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Rose Island - the widest range of genuine Lobsters Boats (from 38 to 65 feet) in the world

Rose Island Shipyard


Rose Island, a shipyard renowned lor the realization of the first lobster boats in Italy, is trying to conquer new boat market segment with innovative products.

The launch of the prototype realized in aluminium brought the shipyard to make some structural alterations to the deck and the bulwarks to further make the boat line slenderer.

The idea of the Rose Island shipyard originates from the willing to propose a craft different from the products already on the market, matching aesthetic and technical qualities suitable fur lung-range cruises.

The gual of the shipyard is to repeat the success of the lobster boats recreating the style of Rose Island. Shapes are definitely original, both technically for the design of the quick work and for the deck lines. From a longitudinal point of view, the hull is characterized by an unusual slightly curved shape while the bombe how, going nn toward aft, changes and water lines are more similar to the "V-shaped boat hulls.

The aft corner is rather reduced so to favour the hydrodynamic support and increase power, while the top beam is useful to reduce a n irritating rolling.

The project and the study of this type of hull is the result of the designers Aldo Gatti and Paolo Villani,who took inspiration from the shape of the quick work of the sailing boats used for ocean regattas.

The last goal was to realize a craft that, besides an innovative design, has higher performances, comfort during navigation and reduced consumptions as her strength points of the lobsters.

One of the most interesting characteristics is undoubtedly the consumption that is really poor and the consequent range.

When displacing, that is at the speed of 12 knots, Pathfinder powerboat has a consumption of only 50 litres of fuel for an hour of navigation while at a cruise speed of around 16 knots the boat, in a semi-gliding trim, has a consumption only 90 litres per hour.

The top speed is 20 knots approximately.

As to exteriors, the design recalls the lines of some sailing boats.

Lobster 49

Pathfinder 58

Such as the disposition of the cockpit and the seat shape. The area is suitably protected by the extended roof and, if needed, can be converted into a wide sundeck area by lowering the central table.

Also the bow area is supplied with a comfortable sundeck.

Some details, such as the windcones, inserted in the deck, create a good effect. The very spacious flying-bridge that, besides the control station, is fitted with two cosy helms for the pilot and the second pilot. Abaft it can host a tender that can be lifted through a small davit.


The interiors are comfortable and furnished with the typical marine taste and a great lot of mahogany surely combined with materials in light shades. The square is lit and, thanks to an extended and well-disposed living area, can host a good number of guests.

The layout of interiors is available in three versions according to the tastes and the owner's requirements: in the cruise version the structure of the low deck includes a truebeam owner's suite amidships, the guest cabin with two bunk beds against the starboard bulwark and, at bow, a VIP cabin.

The living area of the "Family" version, instead, provides four cabins and three bathrooms while the version "Mac'proposes onthe upper deck a double living area while the galley, three cabins and two bathrooms are hosted in the low deck.

The History of Rose Island Shipyard

Once upon a time, a group of friends, all fans of the Maine lobster boats, got together and decided to create pleasure boats based on their design and so the Rose Island yard at Lissone (MI) was bom. It also incorporates its own very experienced design studio, the first to launch these boats in Europe.

The yard produces

the Lobster 38 and 46 models

and is planning two other 34 and 57 foot models. Both new boats will bear the trademark Lobster name for which the company holds exclusive rights in Italy. Rose Island has also created a "custom division" to build yachts of up to 20 metres.

Lobster boats by Rose Island

Lobster boats are hugely reliable working vessels, born in the rough, freezing water of wild New England.

The Lobster 38

designed and built by Rose Island yard is a direct relation of those great boats.

This is an 11.8-metre cruiser with extraordinarily attractive lines, which have their roots not in a meaningless exercise in style, but in very specific safety and functionality requirements.

The bottom boasts extremely high structural rigidity and was designed to offer maximum seaworthiness in all conditions. It is flared towards the bow to avoid hitting the waves too hard and is broader higher up lo increase thrust in big seas. The 38's twin 300-hp Caterpillar engines guarantee very good performances both at economical speeds (32 litres/hour at 14.2 knots) and top revs (almost 32 knots). Her 1,540 litre tanks also give a range of 400 to 680 miles.

With regard to the deck layout, there is a large uncluttered cockpit with low broadsides making it perfect for fishing. There is also a hard top pilothouse that can be closed off, housing the steering positions dinette, and hideaway galley. Three solutions are on offer for the below decks area, with two or four plus two berths and one bathroom with shower.

Built from fibreglassand sandwich, the 38 has just right old style furnishings and accessories and has been very carefully finished. An elegant, versatile and thoroughly seaworthy boat.