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Drift Boats Models

-The Convertible River Taxi™ “CRT”

Polyethylene hull , a lower price new 2012 BBW drift boat model
-"Pro Guide" – Standard High Side Hull -Classic drift boat, it is also the best handling and most durable river model

-Low Profile Hull - "Pro Guide" -standard side models designed Low Profile Hull to reduce wind resistance.

-custom drift boat
Build your own custom drift/river/fishing boat - Most of boat options, accessories, aand upgrade items and components can either be bought or they can be manufactured by you


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Boulder Boat Works

Polymer Drift boats

This past september ,at the fly fishing Retailer Show in Denver, we got our first glimpse at the next evolution in drift boat design- the polymer drift boat. After years of development, Boulder Boat Works stepped out onto the national fly-fishing stage, and launched a line of drift boats unlike any others. With hulls constructed entirely of high-density polyethylene polymer (HDPE), these boats are as rugged as they get, and they are sure to add months to your float-fishing season.

As a whitewater kayaker, I've developed a great appreciation for the durability of HDPE. Modern-day polyethylene kayaks are nearly indestructible, and I was excited to see how HDPE would work for drift boats. So much so that three weeks after the show I was on a plane back to Denver to do some "field testing" on the upper Colorado River (pictured).

Unfortunately, water levels were quite good, and I wasn't able to row the boat into as many rocks as I would have liked. So, during lunch, we simply resorted to throwing softball-size rocks at the hull. They just bounced off, leaving little more than a scuff. Needless to say, this is not how we test fiberglass drift boats! These HDPE hulls are the strongest available on any drift boat. Period, While the hull gets most of the attention, it's hard to overlook the beautiful woodwork on these boats. That's because the brainchild at Boulder Boat Works, Andy Toohcy, is also a master woodworker. Using the highest quality woods, such as mahogany and white oak, Andy combines old-world craftsmanship and new-world technology to create some of the most beautiful boats we've seen.

They offer four different models,

including a low-profile design, starting at $5,995. Boulder Boat Works also specializes in custom boats, so you can design a boat with just the right features for you. Guides looking for the most rugged package available, that's nearly maintenance-free, will want to order theirs with Line-X coated wood - a bomb-proof polyethylene coating.

So, whether you make your living on the river, or you're just a weekend warrior, log on to and learn more about the great properties of HDPE hulls. For more information, contact Boulder Boat Works at 7209 Valtec Court, Suite A, Boulder, Colorado 80301; Tel.: (702) 565-0789; E-mail: [email protected] -Crispin Battles

Drift boats - advantages

Extreme maneuverabilit and light weight drift boats are perfect for fishing

With an average empty weight of 300 pounds, these drift boats are easy to trailer, launch and recover and lets them navigate skinny water.

Todays typical 15 to 17 foot drift boats permit two fly castors one in the bow, the other in the stern to fish simultaneously without killing each other, and have the interior boat volume to carry sufficient gear, food and other amenities to keep the oarsman and anglers comfortable and well fed. When boats run aground, their high rocker and light weight, high rocker usually get them back easy in business in short order and can be put within range of fish virtually anywhere on the river. In add they can be held stationary in swift currents with little effort. The newest hull material for drift boats, however, is high-density polyethylene HDPF or VHMW Polyethylene, such us used in New 2013 'Boulder Boat Works' drift boat model - "The Convertible River Taxi™".

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