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Barrow boats (UK)

Barrow boats is Company that build small wooden boats from marine plywood. Boats a guarantee of quality conforming to BS1088 .

No internal ribs ensure a good flow of varnish and a surface that is easy to dean and maintain.

Epoxy resin fillets are used to glue the planks (without nails).

Building time will vary depending on the skiil of the constructor, however, the 8ft Barrow boat can usually be built from box to varnish in 4 weekends, it'sabout 50
hours. A skilled balder could complete a kit in just 3 days. Beginners may find the smaller pram dinghies easier to build than the larger stem dinghies.

Barrow boat kits contain everything except tools and varnish. Sails supplied in Tan. Other colours are available on request.

Range of Barrow Boats include:

Barrow Boats 6' - cleverly designed small boat to make getting on the water very easy.

A small strong and Ultra-light boat, cleverly designed to make getting on thewater easy.

Boat Technical Specifications:

Length 6'

Depth 19"

Weight 45lbs
Dagger board
Lugsail 25 sq. ft.
Capacity: 2 adults and gear

Barrow Boat 7'6"

Technical Specifications:

Length 7'6"

Beam 3'10"
Weight 60lbs

Depth 19.5"
Lugsail 33 sq. ft.

Capacity: 2 adults & gear
Quality fittings Dagger board

Barrow Boat 8'

Easy to manoeuvre and Easy to sail wooden boat that suit 4 adults.

Boat Technical Specifications:

Length 7'11"
Beam 4'6"
Weight 80lbs
Depth 21"
Lugsail 42 sq. ft.
Capacity: 4 - rowing
2/3 - sailing

Barrow Boat Snipe 9'6"

Another friendly boat for enthusiasts.This wooden boat model can be transported on top of your van/car.

Boat Technical Specifications:
Length 9'6"
Weight 130lbs
Capacity: 4 adults (rowing)
Lugsail 58 sq. ft.
Beam 4'6"
Depth 23"
Quality fittings
Centre Board

Swallow 12'

At 12' the Swallow is Barrow Boats largest sail powered craft. A challenging build and simple to use, she can be easily launched, sailed and retrieved by one adult (trailer).
Her gaff rig is quick to hoist, and the single tan sail can be easily reefed. If the wind fails the Swallow can be easily rowed home, or powered with a small outboard motor.

Technical Specifications:
Length 7'6"

Beam 5'
Weight 185lbs.

Depth 23"
Lugsail 100 sq. ft.

Capacity: 4 adults (Sailing)
Quality fittings Galvanised centre plate

Swift 12'

An elegant rowing boat with traditional wrought iron seat in the stern. The Swift combines elegance and tradition, with all the versatility and practicality of modern materials and techniques (strong, light, easy to clean & maintain).

Technical Specifications:

Length 12'3"

Beam 4'3"
Weight 150lbs

Depth 21"
Capacity: 4 adults

Quality fittings

For more details:
The Barrow Boat Company Limited;
9 Anchor Hill, Colchester;
Essex C07 9BL. Tel: 0206 22 3214.