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Kelowna Canoe & Kayak Club

CAN - Located in Kelowna, BC.

  • Dogwood Canoe & Kayak Club, Vancouver , is a group of all ages, backgrounds and abilities who share a love of paddling, the outdoors and a respect for the environment. We paddle solo and tandem canoes and kayaks.

  • The Dogwood Canoe & Kayak Club is a group of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities who share a love of paddling, the outdoors and a respect for the environment.

    Yukon Canoe & Kayak Club, CAN - Promotes canoeing and kayaking in the Yukon.

    Beaver Canoe Club

    , CAN - Vancouver, British Columbia.
    We run lakewater and whitewater trips around Vancouver and Southwest BC, hold skills clinics and offer education & entertainment for paddlers of all levels.

    Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club

    , CAN - Nanaimo, BC
    The Nanaimo Canoe and Kayak Club is the Pacific Sport Vancouver Island Regional Canoe & Kayak Training Centre.

    Paddle Trails Canoe Club

    , USA - An informal organization for paddlers in Washington State. Canoeing can be a highly individual activity that rewards those who enjoy solitude. However, paddling in an organized framework provides opportunities to learn and practice river safety skills, meet people who can teach you new skills and accompany you on more challenging rivers, learn about some great places to paddle, develop friendships with a diverse group of people, and enjoy some purely practical benefits such as the convenience of organized car shuttles.

White Water Kayak Clubs

Vancouver Kayak Club

, CAN - Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Vancouver Kayak Club is a non-profit volunteer organization of whitewater kayaking enthusiasts who organize trips, training and educational meetings for paddlers in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Nelson Kayak Club

, CAN - Nelson, B.C.

Washington Kayak Club

, USA - Seattle, Wash. - a whitewater and ocean kayaking bunch. The swim consist of teams of 4 plus a kayaker. There are 100 teams and it is an amazing site and a wonderful opportunity to swim and support the Puget Sound Blood Center.


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Epic Kayaks

After the successful circumnavigation of Australia by Freya Hoffmeister, have We now also included the boot record in our program. The Epic 18X Sport has proven itself on the orbit and runs well even in moving water quickly and safely. Epic offers an American manufacturer of racing and sports kayaks in its range tour suitable for racing kayaks, thanks to the innovative control technology and balanced Handling more and more influence on the German market. Furthermore bribe the boats through excellent workmanship and well thought out detailed solutions. There are all the boats in three different material versions: Performance: fiber-reinforced composite honeycomb structure with nave Ultra Kevlar honeycomb construction with reinforced carbon nave Expedition: fiber-reinforced composite honeycomb structure with nave with three extra layers

Epic Kayaks

Kayaking is building high-quality sea kayaks since 1989 in Finland. The kayaks are all characterized by their high quality standards. The boats are all hand laminated diols of high quality and have the same deck, laminated fittings, three baggage hatches, tax preparation, a very comfortable seat with back support and are fully equipped with all-round leash and skeg. All boats can also be equipped with compass, foot pump, hand pump and control system. When ordering, you have the possibility to surcharge, the front bulkhead to fit the body size and has a bigger luggage space in front of the ship. Colours: Orange (RAL-2009), Yellow (RAL-1023, Red (RAL-3003), Blue (RAL-7015), Black (RAL-9005), White (RAL-9003) Above and below the waterline can be combined with the above standard colors. Two-tone painting in the upper vessel with a surcharge. Special colors on request, for an additional charge.

Lettmann Kayaks

The company is now Lettmann with more than 60 boats total, 20 different paddles and a plethora of equipment options a leading paddlesports company in the world. Founder Klaus Lettmann was world champion in whitewater run. His son and successor, Jochen Lettmann is not only multiple German champion in canoe slalom, but also bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Thus the heart is still beating today for competitions, and numerous successful athletes rely on the quality of the brand "Lettmann". As the first German boat builder turned Lettmann polyethylene kayaks ago in a rotary sintering process and achieve unprecedented opportunities in the form and design Developed by Lettmann vacuum Infiltrierverfahren protects boat building not only the environment but the boats despite 25-30% higher strength by up to 5-10% lighter. After the introduction of the top ship in the Eski Plus series at 525 and 530 followed in 2007 by the 475th Eski In all three boats can also get a top-to-use storage box and sealed off, or an additional baggage hatch. In 2008, the Eski series of 500 and 550 have been revised. The Aurora will now replace the 500. He has received a new upper and lower rails. With a long waterline, it is amazingly fast. The Eski 550 is replaced by the Magellan. Again, this has been completely revised and has received as well as the Aurora, a MAC cockpit and the option for an additional rear baggage compartment and a front storage box. As a quick tour of the boat is new to the program at Speedliner Lettmann and should do with 585cm length and 53cm width to its name in honor. Also new is that all Lettmann kayaks are fitted with a control system. 2009, the Ocean 2 has been revised and came to the 3 and the Atlantic Ocean KII new. The Ocean 3 is due to its large center hatch a real space sensation. One can equip the boat with an optional child seat and then has family recreational fun. The Ocean 3 is ready for us to test. Both boats now have the upper current MAC ship. 2010 replaced the legendary Lettmann Eski 525 against two new boats, the archipelago with the familiar cockpit from the 525 and the Eski Tasman with the einstiegsfreundlicherem, larger D cockpit. Both boats have a blunt tail and 525th order for a longer waterline than the During the development of the two boats of the other was taken to ensure that you have a better initial stability than its predecessor. Furthermore, there are all the boats at a reasonable set price - if your boat and your equipment does not wish to be with the set offers the process of We will gladly make a custom set offer.


