Wet exhaust systems for Hauseboats

by Centek

Centek Industries is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of marine wet exhaust systems for fresh and saltwater applications. These systems are built of fire retardent resins and fiberglass to produce a corrosion resistant and durable product. The company is also the exclusive provider of MYCELX environmental products to boatbuilders and marine distributors.

Testing and investigation of exhaust stack houseboat systems has been conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH). Data released thus far indicates "that an exhaust stack, vented well above the upper deck of the houseboat, moves CO away from the airspace below the rear deck and dramatically reduces CO concentrations on the rear deck, swim platform and top deck. The NIOSH report continues that, based on the data collected from rear exhausting, side exhausting and stack exhaust houseboats, - the exhaust stack is the most effective control evaluated to date.

Centek offers different versions of the exhaust stack system. The first uses the company's Gen-Sep water separator in conjunction with a Vernalift muffler. The second one uses the company's Combo-Sep combination muffler and water separator, which fits entirely within the engine compartment and is 25-50% quieter than most other exhaust systems on the market.

The versions are available now. For more details visit http://www.centekindustries.com/product_descriptions.html.

Contact Centek Industries
PO Box 3028, Thomasville, GA 31799.
Phone: 800-950-7653

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NIOSH recommends the use of a vertical exhaust stack system

In recent months, the houseboating community has been wrestling with the issue of controlling generator exhaust aboard their craft. The main question has been, How can we route generator exhaust gases to minimize the carbon monoxide risk to houseboaters and nearby swimmers?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH - ww.cdc.gov/niosh/ ) recently completed its second series of tests designed to answer this question. The tests were held aboard houseboats on Lake Mead in Nevada and compared the performance of different systems designed to tackle this problem.

In the resulting report, NIOSH recommends the use of a vertical exhaust stack system (as shown in the picture).

Vertical exhaust stack systems route the gases several feet above the top of the boat, where they are easily and safely dispersed with minimal effect on houseboat occupants and nearby swimmers. In a summary of its findings, NIOSH stated, Based upon the data that NIOSH has collected to date, an exhaust stack that extends well above the upper deck of the houseboat appears to be a reliable, cost-effective solution that is capable of dramatically reducing the carbon monoxide hazard.

The tests also witnessed by the US Coast Guard and the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).

Preliminary findings indicate that a vertical exhaust for generators might be the preferred system in some vessel types. The exhaust stack system tested by NIOSH included components from Centek Industries, a leader in wet exhaust products. Centek can provide houseboats with two kinds of vertical exhaust stack systems. The first uses the company's Gen-Sep water separator and Vernalift muffler. The second uses the company's Combo-Sep combination muffler and water separator, which fits entirely within the engine compartment and is 25-50% quieter than other exhaust systems on the market. The complete cost to install either of these systems is between $500 and $1,000.


Why Everyone Should Try Houseboating

Houseboat Is A Bit Nicer Than That... Just A Bit!If you haven't tried house boating then I really encourage you to give it a go.

You can rent a house boat for around the same amount as a hotel and you'll be able to get a feel for it. Many of the larger lakes across North America allow for house boating and you'll be able to rent a whole bunch of different house boats that will suit your needs. If you find you like it, then it is only a small step to finding and buying your own house boat.

Find Information about the Brokers in your State. National listing of Recreational  Dealers and Dealerships.

House Boat | Boat Builders

House Boats, Floating homes, Pontoon Boats, Trailerable and small - camping houseboat

House Boat - list of Boat Builders

HouseBoats | Information about the most listed Houseboat Manufacturers

HouseBoats - Boat Builders & and manufacturing

KC Marine Houseboats

K.C. Marine Company based in Deep Creek Marina in Echuca/Moama is a family owned business and operated firm focused on houseboats - hit for the pleasure boating industry. They build brand new and renovate & refurbishment BBQ and Houseboats, to your budget and ideas.

For contacts:

P.O. Box 720, Echuca Vic 3564 | mobile: 0428 103 677

web: kcmarinehouseboats.com.au

for sale: Houseboats US Listings

The Firm "Houseboat factory" is a family operated/owned company by Peter, Ryan, Julie, and Dale. HF manufacture and customise your houseboat to suit all your needs with all the comfort of houme and practicability.

Houseboat factory

With so many years expert advice, renovate and building houseboats, this Company is focused on manufacturing and specialize of luxury dream houseboats that are practical and more efficient using the latest technology for your lifestyle with a flare for luxury.


