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As the best engineered:

Skeeters - with over 60 years experience in fishing boat manufacturing, the world's first bass boat.

Superior performance and ergonomic design like no other we have build boats from plywood and great for fishing flat bottom boats to the biggest innovative manufacturing processes in the boating sector.

Our Models:

the New 2015 Skeeter ZX

The new bass boat ZX by Skeeter come with 2 9in hds a power pole and a 112 minkota all standard. Those are some of the boat standard features along with Hamby Keel-Guard, Bow Carpet Padding, and many more. The new Skeeter makes things allot easier.

How about $2750 more reasons? Speak to your local Skeeter dealer. You'd be surprised at the values that exist on Skeeter New ZX & TZX lineup.

Just do some shopping around. I got my new FX20 back in May at a killer deal. Best boat I've owned. I drove 8 hours to get mine at Marshalls Marine in Lake City SC. The savings was well worth it, not to mention the awesome customer service. said Jason B.

Love the new ZX too, waiting for my new 2015 FX to cime in now. The hulls are different but new zx is going back to old hull. ZX zx is going back to old hull.
You would really appreciate it - the opportunity to fish out of Skeeters when travelling and with/wthout using a guide.

Drop by your local Skeeter dealer and ask them about our Fall Into Savings Promotion to save an additional $2750 on your new ZX250 or ZX225. Good news is it makes a great valued product even more of a good deal.

Skeeter FX Series - Top-end speed Yamaha 300 HP engine(VMAX® SHO™) powerboat with Fuel Capacity- 50 gals.

Skeeter i-Class - ultimate bass boat models, luxury & performance, Incredibly spacious, wickedly fast, and brimming with electronics.Max 300 HP engine

Skeeter ZX Series - fishability, increased horsepower Skeeter's model - New for 2012

Skeeter TZX Series - designed and built with all the features a serious fisherman - Fully equipped, effectively characterized the action. New for 2012

Skeeter SL Series - Fishing/Family Fun Boat. Max 200 HP engine

Skeeter Multi-Species Series - serious fishing machines for hardcore anglers,boat for the serious fisherman and Significant Catch

Skeeter Saltwater Series - powerful V6-300 HP Yamaha family/fishing boat,larger and designed for coastal and offshore fishing

If you would like to see all Skeeter saltwater models visit:

The ZX190 Skeeter

In fact when it comes to their power, absolutely perfect Yamaha outboards settles for nothing but the best.

If you're Shopping for a new bass rig, the biggest snag can be price. But don't let the cost of the big expensive rigs discourage you.

Skeeter's several ZX - series of lightweight luxury boats are the answer.

ZX line - Its form and function

Over 63 years ago Skeeter Company invented the first bass boat and now they offer multipleamazing boats for different angler's needs.

The Skeeter still fishing

The ZX190 is a tournament ready boat with a very special engine on the transom, but more on that later. This boat shows the optional dual console, but the main focus on the ZX line is form and function.

Your wife will love the optional second console on the ZX190 but the helm is the true standout on this boat.

It's a boat that performs just as well on the way to the fishing spot as it does when you're there. A professional level trolling motor is up on the bow and features a foot pedal control. There's also an extra fish finder and bow trim switch. It may not look like much but you can fit more than a day's fishing gear including tackle, multiple rods and life vests in the bow storage safe lockers.

Bass boats are mini performance boats and the 190 has a hot foot throttle, steering wheel trim, and a full gauge array to keep an eye on the systems while you're blasting down the lake.

The live well switches may seem awkwardly placed but it's a great use of space by Skeeter ZX boat.

This mini power plant builds off their widely successful VMAX SHO line. It brings power, performance, and weight savings to that mid-range package.

Now, Skeeter is a Yamaha and this ZX 190 is powered by Yamaha's brand new 150 horsepower VMAX Super High Output.

When you take away the oil tank that the old VMAX two stroke needed the new SHO that replaces it is actually lighter. The other big factor with this outboard is its incredible holeshot and mid-range power.

They borrowed from 2- strokes and used variable camshaft timing to get the optimal performance out of this four stroke engine.

Top speed was 59.1 miles per hour at 6000 rpm and it would cruise all day long at 34 miles per hour at 3500 rpm. Yamaha changed the game when they first launched the VMAX SHO in 2010. Well with the new 150, packaged with the ZX190 it changes it all over again.

Don't be put off by the high prices on other rigs. Get a line on the lightweight Champions of the world at your Skeeter boat dealer.

Only a limited number of these special BASS will be found now. These super flshing machines will be available on a first-come boat auction.

If there ever was a time for you to own a BASS Classic rig this is it! When spendable recreational dollars are growing tighter, you want the most value for your Investment. Insure your future bassin' recreation by ordering your BASS boat today.

Skeeter Boats


published: skeeter catalog 2005

"Take your Desting into own Hands" TXZ Completition series

Boat interior design has never been as hot a topic among fishermen as performance and fishability. However, at SKEETER, the three are equals. After all, how you feel after a long trip is determined by how much leg room you have and how comfortable the seats are, as well as the operation and accessibility of the gauges and controls. And just as importantly, how good you feel about having these features is based on their durability and longevity.

