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CM | Electric boat at reasonable cost

The Secret Boatyard

Electric Powered | Creative marine

Creative marine

Company since 1995 are one of the UK's largest manufacturers of classic launches. Using traditional techniques to create an authentic reproduction of classic elegance boats,and undertake commissions for 'one off' construction of new boats in composites and wood.

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Beautiful electric boat at reasonable cost.

CM, Introduction To Electric Boats

Creative Marine is at the cutting edge of elegant traditional electric launch construction with battery systems. Richard Johnstone-Bryden goes cruising on the quiet

Creative Marine seem to have proved that you can have the best of all worlds: tranquil boating in beautiful boats at reasonable prices. They continue to expand their range with a 21ft (6.4m) Caprice sportsboat, 25ft (7.6m) Thames Elcctric Canoe and 16ft (4.9m) Mayfly launch, available at various stages of boat construction.

Elcctric Canoe

propulsed by 2.0kw, DC 48 volt engine with power supplied from 8-6volt, 195 Amp/h deep cycling batteries.


Electric power is now accepted as an energy source for day launches, but people have yet to be convinced about its merits for motor boats and engine cruisers und the People still need to be convinced that they won't be stranded, powerless in the back of beyond.

Creative Marine aim to prove that you can have the best of all worlds with tranquil electric cruising in a beautiful boat at reasonable cost.

First electric the Moth Frogmiller

Creative's first electric boat, the elegant red Moth 21 -Its "Frogmiller" developed a new 1.4kW 48-volt package and built with a mahogany interior, laid decks and folding side tables, designed by UK boat designer 'Andrew Wolstenholme'. For sailing Frogmiller is equipped with brass navigation lights and 'soft lights' under the seats.Optional extras include polished gun- metal fittings, teak laid decks and teak rubbing strakes. The Standard version of electric boat has a glassfibre deck and interior moulding fitted with iroko floorboards.Good quality iroko is hard to find, so the sec- ond is of teak, with an iroko cockpit floor.

Electric cruiser Rapsody

An economic, traditional-style electric craft. Future versions of Electric powered Rapsody will be available with a glassfibre deck and cockpit.

Electric cruiser Rapsody is ideal for use on small inland lakes and explor- ing the upper reaches of rivers, lis low trailing weight means it can be towed by a family car

which will bring the price down.) Tthe 28ft (8.5m) electric cruiser "Rapsody" designed for rough estuary work for the lower Elbe River.

Electric Boat has berths for four: two forward and two in the aft cabin. The hollow keel Rapsody allowed the engine to be fitted lower, avoiding intrusion into the cockpit. Boat is equipped with small galley forward was kept basic with a sink and sprit stove. Boat fitted with a hybrid power option: a Panda diesel generator,supplies 4.5kW at 72 volts and a permanent magnet 4kw electric power motor. The Rapsody's generator starts automatically when the battery level drops below a certain pre set limit.

The MAYFLY 16f "traditional" electric boat - Designed in solid mahogany aft and fore decks with black seaming "traditional"

propulsed by 1.5kw electric engine with variable controller , 6- 6 volt, 195 amp hour batteries

The electric - Moth 18

The electric boat Moth 18 has a 24-volt ,700-watt Combi Saildrive with two forward and 2 reverse speeds. Four batteries sited amidships each side provide a day's cruising. The battery charger sits in the forward locker. Both Moth 18's have been fitted with tiller steering which for a craft of this size is perfect.

The Moth 21 Frogmiller cuts an Edwardian dash on the River Waveney. The
first of Creative's creations, she is a custom version of Andrew
Wolstenholme's Frolic design, designed back in 1978.