Adventure Craft House Boats trailerable

Folding vessels designed in China - Campanoe small camping houseboat

Catamaran Cruiser Houseboats

Destination Yachts

Ultimate Houseboats - Destination yachts

The Destination yachts Company criteria for inclusion was not based upon size or extraordinary furnishings, rather it is a selection of houseboats that represent each individual owner or designers' idea of excellence.

While a few may in fact be at the very highest end of the budget scale, some of these boats represent a higher form of function in their design - not all houseboats spend their days at the dock under the watchful eyes of their owners. Some boats are designed for kids and fun where durability and practicality play a more important role in the design of the boat.

Ultimate Destination yachts include those boats for their individual merit. We have also included some top of the line rental boats that deserve to be recognized.

When people see the houseboat, we thought. This makes a lot of sense. We don't need to go anywhere fast. We want some more comfort. This is actually the opportunity of a lifetime for someone. The Company - Destination Yachts develope Quality, high end custom houseboats that offer a surprisingly elegant and modern lifestyle at a price that is affordable.

Houseboat Plans

Destination Yachts have houseboat floor plans that start at 37' x 10' and go to 100' x 20' in the tradition of old style or you can let "Destination Yachts" custom build what you desire. Full andTwin Hull and Catamaran houseboat( Coastal Houseboat's ) available.

Houseboat in the Salt Lake City Boat Show

The features:

What that really impress you with this one is frankly the power of the engines, and reverse, and being able to maneuver the thing. Most models have got two Mercury's, four strokes, outboards. You can back this thing up in a current, you turn it around, even as large as it is.

You feel real confident moving it in tight quarters.

The solar panels on houseboats will essen tially power everything except the air conditioner, but you keep your sound system, your refrigerators, everything else running.

Interior layout

If you are concerned about the size of the bed. You want it very comfortable, and on a smaller boat a lot of times you don't have the space. We wanted the king size bed and room to get around it. So that's how Destination yachts designed the main cabin of their houseboats.

Funtime Houseboats - This page is not available!


Harbor Master

Holiday Mansion

Horizon Yachts(EN)

Sunchaser Pontoon Boats - SunChaser pontoons have been designed from their inception to maximize value while maintaining high end features that are important to you. Others have tried this approach with varying degrees of success. We feel our success far exceeds that of any other pontoon manufacturer. We've worked hard over the last few years to uncover ways to increase value without sacrificing features or increasing the sticker price. SunChaser is the result of our efforts and we think that the results speak for themselves.

International Marine Floatation Systems- floating homes

www.lakeviewyachts.com - Lakeview Yachts | 16' x 56' Boat Layout

Majestic Yachts

Monticello River Yachts


Manitou Pontoon boats

Nomad Houseboats trailerable houseboat

Patio Cruisers

River City Houseboats was at www.rivercityhouseboats.com lost May 2006

Sailabration Houseboats

Samudra unusual houseboats - India

Sharpe Houseboats- For over 50 years - the Sharpe Company has has proudly set the standard for dependability and quality in building houseboats .Whether you want a secluded, fishing or romantic getaway wuth family or best friends you've made the right decision.We offer 2012 Models!

Starlite Houseboats(Used for sale)

Sumerset Houseboats

Sunstar Houseboats

Three Buoys

Twin Anchors Marine - Houseboats (Canada)

Sumerset Houseboats

Waterway Houseboats build for rental on Shuswap and for sale

Emerald Bay houseboats since 1994 builder of fully custom built houseboats on the west coast.HouseBoats all in aluminum structure that are designed and built to be virtually maintenance free. We Offer Custom and Fabricators Houseboat.

Sun Tracker - Party, Fishing and Cruiser pontoon boats

Used or New HouseBoats, different builds Brands from US Georgia. - Our oldest and most experienced houseboat Dealer & Brokerage firm on "Lake Lanier" also offers cruisers and yachts over 28 feet and increasing fresh water inventory.

Twin Anchors,Canada Houseboats - Custom Built Luxury Houseboats, 31' to 75' boat Lengths, Cruiser Pontoon boats

Twin Anchors,Canada Houseboats - Custom Built Luxury Houseboats, 31' to 75' boat Lengths, Cruiser Pontoon boats

Havana Houseboats - Boats surveyed for 8 and 10 persons

Deutsche Composite GmbH

the entire design and development of floating houmes and Composite systems

St.Jude Houseboats (India)

South India Company focused on Houseboat Building, a mix of both traditional boat makers and technical marine engineers. Houseboats are build from Wood and fibre, Company also offers Canoes and small size Wooden boats.

The decorum and in Houseboats, some models are equipped with Jacuzzi and have six bedroom. The "Deluxe houseboats" have even won the hearts of many corporate heads, film stars and custom owners who proud and SATISFIED owners of quality St.Jude marvelous Houseboats.