You realize SKEETER's competitive advantage the moment you settle into the drivers seat, grab the padded steering wheel and examine the luminescent instrumentation integrated into the cockpit dash. As soon as you're moving, you'll appreciate the visibility of the easy-to-read gauges that you can take in at a glance, allowing you to keep your eyes focused on more important things-like the water. And, you'll never take your hands from the wheel to adjust the height of the engine when a trim control lever is just a slight finger reach away. From the accessibility of our durable, water-resistant "touch" switches, to the Hot Foot accelerator pedal, you are in total command of your environment. Everywhere you look, our ergonomically designed cockpit console is a clear statement of SKEETER's dedication to, shall we say... your interior well-being.

"Competition Tested and Tournament Ready" TXZ Completition series

Instantaneously responding to every command, yet rock solid in the turns and in rough water conditions, the TZX thrilling ride while providing confidence and peace of mind. The cockpit command center (A), with its lustrous monochrome finish and logical, accessibly placed instrumen- tation, allows for rapid response and complete control. And, like its bigger brother ZX Series, the TZX has the exclusive latch locking system, aluminum deck, and SKEETERs exclusive no splashwell design (B) which utilizes our advanced torque transfer transom and stringer system that virtually eliminates hull stresses while providing lift along the entire keel.

There are lots of ways to characterize performance. For example, that irresistible force that pushes against your stomach when you press the throttle-a responsiveness that immediately transmits the desires of your right foot to the running surface. However, once you've experienced the TZXs quick maneuverability, don't forget the many convenience features like the flip down center seat/step (C), under seat ice cooler (D), built-in measuring board (E), and spacious rod box with rod rack (F). The TZX gives you versatility and fishability with thoughtful details large and small, such as the Rod Staze (G) and pop-up cleats (H). Go for it, and test drive a TZX today. A moments hesitation, and the opportunity for a tournament victory could slip away!


The Skeeter story

It Was Forward Thinking That Was Behind The Very First Bass Boat. From the beginning, Skeeter has been ahead of its time. The company has been a leader. An innovator. Dedicated to developing new ideas that make fishing easier, safer, more fun, and more rewarding. Skeeter's innovative concepts can be traced back to the cre- ation of the original bass boat more than 30 years ago. At the time, that boat designed by Holmes Thurmond was unlike anything ever seen before. It was readily accepted because it uniquely fulfilled a need that was not being met. And it laid the groundwork for a whole new industry that would skyrocket virtually overnight.

Originality has al- ways been a Skeeter trademark. We're constantly developing new and different con- cepts in bass boats. We don't wait to see what the competition is doing. We're active instead of reactive. We never stop looking for better ways to build our products. And we never stop listening to you. Since 1983 when the Coleman Company acquired Skeeter Products, Inc., we've been able to move even farther ahead in product development with an uncompro- mising emphasis on quality. It's through this dedication and progressive attitude that Skeeter will con- tinue to dominate the bass boat market — this year and in years to come.

Form That Follows Function: High Qual- ity For High Performance.

Skeeter is proud to have founded the bass boat industry. But we've always known that originality alone isn't enough to keep us first. That's why quality construction at every step of the manufacturing pro- cess has always been a Skeeter priority. Today's Skeeter quality starts with the famous hand-laid hull.

It combines mat glass, woven raven, and core mat — all sandwiched together — for the strength of eight layers of glass. Quality continues throughout the laminating and curing processes. And then the trip chines are filled with a putty and reinforced with lami- nated end-grained balsa strips. This special sequence — carefully monitored at numerous check points — results in the strongest, most un- iform hull on theboat market. Extra strength is also built into Skeeter's solid, 11/2 inch-thick transoms. They run from one side of the hull to the other. And they're tied into stringers and braces to provide maximum support for larger outboards run- ning at high speeds through rough water. In the lead from the beginning, Skeeter boats were even the first to be classified by Underwriters Laboratories, in accor- dance with U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations. All are equip- ped with foam-filled tanks and extra foam in the floor and stor- age areas. Quality everywhere you look — from the totally modular electrical components to the custom-insulated live wells. From the plastic-insulated coded wiring system to the sleek, long-last- ing Skeeter finish. You simply can't buy a better bass boat. That's exactly why Skeeter is the choice of tournament champions.

The SK 2000. A New Generation In Bass Boats.

The best example of Skeeter innovation is, naturally, our latest development. The SK 2000 is a 20-foot dream-come-true for center console, huge deck, nimble maneuverability, rock-solid stability, and power range up to 250 HP put it in a class by itself. One glance tells you it's totally new — different from anything you've ever seen before. It's another history making Skeeter achievement. 10 Tournament-Class SF Models. We've expanded this legendary series to give the tournament fisherman more choices than ever before. More choices of power ranges.

More choices of con- sole configurations. More choices of layouts. And all are built with our exclusive Diamond Core® pad that gives SF models a more rigid surface for running hard where other boats can't.

5 SD Models For Fishing And Family Fun. These value-packed boats offer the fisherman an ideal combination of Skeeter quality, popular fishing features, and the versatility to pull double duty as recreational boats. They deliver maximum performance with smaller outboards. And there's a model that's right for every budget. The people who brought you the original bass boat more than 30 years ago continue to lead the way today with progressive ideas and quality products that consistently surpass your expectations. the most serious of bass fishermen. Its perfectly balanced.

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