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Smart LE -light weight and modern design. Motor row boat "Smart"
Viking LE - motor inflatable boats of the middle class(options from 3 m to 3.6 m)
Kasatka - Excellent handling.

High-speed boat,Excellent directional stability.

Amur - row fishing inflatable boat (options from 2,75 m to 3 m)
Victoria - Excellent directional stability on water. rowing boat "Victoria" in a wide range of sizes from 2.35 to 3.10 m. The main advantages of new items can be attributed quite compact and lightweight package, easy storage.
Solo infltable boat
Nerka for boat morot 3,5HP
Smart light weight and modern design
Viking power boat middle slass
Berkut - Excellent handling. 7 options from 3 m to 3.6 m
Titan -Sea Inflatable boat, improve the designs and the bottom of the hull to give this model an excellent seaworthiness.
Poseidon main model. large volume and cockpit boat, high cruising speed even in the stormy sea.Model for
Professional fishermen and hunters

The company "Poseidon" was founded in the late 90s of last century, as a company for warranty service, repair and tuning of inflatable boats made of PVC. As the study of world and Russian experience in designing and building boats from PVC material has come to understand the need for industrial and trading company. On the other hand the creation of "Poseidon" was objectively caused a significant increase in consumer demand for inflatable boats and the necessity of a comprehensive service based on a specialized center. During the work of our specialists have accumulated a unique experience that allows us today to produce not only a serial high-quality products, but also to fulfill exclusive orders of any complexity. This experience has developed largely through the work of our repair service center. We had an opportunity to review all boat "disease" that arise during operation of the ship, so to speak, from the inside. There were problems, and there were ways to address them.

Today, the Boat company "Poseidon" is dynamically developing. Increase production capacity. Due to the active expansion of dealer network our products are well known and appreciated throughout Russia.


web/source: www.winboat.ru

Address: 197348, Russia, St. Petersburg, etc. Bogatyrsky house 18 roots. 3 Lt A.

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Our Boats:

High reliability. Any boat is divided into compartments (chambers) of buoyancy, isolated from each other. On larger boats the number reaches six compartments, which in combination with pripusknymi valves provide such boats to the highest level of security.
- LONGEVITY. Boats are made of high strength and durable PVC fabric. The use of such fabrics with wear-resistant coating extends the life of the boat. Therefore, the basic material of the company gives a guarantee of 5 years in case of cracking, rotting, and porosity. Real-life PVC boats of more than 15 years.
- Comfortable. The design of the boat and supplied accessories provide excellent opportunities for efficient and convenient placement of all members of the crew and the necessary things.
-EXCELLENT seaworthiness. Boats are carefully thought out, and past numerous test a form that allows them to withstand more severe conditions. The new design allows the bottom of the keel and just go "over the wave," with minimal spatter.
- Compact. Boats are easy and convenient for transportation, in the folded state have relatively small dimensions.
- EXCEPTIONAL STABILITY. Achieved by slightly increased width of the boat and low center of gravity.
- EFFICIENCY. The design allows the boat to prepare them to be launched in minutes.

Infkatable "Smart" LE Model

Solo Model



- "



The first acquaintance with rowing boats Poseidon happy buyers look brighter. Poseidon Boats are the perfect shape. Poseidon boats comfortably accommodates all crew members. Poseidon Boats are safe for human health and the environment. Boat Poseidon can be seen on board a luxury yacht that performs the role of an auxiliary or a lifeboat.

The need for a boat

Buy Poseidon boats please durability surprise You and Your Family with its high strength, will save Your money, will last you a long time. Acquisition of a rowing boat will give you positive emotions during your stay.
Rowing Boat Poseidon have decent service, warranty service, it is possible to conduct repairs and tuning of any complexity and manufacturing of exclusive models to order. "Poseidon" Brand boats attached to a special "kits for self-repair and tuning of boats made of PVC."
Recently there has been significant growth in consumer demand for boat Poseidon and thus arises the need for service in conjunction with a specialist center.
The high quality rowing boats Poseidon received recognition from connoisseurs of fishing, hunting, with fans of rafting on the river.
Dream avid fisherman and hunter - is to have a presence in the boat Poseidon. Your holiday in nature will be a memorable, enjoyable pastime!

This Rowing inflatable boats made of special multi-layer laminated waterproof plywood and stainless steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy (marine aluminum). The basic material Poseidon boats - PVC fabric is well-known manufacturers "SKANTARP", "MIRASOL", "HAYTEX", "VALMEX" has a five-layer structure, which gives a guarantee of 5 years. Fabrics rowing boats are resistant to Poseidon
punctures, cuts.

Durable and flexible joints sealed Poseidon submarines, since joined by the "cold welding", polyurethane-based adhesive, butted with double sided tape the edges of sizing of base material with adhesive layers on both sides . Tightly braided adhesive layers of plastics flexible at low temperatures that are comfortable for folding and unfolding. PVC fabric meets all European standards. Well retains its properties at temperatures from -30 C to +70 C. The service life of adhesive joints for 2 years.

Center of gravity of the boat Poseidon is located in the middle, which contributes to the equilibrium position. The ends of the boat can sail over the Poseidon wave freely, smoothly, without any extra spray. Rowing boats are capable of Poseidon, easy to maneuver on the water.
Poseidon Inflatable boats do not rot and does not form cracks. Poseidon Boats are resistant to ultraviolet rays. Poseidon boats can not be salt water, gasoline, oil Poseidon Rowing boats are resistant to all weather conditions. Comfort design allows the boat Poseidon in no time into the water.

The level of security provided Poseidon boats compartments are isolated from each other. In the case of Poseidon boats up to 6 sections, which creates a soft buoyancy. The boat is still afloat, if the damaged one or more compartments.
Inflatable boats have Poseidon airtight. Installed air valve on the Poseidon boats are designed plates that are closed plastic cover to protect it from dirt.
Poseidon Boats are easily transformed during transport, patented proprietary chassis, allowing Poseidon boats quickly turn into a portable package, this is very convenient for the consumer. Boat Poseidon their compact easy to use, very convenient. Proven reliability and practicality.
Because of the wide range of products to Poseidon boats attached accessories and equipment of your choice. They correspond to the normative documents Certificate of Gosstandart of Russia and the International Standard.

Strong enough and reliable

It is not always possible to deliver a vehicle directly to the boat to the lake. But this is not their only positive quality. PVC boats are made of several layers of PVC fabric. They each have different composition and different properties. As a result, the coating gets outstanding performance.

Boats with inflatable bottom strong enough and reliable. They are most suitable for rafting on mountain rivers. The bottom of the swimming facilities described has sufficient rigidity, but at the same time is able to absorb the blows with a light strain. In this coating remains intact. PVC material used for making this inflatable boats, stands close proximity of sharp rocks or driftwood, found in shallow water.

Thanks to the inflatable bottom, the boat gliding along the surface of the water. As a result, it is exposed to less water resistance and can move at a faster rate than other inflatable boat design. On some boats provided fodder spoilers, allowing them to go for a short time in the planing mode. This increases the maximum possible speed and reduced wetted surface area of the swimming facilities.

The boat with the inflatable bottom is spacious and comfortable. It can easily stand or move without risking to be upset. Modern inflatable boact this configuration consists of several sections (3,4 or more). Thanks to swimming facilities becomes more reliable. If the damage to one of them, while others allow the boat not only afloat, but also to be managed.