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Ynot Company -30 plus years of experience in property development and property management to custom boatbuilding(building and selling exceptional boats under 30 feet.)

Our Boats:

  • YNOT Wilbur
  • TAHOE 19
  • YNOT 25


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Pittsburgh, PA 15237 USA

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Ynot LOA: 25'4" Beam: 8'O" Weight (dry): 3."700 lbs.

Unlike the other tenders thai made this list, Ynot Is a tender crafted and owned bv someone who, when he originaly start- ed building, had no background when it came to yachts. Ken LcDonnc and his three sons from Pittsburgh, along with C.W. Paine Yacht Design and engineer Mark Filzgerald, constructed Ynot. After three years the okume plywood, Hon- duran mahogany, and Kevlar hull was finally complete.

The powerplant is a 230-hp Marine Power V6 gasoline inboard mated to a Bosch fuel-injection system. Access to the engine Is easy—Just lift up the center console, and there it is. The fuel tank, which can hold up to 45 gallons, is under the aft deck. Although there will likely not be any other models of Ynot, at presstime the LeDonnes were working on a new 10,000 square-foot facility, where the family plans on keeping the design of Ynot s vintage-inspired hull but stretching it to a 27- footer and building more similarly styled boats. Ynot Wilbur tel: (412) 366-6758.

Ynot Yachts in The Yacht Report in 2 pages

by Roger Marshall

I magine you are the father of three sons and are looking for a project that the family can work on together. You buy an old 25-ft 6-inch (7.78-m) boat, intending to restore it. Your expectations for an enjoyable family pastime are more than met. This project takes on a life of its own and becomes an alkonsuming family passion. Now fast-forward three years. The project is finished - superbly finished, in fact. People are clamouring for a boat just like it. What do you do next? If you are Ken LeDonne, a sculptor and owner of a property management company, you buy a 10,000-ff building and start your own boat-building company, employing your three sons, Aaron, Ben and Dan. This company not only restores wooden boats; it also butlds yacht tenders based on the boat that the LeDonnes restored, but offering a custom interior to suit each owner. The restored boat is called YNOT. after Ken LeDonne's late father Tony (YNOT is Tony spelt backwards). This name is not only in keeping with the family spirit of the project, it also captures the optimistic future of the LeDonnes' new boat-building firm.

YNOT started out as a Wilbur Storter, Sr design that was originally built around 1950. When the LeDonnes bought the boat, it was in very sad shape. In fact, the condition was so poor that it soon became apparent that a restoration was not really practical. So the LeDonnes ended up using the pieces of the original boat as patterns for budding a new boat. The result is a stunning wooden creation that turns heads at every show. Now, using a cold moulded hull with a KeviarVglass exterior, a new version of the launch, with a 230 HP Marine Power engine, is available to discerning yacht owners. The interior of YNOT has a wooden centre console with bench seats/lockers forward (the seats can easily be removed for more space.) The entire console lifts on Lenco electric actuators to give complete access aS around the engine. When the console is lifted, the colour-coded wiring layout is also exposed. Even the wiring is perfectly organised and precisely clamped to suit the extraordinarily tidy engine compartment. Every part of YNOT has top-grade components. The two mufflers are Centek Vernatone and Vernalift, installed under the cockpit sole for very quiet operation. To make this launch even quieter, the entire inside of the engine box has two in of foil-faced foam insulation. The prope«er shaft is Aquamet 2V (30 mm) diameter, driving a 15'/?" x 18* (394 mm x 457 mm) Hall and Stavert wheel. The shaft uses the Tides Marine Sure Seal system with Aquamet vibration insulators, CV-joint, and thrust bearing. The deck hardware is either restored vintage equipment or custom-fabricated to suit the style of the YNOT, and each part is triple-chromed for long-lasting beauty.

The launch is finished with epoxy and Awlgrip's Brightwork system. "We used several layers of AWLspar varnish and AWLbnte-plus polyurethane on YNOT. but we will do whatever a client wants." Ken LeDonne explained. He pointed out that many yacht crews might not like to maintain the amount of varnishwork that YNOT has, so the LeDonnes will varnish, paint, or oil the interior to suit the desires of the individual yacht owner. According to LeDonne, their custom tender can have slings fitted to suit the yachfs lifting system, and they can work within almost any constraints that a yacht captain might require. "We aim to build the best yacht tender that anyone can find." Aaron LeDonne said.

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