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BBC STORY - The Electric Boat Comes of Age It's Electric: Repowering sailboats with electric propulsion - Elco Motor Yachts, BoatBuilder Article
Electric Outboards Motors - Advantages and Disadvantages, Manufacturers

Diesel electric propulsion systems - Manufacturers & benefits of this emerging technology

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Electric boats. Companies that design and develop electric pleasure vessels, reliable and economical green boats that providing all the latest hi-tech and solar innovations.

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Electric Powered | Boat Builders & Manufacturers Directory

Budsin Wood Craft electric wooden boats

Cobalt Marine - Electric Boats with modern, well-designed propulsion and control systems high quality small craft for rowing and sailing boats and yachts.


This is what the first Menorquin model of the new range of Efficient Yachts. Efficient vessles is the forerunner of a trend which...

Duffy Electric Boat Company - introductinc Captain Boat Series and Admiral Series Boats. Powered Boats are designed to outmaneuver all other electric boats, Duffys are built and hand laminated for durability, at our 5-acre facility in Adelanto.

All parts by Duffy meets the highest quality control standards for withstanding the rigors of a saltwater environment. All boat cabinets and boat tables are custom crafted in our woodshop/marine quality teakwood/, using the finest solid, and only the highest quality canvas and foam is incorporated into each finished Duffy.As the leader in electric boat manufacturing, Duffy Electric powered Boats is the official boat manufacturer.

Duffy Electric Boats are the premiere brand in electric boats. The boats are very simple to operate and are very practical for daily use. Duffys arevery versatile and can turn on a dime! If you are a boat lover, you will love these pristine super quiet boats! No more gas smell and loud motors! Visit Matt Marshall at Duffy Boats on PCH in Newport Beach for a private viewing. This is a must have if you're a resident of Huntington and Newport Harbours.

Johnson Outdoors small electric deck boat

Lear Boats electric boats

Loon electric pontoon boat from Tamarack Electric Boat Company in Canada

Nauticraft very small electric powered boats

Ruban bleu Electric Boats, Manufacturing boats and Construction boats for any water types

Spincraft Boats - Ottawa, Ontario electric boats

CAROLINA ELECTRIC BOATS Electric Boats Series with Two Seats and Electric Motors Included./2/ 36 lb Thrust: Twin Troller X10 Deluxe Model, Twin Troller X10 Power Package and Twin Troller X10 Trailer Package. The Twin Troller X10 is covered by a 5 year limited hull warranty and a 1 year limited warranty on all other boat parts.

SUNBOAT If you have designed or manufactured a sunpowerboat, let us know so we can feature it here. We are based in the beautiful city of Nice, on the French Riviera.

Roiro Whisper 55- innovative keel design and a silent running solar powered motor offering ecological benefits.

The Loon Power boat -The boat used for this journey was a fully-equipped version, complete full with a modern galley, fridge and barbeque, sleeping accommodations and full weather protection for overnighting.

The Solar-Powered Personal Boat - Safe,quiet, clean, effortless to operate, and requiring minimal nautical knowledge,virtually maintenance free, this is perhaps the world's most perfect boat. Boat with 700-wat electric motor moves the craft silently at 5 mph. The motor is powered by four deep cycle batteries that are constantly recharged by the sun during daylight hours.

The 550 Solarboat with 800 W engine - Power 800w electric boat with the best performance, with a very modern design and luxury fitting.

Electracraft - ElectraCraft is the world's leading best manufacturer of electric powored boats. Designing and building high durability, low maintenance, environmentally- since 1975. Well suited to both freshwater lakes and saltwater harbors, ElectraCraft's electric boats/friendly electric boats for leisure/ offer the perfect combination of high-end design, top performance, environmental responsibility, and easy handling. W offers six unique boat models to choose from, with prices starting as low as $19,995!

Grove - Electric Propulsion vessels

From naval architecture and design to electrical boat engineering.

CATAMARAN: 16CS - entry–level party boat which brings family and friends, with comfortable seating for 9 person

CATAMARAN: 160CS- luxuries and appointments of the larger 180CS in a smaller package, an excellent choice for waterfront communities with size restrictions. Seating for 9 Adults

CATAMARAN: 180CS- Boat Constructed with an eye for detail, safety and best comfort, it is a true extension of your waterfront home.

CATAMARAN: 210CS - Power boat With 21’ length and seating for ten in which unbeatable design, style, and construction converge for an unbeatable lifestyle experience.

LAPSTRAKE: 18LS - saltwater craft /with AM/FM with CD or iPod/ traditional clasic elegance with its lapstrake hull and handcrafted solid wood table and trim.

TRADITIONAL: 16TS - traditional design series features a sleek, smooth hull design and seats up to 7 people, so prepare step aboard and a picnic basket one of the two boarding platforms, both port and starboard.Fiberglass Deck and Molded Interior boat construction.

Elco - Electric power motor boats, first introduced at the World's Fair in 1893. Elco electric boats carried over one million passengers. We produces some of the finest and most beautiful boats, along with the most highly advanced electric drive systems.

With the integrated electric boat motor /first fully / and drive boat system, available in AC or DC technology, we brings durability, reliability, and high efficiency together with ease of use. The systems is ideally and responsibly suited for sailboats and yachts. Fiberglass hull construction. 19 to 36 Foot boat models.

Fine craft for leisurely cruising, of a fine vintage watercraft, traditional elegance boat and replication in size and design.( It's Electric: Repowering sailboats with electric propulsion - Elco Motor Yachts, BoatBuilder Article )

Chesapeake Marine Design, LLC - Sailboat, Powerboat, Trawler and Yacht designs that are: Easy-Economical-Proven-Pretty-Fun. We Provide a New Paradigm in Extended Cruising With Electric Power

ELECTRIC SKIFF 15 - specifically designed to be powered efficiently by an electric outboard with fun of electric boating.

