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Achilles Inflatable Boats

Producer of small inflatable boats made with multi-layer, reinforced fabric.

1407 80th Street SW
Everett, WA 98203

Aquastar Inflatables

Leading manufacturer of inflatable sport boats and bottom boats.

1307 West Trenton Avenue
Orange, CA 92867

Caribe Inflatables U.S.A.

Leading maker of rowable & powered inflatable boats and accessories.

25175 S.W. 142nd Avenue
Homestead, FL 33032

Porta-Bote International

Offers portable folding boats and dinghies as an alternative to inflatables.

1074 Independence Avenue
Mountainview, CA 94043

Viking Life Saving Equipment

Produces liferafts and powered rescue boats designed for life-saving missions.

1400 NW 159th Street
Suite 101
Miami, FL 33169

Walker Bay Boats

Makers of small dinghies, inflatables, and small sail boats.

717 Butterfield Road
Yakima, WA 98901

C-Fury Boats

Having known C-Fury since the days of their first prototype

C-Fury Boats are designed with a passion for well engineered quality solutions has quickly given them a highly respected position in the market. They are always hungry for new ideas and thinking about how they can use the latest technology to develop their craft - as an example, they were the first boat builder in the UK to fit our KEVLAR KeelShield.

C-Fury have two boats - both of which are packed full of great features for the serious RIB user. If you've never been out on the "C-Fury", you will be amazed - a 4m RIB that handles the sea like an 8m, is fast yet uses very little fuel, can get into tight spaces on the water and is easily towed - extraordinary.

C-Fury Patrol F40 demonstrator

C-Fury Patrol Model at 30 knots on flat water.

C-Fury - extensive boat handling and operation

Unique design and Highly efficient running with small contact area with the water and large tunnels ducting air underneath. Versatile deck layout with pillion and driver sitting. / Tel: +44 (0) 7813 834737

Winslow LifeRaft Company

Manufacturer of quality marine and aviation liferafts.

11700 Winslow Drive
Lake Suzy, FL 34269

American Polyfilm, Inc. - Branford, CT
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
Custom manufacturer of polyester polyurethane marine equipment including inflatable boats, sport rafts & sails.

Specialty Products & Services, Inc. - Pipersville, PA
Custom manufacturer - inflatable rescue boats for military applications. Types of inflatable rescue boats include 1 man raft, 4 man raft, 7 man raft & 20 man rafts that meet Mil-L-009131 specifications.

Joker Boat Company (Italy)

- focused on elegance and passion to create a successful Center Console boats and inflatables Made in Italy . JB has now opened a new site: has a special route communication with the its customers,with a simple graphic design and elegant, attention to every detail and made by a major web agency in Milan, A photo gallery shows the various models from different angles, the Events page collects the main events and expo in which it participates and the yard a list of dealers who specialize in Italy. Another page, that of the Press allows insights thanks to the services carried out by the most authoritative and section 'Enter the world Joker Boat' invites users to sign up to receive all information about initiatives and projects, through a newsletter with a real community of boating enthusiasts.

Switlik Parachute Co., Inc. - Trenton, NJ
Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer of inflatable boats & fitted with ballasted locator pylon & two anti-drift sea anchors and tube signs tube made up of heat sealed urethane coated fabric, makes safety equipment puncture & abrasion resistant.

Marine Safety - Wall, NJ
Manufacturer, Service Company
Marine Equipment Service

Phoenix Rescue & Recovery Equipment - Fuquay Varina, NC -
Manufacturer, Service Company
Custom manufacturing of marine products & personnel safety & emergency rescue products. Life rafts, anchors, vests, man-overboard systems, bumpers, boats, covers & inflatables.

