in Olive colored, kind of muddy green color with Aluminum Gunwale 25kg or Vinyl 27kg, 56 & 59Lbs...more >>

Limited Model

Synergy 12 (366cm) Fishing equipped Canoe

Great staff "Synergy 12" Light - 27kg for fishing from MadRiver, crafted 'sit-on-top' version for the angler that seeks a maneuverable & steady platform...more >>

Custom Canoes , ready-to-fish 3 canoe packages - depending on your Specific fishing needs - light weight and mobile fishing-style suited for two-man canoes that are 12'9 long and 39" wide. Canoes are very stable and can carry up to 750 kgs with ease or max cap of 4 persons...[more>>]
River Ridge Custom Fishing Canoes is small Rochester company with limited number of canoes, if you are looking for Specially designed fishing craft built with adds more hand/custom made accessories and options and more care to be excellent for fishing, You're In The Right Place!