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Company under Brand "WinBoat" is quite young, it was formed in Russia October 2008, but united under the brand name WINBOAT professionals with extensive experience in the design and construction of small sized boat building. Choice not by chance that our staff fell in the promotion of craft and design type RIB boats.

Boat Building: level RIB models


WinBoat 330RF Sprint

Compact foldable inflatable boat with a rigid fiberglass bottom (folding RIB).

The main advantages include:

- Ease of assembly / disassembly (2-3 minutes without inflating / IAB cylinders)
- Lack of payolov
- Small size when folded: 0.9h0.9h0.4
- Lightweight: 43 lbs.

The rigid fiberglass bottom of the boat gives excellent handling and seaworthiness. Cylinders made from high quality PVC (density 1100 g / sq.m.) Consist of three watertight compartments, which increases safety and unsinkable boat.
Basic equipment

The boat, the seat (2 pcs.), Foot pump, paddle (2 pcs.), Repair kit (adhesive material), manual, bag packing.

WinBoat 360RF Sprint

ease of assembly and disassembly, which explains the time to bring the boat in working condition - no payoly - no longer needed, lightweight boats - only 48 lbs., thanks to small size folding RIB, packaged 900h1100h450, the question of transportation and storage of boats, and also allows use the boat as an additional vessel on boats and yachts.
The rigid fiberglass bottom of the boat gives excellent handling and seaworthiness, bottles made from high quality PVC - made up of three watertight compartments, which increases safety and unsinkable boat.
WinBoat 430RF Sprint

- Low weight RIB: only 72 kg., Easy and quick assembly / disassembly ,2-3 minutes without inflating balloons, and - Small size: 1.1h1.1h0.45
WinBoat 440RF Profi
WinBoat 460RF - Excellent driving performance motors for low and medium power, Smooth and full of predictability in the behavior of the boat, Deep roomy cockpit and Ease of movement at the oars, comparable with the classic rowing boats.
WinBoat 460RS

Classsic Rib models:

330R - Low weight 43kg
360R -Low weight 48kg
390R - Reinforced boat body, Flat, spacious deck with non-slip surface, Volume bow locker, Two comfortable deck lockers,* Reinforced transom;
and Completely new hull design.

As a result, RIB turned out quite decent.

Conducted sea trials suggest that the boat is well managed, easily enters planing, predictable and stable over time in statics.

440R Profi
WinBoat R53 new model

RIB boats meet these basic requirements in the shipbuilding industry as a low-dimensional:
- High seaworthiness
- Security
- Relative ease of constructive
- Reliability.
All these our boat characteristics are achieved by the fact that in addition to high-impact plastic RIB boats are equipped with inflatable balloons multisection. Boats of this class RIB do not lose the progress, even in a fully flooded sostoyanii.Winboat. Forms for making plastic boat hulls and boat RIB
This type of small vessels with great success used in special rescue units as an additional swimming facilities for large boats and yachts. On large ships as lifeboats and boats.
The advantages of this type of small vessels is still very poorly rated by consumers of the domestic market. Our company has taken the hard work of promoting boats RIB.
Each product type has its advantages and disadvantages, so for example for the sake of safety, air cylinders, "eat" up to 20% of the usable area of the cockpit boats like RIB, and the plastic body does not allow even a small RIB stored in the packet size as a regular inflatable boat.

Winboat - under this boat building brand "Winboat" integrated group of companies engaged in the popularization and promotion in the Russian marine market RIBboats. This class of small vessels is recognized worldwide as the most secure. Widespread use of RIB boats have found not only in professional specialized rescue units, but also in everyday use.
Boats RIB, as well as all the boats that are designed, tested and manufactured by specialists of our company are characterized by their unique and complex path from the table design to a series of certified models.



Address: 197348, Russia, St. Petersburg, etc. Bogatyrsky house 18 roots. 3 Lt A.

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390R RIB Model

369RF Sprint RIB Model