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Electric Powered | Garda Solar Inc

Garda Solar

Italian innovative company Garda Solar produces Unique Design electric - solar and and hybrid boats, applies and develops new sustainable technologies in the marine industry like our modern boats that are perfect for use as

Unique Solar/Electric boats

Stability and efficiency multi hull are Boats designed in polyethylene multilayer
structure and ensures stability and efficiency. Boats are equipet with comfortable seats, a practical joystick provides a easy and comfortable safe ride for everyone.


We offer to our customers a wide range of boat accessories, graphics and colours makes each boat customizable.

Our Products:

Innovative design and Technology and Made in Italy.
Electrical propulsion Boats for private pleasure or tourist facilities .(Speed of Boats on water is max 4 knots with Autonomy of max 4 hours )

Solar/Electric Boats:

-Solar Rent
-Solar light
-Solar e-xclusive

Electric Boats

-Electric Rent
-Electric light
-Electric e-xclusive

GardaSolar Video

Alessio Zanolli shows the characteristic of the GardaSolar boat, the market to which it is addressed and the chance to try this particular boat ecological entirely produced in Italy.

Hybrid Boats

-Hybrid model 2013


GardaSolar S.r.l.
Via Fortunato Zeni 8,
38068 Rovereto (TN)

Tel: +39 0464 350 644