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The Turkish Vicem Yacht Company

Vicem is now one of the world’s largest boat builders of classic luxury motor vessels. With collaboration with some of the most prestigious design firms in the boating industry such as Mulder design and technical specifications and Naval Architects now Vicem Yachts become the envy of the luxory yachting world.

Yacht productions:

Classic Series, Vulcan Series(see below), Cruiser and Sportfish Series, Bahama Bay, Vanguard and Windsor Craft Yacht Series


Vulcan 46 m

The Vulcan 46 yacht in has all sorts of surprises, notably with its impressive marine qualities, which enable it to cruise just as well at 25 knots top speed in full comfort, as in the trans-Atlantic mode at 12 knots, with a range of 4,000 miles.

Quite an achievement for this semi-displacement polyester hull, which also benefits from zero speed stabilization, ensuring absolute comfort whether cruising or moored.

Powered by two MTU engines each producing 3,650 HP, this boat's 460 tonnes can sail across all the oceans of the world, allowing its demanding owners to enjoy its superb interior and external facilities, just as much in terms of performance and safety as in comfort.

This Vulcan series adds a new dimension to the notion of luxury, and at a little over 23 million euros, it takes its well-deserved place in the luxury yacht category, fulfilling the Turkish shipyard's objective of rivalling its European competitors.

Since its launch, the Vulcan offers the shipyard in Antalya a different scope and enables it to claim a bright future, if the qualities envisaged for this yacht flow on to the other models in the Vulcan range luxury yachts.




, based at Antalya, built its reputation through the quality of its boats and a
construction method known as the "cold moldless process", combining the old naval shipyard woodworking techniques with the more modern one of applying
resin on glass cloth.

This technique combines both lightness and solidity with a much improved
sound proofing, which is one of the key elements for comfort.

With this Vulcan 46 m Yacht, the Vicem shipyard is targeting a market, so far dominated by the Italian and northern European boat builders, in which quality is all important and remains the key factor for success.

Aware of the huge task before him, Sebahattin Hafizoglu, founder and President of the Vicem shipyard, has enlisted the support of the greatest yachting names in the field of naval design and architecture.

Thus, all the naval architecture and exterior design has been entrusted to Frank Mulder's Dutch company, which over recent years has designed the most innovative yachts, such as Octopussy or Moonraker, for example.

To add the finishing touches to this creative drive, Vicem has also turned to the Art-Line studio to create the interior and the decoration.

Surrounded by these two raw talents, Vicem has set itself the objective of sending a truly seismic wave over the relatively stereotyped yacht market. Whether out of a taste for provocation or the simple desire to get away from the beaten track, it is clear that the result is vindicating this strategy and that the yachting market can only benefit by such a regeneration.

At first sight, when you go aboard through the rear cockpit, the Vicem 46 looks like any other yacht. However, once you get past the rear plate glass window, you discover a new way of arranging the living space.

In the first place, you are impressed by the amount of daylight in the area. The wide lateral openings, the inner plating and the white furniture further accentuate this clear natural light, while at the same time reinforcing the contrast with the warm tones of the varnished wood panelling.

Whether you like wood panelling or not, you have to recognize the cabinet-makers' superb quality of execution down to the minutest detail of all the finishes. This is the interior design work that the Art-Line studio has produced for Vicem.

From the concave partitions between the cabins on the lower deck, through the lobby reading alcove to the rounded central stairway or the main bathroom with its vaulted bulkhead, everything is designed to emphasize the curve and create a special impression on the visitor.

The Mulder Design


The naval architecture work, achieved by Frank Mulder to provide a maximum of interior space, is colossal. The many centimetres gained, or freed up, make up all the space subsequently exploited by Art-Line to increase the impression of room and the size of all the openings.

This saving is so significant that this yacht offers no less than six double suites, including the owner's on the main deck, which enjoys a splendid panorama of the exterior surroundings.

Without doubt, Art-Line and Frank Mulder have found the perfect alchemy and balance between the tailor-made owner's yacht and the yacht destined for chartering, for which there is an increasing demand among new owners.