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American Custom Yachts - new sportfishing boat's standards

American Custom Yachts

American Custom Yachts, INC. FL Company builds superfast sport-fishers using high-
tech materials and equipment that look as good as they run.

" With our extensive fishing experience, we can give an owner a list of pros and
cons concerning all aspects of the boat, and between us, we can usually come up with the best scenario that matches how they want to use it," sayd LaCombe.

Today, with hull number twelve underway, American Custom Yachts has set new sportfishing boat's standards worldwide for speed , strength, and comfort, offering both con temporary and traditional profiles up to 120 feet, including a dramatic enclosed flybridge design. Each yacht is meticulously handcrafted by ACY to meet the owner's specific needs.

photo: ACY70

Since 1992, the American Custom Yachts INC. has focused on building boats that can really scoot.

The first sport fishing boat was build in 1994 topped out at 50 mph - incredibly fast by even today's standards. Today, the ACY is still going strong, building super-fast fishing boats built to match the specific needs of each boat customer. It's important to get to know customers and find out exactly how they plan on using their boats - that they would have better range, more overall efficiency and room to carry spare parts.


The American Custom Yachts never build the same boat twice, so they listen to their
customers' ideas and incorporate them whenever possible. All new custom portfishermen will feature a distinctive new house design with soft and style, curving lines.

From the first time they meet a potential cus tomer, sometimes ayear goes by before we sit down and sign a contract. The customer should check out everybody and look at all the options out there. "Our customers don't have to ask for a specific-sized boat; they come in with ideas about what they want to do and where they want to go, and we try to build them exactly what they need" said from ACY.

...for longer range & room

American Custom Yachts expands its line of contemporary sportfishermen with an eye-catching 72', the first from this builder to feature a fully-enclosed flybridge.

Using the American Custom Yachts 65' boat model as a template, The Florida company simply made everything bigger, for more room, longer range and a larger cockpit.

While the model ACY 72' has the same traditional outline and distinctive shear as the model ACY 65', it boasts well-thought out details, unique design features like a air door, push button and overhead cockpit A/C vents.

Now, the engines are set farther apart in order to enhance maneuverability, stability, and to reduce draft.

Like all American Custom Yachts, fishing boats , interior appointments reflect owner specifications such as aft station controls, laminated bent glass bridge windows, aft station controls with helm seat, style cabinet hardware, custom refrigeration, or a new cockpit-mounted ice-maker.

Boat builders

Many boat builders and companies like to talk about performance, but when it comes to sportfishing vessels, a few boat builders can boast a record like American Custom Yachts, just look at the results.

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