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The FREWZA Boats range of dinghies andboats, by Frews Marine Ltd in Invercargill have developed into one of the biggest selling brands on the market.

After 8 years in the market FREWZA Boats have earnt a huge reputation for building world class boats and providing world class service.

With models ranging from 3.4m to 6.8m it's easy to see why FREWZA Boats have becomethe fastest growing brand in the market place.

One of the biggest attractions to choosing a FREWZA is the uncomplacted nature with all new models starting as a standard hull and the customer being able to customise exactly whatthey are wanting.

The team at Frewza Boats consist of threeexceptional trade qualified boat builders with combined experience of 40 years. You can be assured your boat is built by one of the besttradesmen in the game!

FREWZA Fishing Boats

FREWZA F 14 Dinghy

with Mudgway Trailer and outboard of your choice. Packages from $12,750 inc GST.

The FREWZA F14 Dinghy is based on the ever popular 4.1m FREWZA High Sided Dinghy, with the added benefit of the beach launching transom, which Incorporates
an outboard pod, boarding platform, raised stepped transom, which is designed to give added lift and protection when negotiating the surf or following sea.
The increased versatility of the FREWZA F14 Dinghy has seen it rival the great 4.1m FREWZA High Sided Dinghy asFrews Marine biggest selling hull in the FREWZA range.

FREWZA F 14 Fisher

This is the FREWZA boat model F14 Fisher (on photo below), 4.4m overall length. He has some very knowledgeable advice and good looking rig to.

with Mudgway Trailer and outboard of your choice. Packages from $20,500 inc GST.
The FREWZA F14 Fisher has also been a winner with a wide range of happy customers. With the added comfort of the dodger and forward steer, this boat's performance well exceeds the size.

Fitted up with a 40hp outboard this boat is not only super efficient on fuel but very easy to handle and manoeuvre, making it a great entry level boat or sensible
alternative for any boatie considering downsizing their vessel, without compromising safety or range.

For 2013 FREWZA Boats has had another exceptional year, with over a 130 boats being produced.

We are very fortunate to have such a great team working with us and it is very rewarding hearing all the great feedback we receive from all our great customers. This year has seen an increase in exports, with boats going to China, Niue, Australia, Tokelau and Canada. said from FREWZA.

The new F-21 Hardtop by Frewza

After dominating the boating market of aluminium boats, Frews Marine NZ Comapny launched the new aluminium beauty FREWZA Model F-21 Hardtop powerboat. A modern dedicated 6 metre aluminium Hardtop is designed with thickness of 5mm for Hull and 3mm for Transom.

Custom built FREWZA F-18 boat for the Sanfords Salmon Farm

 good boat brendon great ride and well built a credit

Custom built FREWZA's: The build time depends on the boat model you order and how many confirmed orders they have.

Safe loading seven person boat comes with Plenty of Features: Bilge Pump, Hardtop, Hydraulic Steering, Boarding Platforms etc , and with with a 150hp Honda Outboard from Steve Gooding Marine. It comes optional with Fishing Rod Holders, Bait Tables, Carpet, Marine Electronics, Outboard Motors and even boat trailer.

Check out their Boat test review on the FREWZA Fisher F18

Well done team FREWZA NZ, amazing the interest in these boats ,still have people contacting me to have a look at model f16 comming up 4 years old now, keep up the good work. These boat test magazines hardly ever test in trying conditions. Most people want to know how a boat behaves when it cuts up a

just the FREWZA F14 boat without the cabin or console

Most fishermans love ours. An F18 Hard Top after our first the F16 Side console. Matched with Honda's these are the best boats has used and we're always happy to discuss. There is NOTHING in the market that touches Frewza Boats, esp considering the absurdly low pricing.

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