Air Inflatable - Boise, ID
Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturers Inflatable Boats & Air Structures

Porta-Bote - Mountain View, CA
Manufacturer, Inflatable, Folding Boats

AB Inflatables

AB Commercial Inflatables - workboats, military, rescue boats, etc

Achilles inflatable boat

APEX inflatable boat

web page are not available - AquaPro (New Zealand)

Ark African River Craft Nile KN inflatables (South Africa)

ASIS Inflatable Boats RIBS

Ballistic Inflatables Mako performance craft (South Africa w/ a U.S. presence)

Brig Inflatibles (Ukraine)

Caribe Inflatables (Venezuela

Deemare Inflatable Boats inflatable work boats and rescue boats

Dux performance inflatables

Excel Boats - UK Inflatable Boats

Falcon Inflatables (South Africa)

Gemini Inflatables (South Africa & Australia)

Grand Inflatable Boats (Canada)

Henshaw (UK) build RIB tubes

Hy-Seas inflatable work boats and rescue boats

Inflatable Marine Products Seawolf and SuperDuxx high performance inflatables

Logic Boats inflatable boats was at lost May 2006

Narwhal inflatables from Spain

Nautica rigid inflatable boats & catamarans

Mercury Marine Quicksilver Inflatables

Oceanid inflatable rescue boats

Osprey Ribs heavy duty inflatables Europe

Plancraft U.K. sportboats and RIBs

Protector performance RIBs for demanding applications built by Rayglass Boats in New Zealand

PUMAR inflatables and ribs (Chile)

Redbay Boats inflatables Ireland

RibCraft USA recreational and professional RIBs

Ribeye Inflatables (UK MFRs)

Ribtec (UK)

Royal Inflatables South Africa

Sea Eagle Inflatables inflatable boat

Seal Boats USA - look like RIBs but built from aluminum

Selva (Italy)

Sevlor Inflatabiles inflatable boat

Caribe Inflatables - After more than 20 years of excellence, Venezuelan inflatable boat manufacturer, Caribe, has earned the recognition of being leaders in the nautical industry. Its commitment to innovation remains on the forefront in the development and design of RIB and Soft Bottom tenders.

Sevlor inflatable Canoes

Web page not available - Shark - Boats

Tidel build tubes and collars for RIBs

Tinker (UK)

Titan Boats aluminum hull RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) for recreation, workboats, rescue boats from Sidney BC (CANADA)

VT Halmatic performance RIBs (UK)

Walker Bay Genesis and Odyssey inflatables

White Water Craft RIBS and inflatables

Wiking Inflatables was at lost May 2006 (Germany)

Wing Inflatables

Working Boats Workstar work boats aluminum and RIBs - UK

ZapCat - small catamaran tunnel inflatables used in surf rescues in the UK and Europe, also used in racing

Zebec Inflatable Boats (Canada)

Zodiac inflatable boats

Zodiac (France) inflatable boats

Winboat (Russia) Rib Sprint and Classic Rib models

Poseidon (Russia) Inflatable Smart, Viking, Kasatka , Amur, Victoria, Solo, Nerka, Smart, Berkut, Titan and Poseidon models

Woody marine (Australia) Rigid/Inflatable Boats - 'that's Awesome' AUSMARINE llovely article

JCraft - Leisure and Commercial 4.0 to 7.5m RIB's

Ribeye RIBS - UK ( The Ribeye Custom range - proven hulls by using only the highest quality materials and add-ons to create unique Ribeye individually suited to their owners. Ribeye can customize a Ribeye for Super Yachts; they can custom build a promotional craft to perfectly reflect a brand; they can make a boat that is unique for the client.

Z-Nautic - Zodiac® is the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of modern inflatable boats and RIBs

With over 25 years of industrial management reassures the Zodiac brand's employees are very confident about his ability to remount the world's leading tire.

 The brand now becomes 100% French and will benefit from the industrial and business culture of his new boss. Mr. Heber-Suffrin plans to make the general direction of the box and his investment is both financial and personnel.

 The new boss of Zodiac also relies on two large shareholders who are already part of the shareholding of Guy Couach. To date, seventy-five of ninety-four French employees keep their posts and four sites in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Tunisia as well as European and US subsidiaries are kept.

After four months off, the task now is to regain the confidence of suppliers and dealers to replenish raw materials and factories to boost production. Zodiac have much more than hope, says Xavier Caron, Sales Director and representative of the staff, and Zodiac finally have a real opportunity to rebuild the boat brand."

Proof of employee motivation and the new leader, Z-Marine - which should now call "Z-Nautic" - will be well represented at the Grand Pavois in September.

Sea eagle inflatable Kayaks and Packages,SE Overview of Models and comments

The CPI Marine (TX) - various design of boat air colars and bladders

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