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Africat Florida Catamaran Boats manufacturer

American Offshore high-performance catamarans

The Catamaran Company

Overview: Established in 1989 by Eric Paris in USA - South Florida, first began operations namely the sale of new and used boats at "Catamaran Sales Inc.

The Catamaran Company is still the leader in Charter Bookings and Sales and continues to be, with numerous North America - World's dealerships include St Petersburg.

The following years Florida company grew to become the largest Privilege dealer around the Globe, representing sales of 20% of all the new luxury multihulled vessels built by Privilege Catamarans.

The CC continues to be the America's largest retailer of used boats, achieving sales of over 100 vessels the last ten years - than any other.

Later, the Company expanded its business with a new division Sailing Vacations. The goal of this New department is to provide their existing charter clients
Caribbean sailing vacations with catamarans. If you Search for Charter , Used of New Lagoon Catamarn for sale, here you will find that there are many different options available for you.

Adventure Catamarans (Australia) Boat builders, designers and sailors

Adventure Catamarans (Monaco)

Americat Marine

Atlantis Yachts was at lost May 2006 (Canada)

Argo Boats Cats and power boats

Avante Yachts - catamarans Brazil - Building large scale eco-friendly sail and alternative power innovative catamarans, multihulls using the latest eco-friendly & cost-effective technology, between 15 and 30 meters for the marine market.

Alliaura Marine Group - France - Yacht/Catamaran building with over 25 years experienceof luxury cruise ships. Chantier Naval Shipyard.

South Africa New Leopard Catamarans

Along with Fountaine Pajot, Leopard Catamarans is the other major builder which is developing a genuine range of motor catamarans. After the 47 PC and the 39 PC, the builder has just announced that it is starting to build a new 50-foot boat: the Leopard 51 PC (for Power Catamaran). The first examples are already coming off the builder's production line in South Africa, and we should start seeing it at the autumn boat shows or in Moorings' charter bases in the Virgin Islands, from the beginning of 2014 onwards. The interior resembling quite closely the interior plan of the Leopard 48, (voted Boat of the Year by our colleagues at Causing World), including the now traditional forward cockpit...

Build Boats MultiHull Boatbuilding

Bimare V1 - Hulls Carbon 100%, a choice of carbon-glass or glass 70-30% 100% Through individual design of our hulls 3 different sale prices are possible. Carbon beams glued and screwed without joist. Total weight 75kg. Rowing, swords, mast and boom in carbon.

Broadblue Hand built Germany Catamarans for long cruising

Carri Craft Catamarans was lost Sept 2005

Catamaran Enterprises was at lost May 2007 (New Zealand)

Conquest Boats cats

Corsair Marine Trimarans & Catamarns

Cougar Catamarans (Australia) including Leisure models, custom built and commercial cats for offshore and charter fishing

Cougar Custom Boats

Crosswater Semi Custom POWER CATAMARANS

Curvelle monohull UK cats - luxurious, more efficient power catamarans for cruising

CyproCat power cat - Cypress

Eliminator hi-perf boats & cats

Endeavor Catmarans - EndeavourCat manufacturing quality yachts, Power Yachts and Cat Sailing Yachts, a leader in the cruising catamaran market approved for ABS certification

E-Ticket Performance Boats high performance cats

Firehawk - high performance cats, boats and Charter

Flats Cat shallow water fishing cats from Beasley TX

Glacier Bay Catamarans - Glacier Bay catamarans models powered by Yamaha for family and friends.

Hawaiian Sea Cat was at and

web page: - Herring Cove Marine Power Cats

Hydra Tech Catamarans was at

Hydomax Multihulls TriHulls boats - Pleasure Boats for Serious Fishing , Awesome and Jaguar models

Jaguar Marine hi-perf and racing cats

Kelvacat salt water fishing & diving cats

Kit-Cats catamaran "kits"

Lagoon Catamaran (France) - modern cruising catamarans in 3 different version: Essential, Cruising and more Comfort

Lagoon Power catamaran

Nacra - Germany Australian High Performance Catamarans

Nautitech Nautitech High construction quality Catamarans, our range 10,441,442, 47 and 52 models. we moved to the site of Rochefort & CIM who built large yachts and large catamarans for professional use

Laveycraft Performance Boats

LeisureCat catamarans (Australia)

Lifestyle Boats Australian Tri-Hull

Livingston Boats small catamarans Washington

M2 MotorYachts

Mares Power Cats New Zealand company - CSI builds them in the U.S.

Multihull SuperYachts was at lost May 2006

MarstromMarstrom A-Cat and SeaCat building, carbon speed Catamarans. The company is based on a passion for sailing, a genuine interest in advanced technology and a longing to overcome limitations.

for contacts: - Nautica RIB catamarans

Noosa Cat catamarans -Australia

Ocean Tech hydrofoil supported cat

Outremer Yachting Performance, security and comfort line(42-5x)of Catamarans

PDQ Yachts catamarans Ontario Canada

Pedigree Cats large cats: Pedigree Cats specialize in building and custom, luxurious cat multihulls; power and sail catamarans and trimarans.There are several designs and models available:30 different catamaran models ranging from 60" to 150".

