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Alumitech Airboats

Canal Junction covers builder of narrow boats for UK canals

C-Bad mini tugs

Creative Dynamics mini tug boats

Griffin Leisure Boats electric powered pontoon boats

Intermarine Large high speed fiberglass craft for military or related uses (Italy)

Great Harbour 37 trawler Mirage Manufacturing

International Marine Floatation Systems - floating homes

Findia - /brochure / The Findia - Modern composite construction with Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, E-Glass and Epoxy resin will create a strong light hull, enjoying a cruise or fish with family and best friends.

Sportcraft Boats New Zealand boat dealer, follow up his brands for links

Folding Portable Boat

SCAT hovercraft Singapore

Still Water Design light, low wake craft and cats

Surfrider International parasailing boats UK

Travel Cruisers sort of an "on water" aluminum RV, they say they are working on a wheeled version

U.S. Submarines Submersibles

Hurricane - Deck and Pontoon Boats

Aqua Narrowboats (UK) Ltd - canal boats

Aqua Narrowboat UK Company are specialists in beautifully crafted and luxury canal boats, narrowboat builders of the highest quality with a marine repairs service offering narrowboat engineering, services and refurbishments.

Aida - Bespoke Boat Build by Aqua Narrowboats UK

Aqua Narrowboats've had a few emails asking about the sponsorship scheme. To quickly explain, a customer purchases a new boat they're building for hire, they then get a percentage of the income generated from the hire as well as time on board whilst in the fleet. Sponsored Boats stop in the fleet for four seasons after which time the owner takes over the boat to enjoy themselves. Further information can be found here http://aquanarrowboats.co.uk/

Safety dinghy (Portland Pudgy. Inc) - a small, rigid unsinkable (rotation-molded polyethylene) lifeboats.

PSP Marine Shipyard (Shipyard and Repair Services) - aluminumm, steel or FRP 28.85-tonne Workboats

The Barrow Boat Company Limited (UK)- plywood Boats, range of models

Porta-Botes - Folding and portable, small fishing boats

Over 100,000 Porta-Botes in use worldwide with over 40 years in evolution. The new Alpha 1 series is the latest development of the Porta-Bote in over 22 years. The once removable transom is now built-in and foldable making the Porta-Bote even more portable. The unmatched ten year limited Hull Warranty gives you
extra assurance that this amazing boat is virtually indestructible. Porta-Bote will give you years of worry and maintenance free enjoyment as a reliable and safe tender dinghy.

Porta-Bote Dinghy On The High Seas - Porta-Bote is made of UV Buffered Copolymer Polypropylene that is "High Impact resistant" and can glide through sharp corals or rocks without being damaged. It won't puncture like inflatables and will never need ex. pumps or repair kits.

• impervious to sand, salt, and acid
• assemble in just a few minutes
• safe and very stable
• store like a surfboard
• get to plane with a 5hp OBM
• Extremely Buoyant: "Lifeguard Flotation System" and very buoyant polypropylene allows Porta-Bote to keep afloat even when completely filled with water.
• also perfect for fishing, Sailing, Boating, Hunting,Fishing or Scuba Diving Enthusiasts.

Nautic Luis - Pioner and Steady Boats

Nautic Luis (http://www.nauticluis.es/) Over 50 years of experience of yacht services and brokerage.

...and Over 30 years of experience the Norwegian boats.

Norwegian Boaters are legendary protagonists of great feats in the history of navigation, because they have become routine navigation in extreme conditions. Conditions where a little mistake can lead to doom and have led to them the quality of their religion. That is why Nautic Luis is proud to present the Steady and Pioner boats. Boats manufactured since 1965 by rotationally molded polyethylene and testing, their success is the more than 300,000 boats sold throughout the world, figures that make it one of the biggest boat manufacturers worldwide.

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