Nomad houseboats Inc. (MO)

Small But Fully Equipped Trailerable Houseboat.
You can add a new dimension to your water life and fun.Thanks to the Nomad 25 Houseboat owners for making it happen. To See More, Try here

VilaBoat - is the perfect example for water-borne relaxation surrounded by nature with style.

A variety of German Houseboats with amenities for every taste - ranging from 14m to 22m.

Shuper Boats

Twin-hull ships and boats for active rest of up to 10 passagers.

MANDL - Living on Water, srl

A private naval architecture company MANDL based in Slovak Republic focused on design, development, reconstructions and boating/floating services in the field of floating houses, yachts and ,houseboats or dream floating structures. Smal Eu Company specializing in the creation of pleasure crafts, small and special purposes boats and low-consumption floating houses, large houseboats and marinas since over 30-years.

Floating "Boat" houses

The floating house is designed as a low-energy prefab timber structure with diffusion ventilated walls and wooden facade. The mass of an object consists of two mutually shifted blocks. With this move was a pleasant terrace on the first floor while there was a lower roof terrace and main entrance. Basis of family houseboat consists of three cross-linked concrete pontoons filled with expanded polystyrene.

This House located the water is designed in wooden frame construction and ecological and recycable materials offers specific qualities and ensure necessary background and comfort to feel and live in the nature world. Low-energy used technologies include : air heating,ventilation with heat recovery, passive house door and windows
and door, Solar panels etc.

Houseboat or smal floating house?

Boat-House art combined with architectural flair. It has a floor area of ?? 100 square meters and not have to pay property tax.

The home is here, but not permanent residents - their house is in fact officially a small boat.

The Interior layout is simple. Everything is located in 37 m2 floor area but shelter operates exceptionally spacious. Equiped with dimensional glazing, bright interiors and white Surfaces, you would certainly like this Modern Nautical Style.

This floating houses are conceived minimalist, but integrates social part, social part, kitchen, dining room and two smal bedrooms plus PWC.

Roof, which are passed on to the side walls, standing seam metal roofing mimics.
Unconventional way is made up of roof insulation foil.

The Bank is associated vessel bridge with self-supporting handrails and hot
galvanized grating. It is through it conducted electricity connections from the shore.
On the floating house there are also mooring means for landing craft and a boat ladder for access to the water.

In close cooperation with top Naval architects, laboratory research centres, university departments and leading manufactures "MANDL" provide building and rebuilding of floating and Boat houses in Slovakia.


851 04 Bratislava
Slovak Republic


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Sterling Associates - boatbanker.com

SUN TRACKER and Tracker Marine Group - best friends and family boats

Deducting Interest Payments on Your House Boat


Does your boat qualify as a second home? If you can spend the night comfortably onboard, it probably does-at least in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Sen ice (IRS). This means that if you've got a secured loan on that vessel, the IRS will allow a tax deduction on the interest youpay on that loan.

Just like vacation condos. mobile homes or getaway cabins, many boats can qualify as second homes under section 165 (h)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax code defines a second home as having "basic living accommodations such as sleeping space, toilet and cooking focilities."

If your boat has berths, a head and a galley, and you've taken out a loan to finance that vessel, you could well be eligible to deduct your interest payments on Schedule A (Itemized Deductions) of your federal Form 1040 tax return. Re sure to discuss this possibility when you meet with your boat-loan professional to structure a loan for your new boat.

Houseboat Expo (KY)

the On Water Expo on Lake Cumberland

The popular "On Water" boat show on Lake Cumberland in in US-Kentucky today a renowned houseboat show by any standard. Boating industry leaders to showcase new boating products and celebrate the unique boat lifestyle across North America. The fifth annual 2013 venue continues to attract boat owners from all over the USA and Europa with this truly unique boat show that includes outdoor adventure and recreation, innovative new models Introduction or can stay near the action and Listen Live Music. in addition boat show include Houseboat rentals on Lake Cumberland. These vessels are suitable for a large number of people don't leave the marina during the Expo, but They are less expensive than hotel.

On Water Expo exhibitors include some of the Boating industry's major players of this market,such as: Houseboats Buy Terry, Thoroughbred Houseboats LLC and Houseboats Plus as well as smaller businesses offering Water Expo visitors and enthusiast the chance to source new boats and equippment.

Check back to here for further information.

for contacts:
6365 State Park Road
Jamestown, KY 42629
[email protected]

Custom houseboat and shantyboat cabins - from River Rat Boatworks & Coastal Houseboat's