REDWING 18 has a new SOLAR Electric option- batteries provide over 24 hours of economical cruising. Add a few solar panels to charge a second bank of batteries while underway and the possibilities are even better.
REDWING 21 HT - Redwing 21 hard top solar charging versionwith two banks of 6 volt or 12 volt batteries.
REDWING HYBRID 40 - Hybrid boat diesel with electric motor with new powering option made possible by the latest technology in electric power.
AURORA 40 - Hybrid version with very quiet economical cruising packageof the AURORA 40 as an electric yacht.

Obiboat Fr small (less than 5 meters) electric engine-powered catamarans, electric, thermic or electro-solar boat version. Obiboat® el-catamaran will be delivered right to your home.

Grove Boats SA A UK member of the Electric Boat Association. Company with huge experience in the field of sustainable hydro mobility and boat/marine engineering , from sailing yachts to new crafts. Company offers Ecological boats with last generation Photovoltaic cells with maintenance free batteries and an 8 kW electrique motor, deliver over 8 to 10 hours of autonomy. Series Aquabus 850T, 1050T , C60- cabin version, EE-2 4Q- electric DC-motor and Moteurs Torqeedo. Most Silence, cleanliness, comfort and manoeuvrability highly efficient electro-solar power boats.

Horizon Yachts Horizon offers SC-23 solar electric 2,8 KW boat with outboard motor. Catamaran with Hardtop mounted solar panels - 720/860W, for 12 people version and 6 knots of speed and onboard storage batteries. SC-46 solar yacht- luxory and high efficient battery and 100% solar energy powered comfortable yacht - fully equipped iclude saloon, staterroom and shower.

Motorcat MotorCat offers motor monohull catamaran up to 10 knots, E- MC30 Cabrio with saloon, beach landing ramp, proclaims, Catamaran with included electric generator and large roof for solar panels, light weight 2600lbs and batteries 16 AGM. "Solar power" can performance and reliability of general water boats.

Lithium technology, LIPO battery on Boats - the possible role of lithium butteries for boat owners.

Creative marine - Beautiful electric boats and canoes at reasonable cost

Lear Baylor Inc Electric boating story & manufacturing (Bay Window) | Electric Dreams

Zepia Energy ApS - Denmark

we have more than 30 years experience in battery technologies and systems
and can offer you complete solar boats, typically used on inland water ways with our E-Drive, free of any pollution and battery systems.

Now we can offer 9 to 15 persons solar boats, open and closed versions.
in some versions can be mounted with a flexibel sunshader. ZEPIA Energy offer 100% safety lithium ion (high energy LiFePO4 Cels) batteries, portable 24V and 36V and Complex custom designed battery packs.

We design a intelligent battery chargers for the industrial sector, automotive
like solar boats and lifting systems and golfcars. This solar vessels are typically used on inland water ways, near coast sailing , rivers and lakes as ferries or tourist sightseeing boats.

Phone: +45 2926 0199


manufactures high quality residential solar products and is a leading solar service provider supported by several U.S, Taiwan and China manufacturers and offers complete solutions to resellers, installers and contractors to carry out their work in residential solar, commercial projects and custom OEM solar module solutions like Lighting Applications Solar Panel Products and marine Kits to matching your exact needs.

We deliver xcellent quality, and customer satisfaction solar solutions.

Solartech Marine Solar Kits
Are you tired of having the solar batteries aboard your vessel run out just when you need to use them? Traveling when you want and where you want, has its advantages. But if you don't want to risk getting stranded out at lake or open sea , a Solartech Solar Marine 100% custom solutions and Panel kit is the best and safe solution to fix these problems.



SEAWAY (Slovenia) - Greenline Hybrid Yachts

Marian Boats

Elegance and high tech Electric Boats by Boote Marian GmbH

Canadian Electric Boat Company (CEBC)

Electric vehicles since 1830. Today CEBC design and build electric pleasure boats with classical lines from early twentieth century models. All CEBC Boats (Riopel Marine) are solid, economical and reliable, as well as low maintenance while providing all the latest hi-tech innovations.

The Boats are designed with new concepts in mind,to enable you to truly relax on the lake and appreciate the scenery with your best friends or family - "pleasure with silence". especially manufactures leasure-crafts for most leisurely navigation.

The Canadian Company is presently collaborating with various builders in the electric boat industry around the globe. These high-quality classical teak and mahogany wood boats, equipped with non-polluting electric engines, attract attention worldwide, by offering a new green life-style and Harmony with Nature.

Frauscher Boats

Amazing range of classic electro and hybrid boats from Austria, designed to meet the very highest demands to the art levels

Garda Solar Inc - Unique Solar, Electric and Hybrid Italian Boats

Renewable Solar systems For Marine Use - Solar technology, Manufacturers and [A-Z] Suppliers

for sale: Marine - Solar Panels, Part II: Rv & Boat panels, Alternators

articles: Electric-outboards(MARINER), Hybrid Diesel-electric systems ,Napssystems

Scout - Solar Powered Boat Makes Transatlantic Journey (Navigation Update and Scout's new course)

Electric boats by Boat Building Academy

Association of America (EBAA)

If you want to stay up about electric powered boating issues,products and accessories and services, competitions and exhibitions companies, share advice and experience or simply to read regulations and environmental protections and laws with all levels of government.

Electric Boats - Fantastic trio from myQuietBoat, Ruban Bleu, Willem Nieland

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