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Greenline Electric and Hybrid Boats

built in Slovenia

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Hybrid Hull Technology

Seaway Greenline

SEAWAY - In last three decades Seaway company are created more production yachts- poweryachts and sailing , new concepts, innovative technologies and new solutions including amazing new developments than anyone on the yacht sector. Based in Slovenia, Company has provided the engineering, design, and tooling to over 50 boatbuilders like Bavaria, Beneteau, Jeanneau etc.


Seaway Group

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Greenline Boats

Greenline Hybrid Carbon Yachts - SEAWAY green philosophy
Hybridpowered Greenline boats are built in Slovenia, and designed by 'J&J Design' (a company that makes it easy to build over 60 000 yachts with over 50 design and environmental awards) based on efciently, low drag efcientlySuperdisplacement® hulls built using multidirectional glass-fbers and vinylester resin.
Our Greenline range yachts as the boat builder leader in the hybrid powered sector started to change the face of boating with design, sea-environment-friendly and fossil-fuel sparing sailing.

photo:The Hybrid Greenline-33

GreenLine range

Greenline - Hybrid 33

The Greenline 33 - became more popular than any boat of her type equally attractive yacht to sailors and powerboaters, offering more comfort , fun and...drastically reducing the carbon emission.

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Greenline - Hybrid 40

This Greenline 40 diesel/electric hybrid yacht can be considered
the best of both worlds in the hybrid sector.

No vibration, no noise, and not even a hint of exhaust fumes - the only sound when the water quietly rushing by boat hull. Yacht features two conventional VW 165 HP diesel engines(Max speed under diesel power is 15 knots) coupled to ZF transmissions.The lithium batteries now power the twin 7 kW electric motors include the optional 1300-watt array of solar panels . In its engine mode, the
Greenline 40 operates much like other traditional twin-screw yachts.

Greenline - Hybrid 46

The next green innovation and advanced infusion technology - Coming soon

Hybrid 70

The Greenline Yacht 70 is a unique vessel that has special appeal
because of its advanced hybrid technology.