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BassBoat Builders | They've got more Air Force label, Navy, and USMC themed Tacticals coming down the line now. While it is a limited edition, Legend don't have any plans to discontinue at this time.

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LEGEND ALPHA 211 Work of art! - But How does an all black boat fish during the heat of the summer.

favorite feature of a Legend Boats

The Alpha 211

Sleek lines and a smooth ride. Everything. A dream rig. It looks better than other boats. Looks like everything is smooth flowing. Unlike most boats has hang ups as far as hulls goes, they have the finished bilge area.

The Alpha 211 - great color schemes, and a big bow for major tournament anglers! An the detail and perfection on craftsmanship.

They look great, both in and out of the water. Its like you combined the ride of a Ranger with the look of a Champion. Maybe your choice of Bass Boat. The ride, the lines, the craftsmanship, the staff and most of all, that the boat will not let you down.

The smoothest driest ride of any bass boat bar none, the qualty, the pure dedacation of the staff in costomer service, padded lids great dry storage ,and the best finish on any boat, easy to get to all the pumps and batteries , well thought out boat you know some boat mfg say qualty is number one "I work on boats for a living and I can tell you no one i mean no one builds a boat with as much detail and quality as a legend that is why I run A lagend and yes I could have any boat I want my choice is LEGEND and they look cool to. Here's a few small things that would make it the ultimate rig: - cup holders don't drain. The cup holders are near the floor/deck and have stainless cup holders but they don't drain. - hidden compartment for tournament net. Maybe under day box between consoles? - driver's side cleat for securing boat to dock from the driver's seat. Saw that on a competitors boat. Nice feature. - install trailer jack between the trailer arms right behind the hitch similar to another competitor. This makes the jack more stable and its out of the way. This would require the spare tire to be moved however. Something to think about. - The glowing "Legend" lights on the trailer should be orange to match the logo and the trailer lights. Or have the option of colors that match the rig which would be really cool. Jason A.

They are better than a skeeter

Awesome ride, Great Detail and Customized anyway you want it! Comfort while fishing everything in it is so big. Livewells, rod lockers, tackle storage, and the deck. It doesn't get hung up on stumps just slides right off for such a giant boat it maneuvers great from trolling motor. You found the best bassboat Alpha 211. That's a boat, do you catch Any fish on it or just light the water on fire every where you go?

The best "rough water"

The Legend Alpha 211 is the best boat for running and gunning on the Great Lakes! Legend has the best "rough water" ride and you have tons of room, not to mention the stability to fish in big wind & waves from 40' cruisers and freighters.

The deck lights

All of the Bluewater LED has purpose more than just looks. Yes, they look good, but the trailer lights make it a breeze to load at night. The deck lights make it possible to see everything in your boat on those early morning launches and night tournaments. Bluewater also carries red/green bow lighting and blacklights.

Custom built

Legend offers a huge casting deck without taking anything away from the style & comfort of the boat and all the colors/fades/striping options available - Easily one of the best ways to top off Your custom built Legend.

the Legend team

The best feature is the ability to talk with the Legend great team. To be able to reach out and know help is there if you ever need it is priceless. Legend employees:

A well run company, that puts a quality product out, and really does build em one at a time. "Legend employees are great showed us everything, & not cause the Chief was w/ us, well maybe cause he was with us" .Ralph H. more

The new spin on the Alpha Tactical by LB

You can get the Alpha Tactical in any color. Any color to theme the boat to your branch of service.

I canít thank Legend Boats enough for building this Awesome Air Force Tactical for me and welcoming us to the family!! Since picking it up it has turned heads everywhere as we journey home! We even stopped to fish a tournament today and got rave reviews about it! As a Retired USAF Vet (1986-2006) & my wife still on Active Duty we couldnít be more proud to be in a Legend Boat and better yet to own a boat that shows our patriotism and symbolizes our combined 50 years of service to the U.S. Air Force!! Thanks again Legend Boats for creating the Alpha Tatical Series to show your support for all our Military that serve and have served! Ray H.



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