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The Colombo Italian Company is a historic boat building brand - shipyard founded in 1956, provides a timeless elegance and powerboat characteristics. The Colombo is intended toto create boats that are resistant to the weather in terms of top quality and and style.

After the acquisition of the Group by Sarnico in 2007 has launched two new powerboat models: the Bellagio series and the line Alldays , which go alongside models already in production as the Super Indios 25, 32 Romance , 30 Noblesse .
In 2012, The Colombo presented at the Genoa Boat Show their tender for a vessel of more than 80 feet, the Colombo "Super Indios 32".

Boat Models:

25 Super Indios
32 Super Indios Sport Fisherman
32 Aliante
32 Super Indios HT
32 Super Indios Tender
36 Bellagio
32 Romance
39 Alldays



viale degli Abruzzi 25 , 25031
Capriolo (BS)
Tel. +39.030.7461165
Fax +39.030.7461704

photo: Bellagio

The COLOMBO 23 Sport Fisherman

This is Colombo's restyling of the 32 Sport Fisherman, a very successful colombo's model. It has a fast, stable bottom that easily delivers over 40 knots thanks to
twin 260 hp turbodiesels and zips up to over 45 with twin 320 hp petrols.

A small fly is home to a steering position for two. The cockpit has generous sun pads while the deckhouse includes a dinette and galley unit.

There's a large double berth below and a separate bathroom. The return of this historic model is the prelude to the launch of a new retro series designed
by Nuvolari & Lenard inspired by this craft and its siblings.

The Colombo Fjord 40

The Colombo Fjord 40 Cruiser is a very unusual open designed by Patrick Banfield and Jim Wilshire with interiors by Mark Tucker.

A generous main deck is protected by high sides and has a central console with two seats sheltered by a slanting vertical windshield. There'salso a large table with lots of other seating that can be converted to a sun pad, weather permitting. A rigid biminl
top provides shade for the whole dining and steering area. A lovely double cabin with head offers comfortable cruising for a couple too.This is a simple yet sprightly craft offering speeds of 44/33 knots.

The Colombo

Naval History & Heritage - Italian boat building world

Giacomo Colombo and Luigi Foresti: the creator of refined motorboats for VIPs and the dynamic entrepreneur heading the Cantieri di Sarnico which bought the other's company. Today these mm work side by side to give an ulterior push to an historic
brand - but without distorting its spirit and philosophy

The Cantieri Colombo logo has changed. Or rather it's been retouched. The classic italic script remains but it is no longer underscored by that big open V Design, designed almost a half century ago to represent both a bow wave and in homage to one of the great symbols of luxury and exclusivity of the day- the Cadillac brand.

It's taken pride ofplace in photos of some of the leading celebrities, including Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. Luciano Pavarotti, Dino Zoff and George Clooney.

all fans of the sophisticated motorcraft built by the historic yard at Menaggio on Lake Como.

That open vee is more modern and dynamic and no longer underscores the name but precedes itas if looking forward to a bright new future. It's a small change but perfectly sums up the very major change in the company set up.

The Colombo 1972 Model Super Indias 23' (6.95 m) takes after the 1960S classic runabout. The original is in mahogany: it can also be fitted out in a fibreglass and wood version.

The 1976 Models Super Indios 21'(6.4 m) remained in production for over 25 years.
Made in fibregiass. she boasts an elegant briarwood Instrument panel.

A few months ago, in fact, the yard founded in 1956 by Giacomo Colombo was bought out by the Cantieri di Sarnico, thus becoming part of a much larger group. "But just like with the new logo," explains the group's CEO Luigi Foresti.

"The philosophy that's also been at the base of the boats designed and built by Giacomo Colombo remains the same.The yard has to evolve, especially on an industrial level, but it will do so whilst remaining true to Itself."

The wooden instrument panel and wheel, combined with seats in imitation leather, are a must for even the most recent Colombo boats. Opposite page: Giacomo Colombo and Luigi Foresti at the pier head protecting the Menaggio shipyard's basin.
In the background: the waters of Lake Como, Villa Gaeta di Nobiallo and the mountains of Val Chiavenna.

And to explain the new direction the yard is taking there is "Colombo" who will play a vital role in the company's future development as a consultant. "We entered the boat building world a decade ago when we bought the Cantieri di Sarnico," says Foresti.

"My family comes from a very different background, sectors in which industrialisation of the production process is essential to survival. But we have the sea and sea faring in our blood. My brother Antonio and I spent as much time as we could on boats in Sorrento as kids, first as my dad's passengers and then as his crew. We had the boat entirely for ourselves from Monday to Friday but Saturday morning dad would arrive and uve.yWng had tobe shipshape.

We learned very early what an owner pushed for time really needs from a boat:
safety, reliability, quality and a good assistance service. We decided to bring all of that to the boats we designed and built."

The results soon followed and in 10 years the Cantieri di Sarnico has grown in terms of its range (now covering the 43' to 65' segment) and most importantly In terms of sales. A strong brand image and the excellent performance of the boats themselves only consolidated that success. The challenge remains the same:

this historic, strong brand, COLOMBO, which turns out an indisputably high-quality product will now see its assistance service extended and made more efficient thanks to the synergies within the group. "If you combine those three elements, selling is really the least of your problems," guarantees Foresti.

"What we're most focused on now is developing Colombo products without
impinging on their spirit and lines in any way. Essential to this will be the work of Giacomo Colombo and Dan Lenard of Nuvolari & Lenard, a regular collaborator on the Cantieri di Sarnico boats and who will now have the task of reinterpreting and injecting new life into styling cues with deep roots in tradition."

Colombo's current output ranges from 24' to 42' and is split into three different families of boats.The first are classic craft, though not retro.

They are built from fibreglass and the bulwarks are veneered in mahogany using an exclusive process that fuses the two materials which are laminated together in the mould.

Then there is the range of fast, sleek sporty craft and lastly boats aimed more at family andpleasure use.

Thus, there's no real overlap between these craft and those of the Cantieri di
Sarnico. Both brands have their own separate identities. However, there will be great exchanges between the two in terms of ideas, technologies and even staff. For instance, the area of IPS, which the Cantieri di Sarnico has been using on its craft for some time now and with great results but which Giacomo Colombo has never
tried before. Shared facilities will also be created and will range from technical to sales offices.These will allow the very most to be made of the potential of both yards.

The 1990 Super Indios 31 (9.4 m) is the precursor of modern hard-tops.
The Sport Fisherman version boasts two steering positions.

The Miami 48'1991 Model is the shipyard's first cruising boat with two
double cabins and two heads. It hosts 12 passengers.

"The larger the company becomes," concludes Foresti, "the easier it is to grow it further." In other words, it all boils down to keeping the momentum going.
Forward. Just as the chromed vee on the new Cantieri Colombo logo seems to urge.


Colombo PowerBoats of Bene Lario (Co) Is more than just a yard with over half a century of experience whose beautifully crafted models give their owners a genuine air of prestige. It is launching a new initiative that combines originality and usefulness in one via the Columbo Club. "Owning a Colombo has always been a sign of distinction. And now more than ever the value of both our older and newer models will only grow with the passing of time because they are handbuilt by master carpenters and cabinet makers of the old school.

The kind of craftsmen that are dying out," explains Maurizio Bulleri who heads the Colombo press office.

"The Club will allow Colombo owners to share the pleasure of owning these unique craft." Which means meeting up and boating together, staying in close contact with the yard, being kept abreast of its initiatives, news, the opportunity to consult with experts and to take part in a whole series of events. Who could resist?