Suprax storage systems and Racks

To the wall with the optional SurfStow wall mounts you can Easily mount your small boat or board, in add SurfStow's products allows paddlers and boat owners to mounting them on angled stanchions.

Boat/Board Storage Options

SurfStow Storage

Company, based in Southern California from paddle boarders they provide SUP eqipment and accessories to store your board on land or boat. They offers also paddle accessries and safety equipment.

Scrapes or Dings these are all the bad enemy of the paddle and boards, and SurfStow had thought about it seriously - they offers stylish cases and covers that fight against these mishaps.

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San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Tel: 949.361.4133

SurfStow Paddle Board Storage Systems

You need a beautiful and safe storage system that is as stylish as the rest of your yacht. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your boat, now its time to secure your SUPs without ugly bungee cords. SurfStow provide boat onwners and enthusiasts 3 storage systems include Single & Double Board System and the optional wall mounts storage system.

Single Board Storage System "Suprax"

Designed manufactured for SUP well storage on a pontoon boat, strage system fits most pontoon boat rails. This SurfStow mounted storage system fits surf board or one SUP. Constructed with the matte surface sandblasted aluminum with an EVA foam lining, this "single" storage set includes Two Mounting Racks, 4 x 1” & 4 x 0.875” plastic clamp inserts, Four Articulating Clamps and all mounting hardware and installation tools.

Dual Board Storage System "Suprax"

It's a great option to secure your board to your boat and your wall. Designed with 6061 aluminum with diecut EVA protective foam and heavy duty shock cords, system that will properly Secure your small boat or board to your wall. Suprax Dual System
comes equiped with Two Add-On Racks and all needed Mounting Hardware and Bungee Cords.

Wall Mounts "Suprax" Storage System

To protected your boat or boad from dings, scratches and dents, this Suprax storage set of two wall mounts helps your SUP or boat stay out of the way, and in turn. Designed with the SUPRAX™ Single Board Rack System for wall mounted storage
set Package includes: Set of two mounts, weighs 1 lb. Note: Model # 50052 not include mounting tools or hardware.

SurfStow roof racks

Standard Set

This SurfStow set rack pads are equiped with Low-density foam cushions and Durable weatherproof fabric.

SurfStow Aero Rack Pads

Aerodynamic Low profile design will Secure hook-and-loop closure.

SurfStow Rack Straps

It's a transport system designed to properly secure one or two boards, or one small boat Rack set comes equiped with Two 15' Straps, for scratch protection Neoprene sleeve and Heavy duty cam lock system.

Surfstow soft rack set can be install on most cars quickly and easily. The first thing you'll need to do is set up the straps with the rack pads. When you first opens of tracks you'll see you have tube rack pads.
The long strap will have the metal rings on it, now take the short strap and lay upon the long strap with the buckles on the same side. Then pick the short strap and flip it over this. Making sure they're nice and tight you could store the excess strap in the visor or wherever you can keep it out of your way.