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Mooving forward by moving in

At Manitou Pontoon Boats Company , They’ve won the CSI Award for customer satisfaction for 14 years. It’s all part of their Pontoon boat manufacturing ongoing mission to make one of the best Pontoons better from other manufacturers.

Unlike other manufacturers tinker with simple color schemes and boat seats typically upgrades, Manitou Pontoon Boats are continually innovating.

Synonymous with some of the luxury pontoon, from handling to power and design upgrades, Manitou Pontoon Boats are always look forward.

The winning formula

Manitou's SHP performance hull and Evinrude's motors

In fact, Manitou Pontoon Boats with Evinrude power has dominated our Barrel Race in recent years. It's become almost expected for Manitou driver Tim Peters to walk off with a clean sweep of our categories each time we hold this race.

There is just something about the combination of Evinrude's two-stroke outboards and Manitou's SHP performance hull that have proven to be the winning formula.

Even after they added a new category this year to their McKainer Barrel Race (Twin Outboard Class) Manitou pontoons boat powered by Evinrude E-TEC outboards once again came out on top.

2017 Model LEGACY LT

Manitou has the best bottom and now they have the best top. My SES 25 Manitou with a 300 HP Yamaha motor does 53.1 MPH , will be trading it in when Manitou puts twin 300 s on the center pontoon and makes it go on the mid 70s.

Note: Manitou boats are used quite often on the inter coastal and bay areas but are not designed for long open ocean voyages far from shore.

Manitou Pontoon Boats - History & Heritage

The boating industry has changed dramatically in the last twenty five years but MPB commitment to Manitou, their employees and our loyal customers has never faltered. With a persistent emphasis on excellence.

Manitou Company has evolved into an industry leader in quality, service, performance, and design. They build these boats right out of the price range of average Americans, combine performance and luxury in a package that's great for fishing as well.

2005 Manitou introduced an industry-changing new boat hull design - the SHP ,Sport Handling Package, which offers unprecedented handling at top end speeds. A few years later, in 2008, V-Toon® Technology became a registered trademark of Manitou. Finally in 2011. Manitou received patent protection for the cutting edge hull design.

2010 offers another model year full of innovation and excitement, from the revolutionary package to the new value minded VP with V-Toon® Technology both featured prominently in this years Manitou's catalog.

2010 Manitou launched the SES Stern hntertainment System, a revolutionary
design for rear-facing lounge seating ottering ultimate flexibility and use of

Manitou has something to offer every budget, lifestyle and desire on the water. If MPB missed something along the way, contact us through our web site below and they'll happily assist you.

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You can use this link below to find your closest Manitou Pontoon Boats dealer. They can provide a price on that boat setup or one with the options you want.