Power Marine Ireland performance cats, High Performance and modern building techniques individual Custom Powerboats builder, from engine requirements & rigging installation to interior finishes and upholstery options.

Powerplay Catamarans (Australia) - Range of Powerplay catamarans with original designs which were very boxy in shape constructed to increase economy and more efficient by virtue of their underwater innovative hull design.

Prout Catamarans Sailing catamaran, Building the finest luxury yachts.

Reyse Marine (Canada)

Seawind Catamarans (Australia) -Sailing and power boat range Catamarans. Seawind world class catamaran manufacturer are largest in Australia of cruising-sail and power-catamarans and cruising yachts all build with uncompromising level of quality and high level of standards.

Skater Powerboats high performance cats: we offers more than ten sizes of speed racing catamarans in various cat-models for race or pleasure marine use. No catamaran builder has won more world and national championships in offshore racing.

Spectre high performance cats

Splendor Boats catamaran deckboats

Still Water Design light, low wake craft and cats

Sunreef Yachts large and luxury catamarans include custom line, power boats and superyachts for charter, Power and sailing yachts and Exceptional level of personal service.

Thai-Kiwi Marine Company Limited cats Thailand

Thunder Power Boats hight performance cats was at appears to be having legal issues May 2006

TomCat Catamarans C-Dory Boats

Travel Cruisers sort of an "on water" aluminum RV

Trawler Cat Marine ocean capable cats - Canada

Winning Yachts cats Australia - custom builder of composite aluminium sailing/power catamarans and sail boats all constructed under survey

World Class Catamarans: CATS : innovation, quality and service: cabin models, center consoles and dual consoles cat boats

Z-Craft kingCats - power catamarans - South Africa

( very small outboard powered catamaran resembling a PWC - New Zealand

Sea Cat US Manufacturer of comfort and power Catamarans for family or fishing

World Cat manufacturer of Center & Dual Console and Cabin Cats

Fountaine Pajot Catamarans (France) sail and motor boats 37 to 75 feet

Topper Sailboats & catamarans(UK)

TheCatamaranCompany - Retailer of new and used catamarans, tour of some building factories by the Catamaran Group dealers from EU builders such as Lagon, Alliaura Marine and Yapluka.

VDAC e.V. International A-Class Catamarans, A-Class catamarans are the fastest single-handed catamarans out there in the world. Unlike many other boat classes, the A class is a design class. Only a few design features are clearly defined.

1956 by the International Yacht Racing Union "in England, the A-Division as a free design class set up and is one of the oldest active catamaran class in the world.

A Self-built trimarans website, where you can download it for no added cost and some very unique perspectives on his ideas about multihull design. And he discussed his 24' small trimaran model ... the K24T. This interview features sailor, naval architect and multihull designer.This particular design may be the easiest wooden small tri a prospective sailor can build that. The main hull and amas can all be constructed in a weekend and it features a cabin for camp/ cruising too. Download your digital pdf copy of this interview at the following web address... Just go to

Islandspirit catamarans

Aquarius Sail Inc

MANTA Catamarans (US) - Ready-to-go offshore are built entirely in the United States. Cruising catamarans, include the first "Manta 44" are in the early stages of production.

The latest boats from the builder - Islandspirit catamarans, now based in Thailand, remains in the same vein as those we know already, even though the development of the design is quite harmonious, judging by the sketch the builder has supplied us with. Built using infusion, the Island Spirit has an advertised unladen displacement of 4.8 tonnes, with a downwind sail area of 64m2. A comfortable and simple new catamaran.

Noah Catamarans (France) power catamarans by Noah, France - Noah 70 ft, 76 ft and 88ft

Weta Sailing Trimarans by Weta Design Team & TC Designs

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Charter Companies and training courses

the brand new Catamarns - Presentation & Details

see New Catamarans - News & 2013-2014 Events - Where to see the latest boats.

Alicat Workboats Limited

Originally set up to produce workboats for Gardline, Alicat Workboats Catamarans now sells its boats to third parties. Alicat workboats's 120 strong workforce builds aluminium catamarans from 17m to 22m.

Australian Kevlacat power boats and catamarans, Models Overview

Australia's premiere builder and designer of cruising sailing catamarans - SeawindCatamarans

Gunboat - the safest world cruising sail catamarans

Dragonfly Trimarans in a new dynamic and modern design. Check out what Boat Owners have to say.

Schionning Designs (Australian Multihull Design Company) overview of sail catamarans

Altair Marine Catamarans - overview of 28 ft folding sail catamarans

Aeroyacht - Dynamic and Informative cruising Catamarans - power & Sailing

Australia's premiere builder and designer of cruising sailing catamarans - SeawindCatamarans

Jump'in Spain Nets- Multihull Nets and Trampolines, the right nets and fabrics for your Catamaran boat