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Stratos Boats - awesome for fishing and wakeboarding got the best of both worlds in this. Have the Evinrude 150 boat and motor still run like new 15 - 20 years later. That is a boat that will never be sold. ...the Stratos boats. Very sharp boats. One of the best fishing boats out there today. Very beautiful boat sitting or running on the water.

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the 186 VLO with the Mercury 115 HP

Stratos Boats offer the power of choice, so the price will vary based on engine brand and horsepower selection as well as other optional features that you select. The website lists a price with the Mercury 115 HP engine. It is a xt hull. The VLO consoles are a very nice touch verses the old style. Now, bump up the HP to a 135.

Stratos Boats put a 115 on it to keep a great value, duh. Anything bigger and you might as well buy the 189. Good option for people who don't want to go the aluminum route.

You all have asked some great questions and Stratos'll try to answer them the best we can. The top speed will vary dependant upon the weight the boat is loaded with, the prop being used and the temperature of the air and water, but with two guys and a modest amount of tackle/gear, with a Mercury 115 PXS the top speed will be in the 47-50 mph range. As Patrick Lantis pointed out, they rated the 186VLO for 115 HP in an effort to keep the boat at a value price, and a better choice over aluminum. While Stratos don't give out pricing (that's the dealer's job) they can give you a ballpark on what the 189VLO with a 115 on it would cost in relation to the 186VLO with the same engine.

Both boats being a standard package, the 186VLO would be around $6K less than the 189VLO. You can find your closest Stratos dealer by going to the Stratos Boats website and using the Dealer Locater at the top of the page.

Gotta love the new VLO, EXCEPT the fact it has a 150hp max rating. Come on Stratos! the VLO and the 486SF BOTH should have a 175 max hp! Other than that, the STRATOS line-up is KILLER! (ok, one more thing, bring back the MAGNUM option for the 201 so it can have a 300 max hp) Rant over. by Ross Chappell

"Stratos hate to hear that you've had a couple issue arise with your boat. Whatever has gone wrong we certainly want to help in getting it taken care of. We stand behind our product and value our customers. Our warranty department has been made aware of the issues and they have confirmed that they have been in contact with you. We are confident that we can and will get these couple issues resolved for you. Thank you for you patience while we work to that end. As for the video of the 326XF that you are referring too, the Mercury 225 Verado's overall speed and performance is similar to the Evinrude 225 HO on this model boat, as it will run in the upper 50's empty and the mid 50's loaded. It's unclear as to just how much fuel or gear was in the boat when filming, but you may be right in your thinking that it was running a light load." said the Stratos