The name is also good for processing, flexibility and innovation, even beyond the borders of Europe. The advantages of a folding kayak are obvious: it can be packed away easily. Whether in the trunk of a car, the interior of a motorhome or caravan, the kayak is safe from theft. A folding kayak shows its advantages especially when traveling by train, bus or plane, but also on board a ship, where it can simultaneously serve as a lifeboat. It can be accommodated in the rental, even if no garage. In addition, folding kayaks have the Nautiraid of specific characteristics that distinguish them from those of other: Equipped with 2 lateral Stabilairs they are unsinkable, and have exceptionally high stability. The Stabilairs guarantee maximum security. Nautiraid uses different materials optimally and has been making kayaks for several years, both with timber and aluminum. We are now the only manufacturer to offer every model either with wood or aluminum frame. In this case, both materials have their specific advantages. The aluminum models are lighter, cheaper and available in a single backpack. Wood frames are as durable (over 30 year shelf life) and easy to repair. Their appeal also lies in its special aesthetics. Both frame types are easy to care for the same.

Perception Kayaks - South Carolina

Perception has started in 1974 in South Carolina in kayaks GfK building. In 1976, then the Company Perception Inc. officially formed and they started kayaks from PE in rotation to produce. In the following years the company expanded and now has over 200 employees in the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand and is one of the leading kayak manufacturers in the world. Perception Kayaks builds robust for many applications. All boats of the company Perception short order for our customers.

P&H kayaks

The English Seekajakhersteller deals now since its creation more than 20 years with the development of very high quality sea kayaks. Initially were made by P & H kayaks all the hand lay. Meanwhile, however, include the polyethylene boats with your 3-layer sandwich material for the strongest and most rigid kayaks of this production method. All boats are distinguished by good handling, excellent workmanship and your excellent handling characteristics. Test the P & H fleet you with us and you will be delighted by the ride, because the difference is indeed in the details and this can be seen only on the water. When comparing prices with our competitors, you will notice that the P & H kayaks but are in the upper price segment, but by an uncompromising complete equipment award, which elsewhere is only available at an additional cost. P & H from 2011 is an individual combination of boats and you have the option to choose among many different options. Also new is that you can choose the material of the upper and lower rails.

Seminole Canoe and Kayak Club

SCKC Membership
There are two types of memberships:
- Family membership consists of a man and wife and all children under 18. This membership is entitled to one vote in the management of the club, and both husband and wife are eligible to serve as officer(s) or director(s).
- Single membership is open to individuals over 18 years of age. Individual members are entitled to vote in the management of the club and to serve as club officers and directors.

There is a $10 initiation fee to join and the annual membership dues are $53.50. Click on the "Forms" menu above to download a membership application. The application requires the signatures of two sponsors (folks who are already members of the club). If you are interested in joining the SCKC, we would be happy to have you join us on a trip or you may attend a meeting. This would give you a opportunity to see the facilities, meet some members and would also enable you to get the two ( 2 ) sponsor signatures required on the application

Contact the Secretary, Helen Lovell, at (904) 388-6565 (or via e-mail at [email protected] ) for information about activities or membership. Send the completed application to Seminole Canoe and Kayak Club

4619 Ortega Farms Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32210


For over forty years Prijon kayaks floating on all the rivers of the world, and thus Prijon one of the largest boat builders in the world. The Kayaks are processed robust and almost indestructible. All Prijon kayaks are characterized by continually evolving details. Developed by Prijon HTP Druckblasverfahren and the resulting material is compared to other PE materials lighter, stiffer and more abrasion resistant, making them ideal for building robust and fast suitable.

SKIM Kayaks

Sea kayaks designed in Sweden now come directly out of composites charger Finland and outdo the same with some improvements. New for the 2011 season, the Brave Heart and the option that the Dex, and the differential distance in the higher MKII version with storage In front of the cockpit. Also new is that there are all the boats in three different material versions. TR: Traditional - fiberglass and diols XR: Extra Rigden - fiberglass and reinforced with carbon fiber and Kevlar diols CL: Carbon Lights - Carbon Vacuum infusion technology - lightweight and super stiff All kayaks have the following facilities: 3 or 4 walled off luggage compartments, back belt, Skeg, tax preparation, towing system, deck lines, reflex gums and leg restraints.

Valley - Sea Kayaks

The boats are an excellent workmanship and the great program of Valley leaves no wish unfulfilled. All kayaks are fitted with deck lines, fittings, 3 bulkheads, skeg and a comfortable seat Conditioning. An upgrade with pump, compass and a front bulkhead is possible to measure. All laminate kayaks can be ordered as diols version or Vacuum Infusion Carbon / Kevlar version.

Venture Kayaks

Venture Kayaks built in England as a sister company of P & H kayaks favorable for robust use of river, lake and sea. The boats are characterized by complete and balanced handling equipment. All kayaks are suitable for both beginners in the kayaking as well as for the advanced kayaker.