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Find information on power boats and powerboating to help you choose the right power boat for your needs. Power Boats | Power Boats For Sale - www.power.boatstobuy.com.au Power Boats For Sale with Boats To Buy. Boats For Sale online with Power Boats, Commercial Boats, Ski Boats, Luxury Boats and many more Boats For Sale

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Boat tests, videos, and boats for sale. ... Notice To Readers Looking For Our Megayacht Forums on Zeroforum.

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Features new and used boats for sale, yacht reviews, motors, and accessories for fishing, power boating, and sailing.

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Yacht and powerboat reviews, used and new yacht and powerboats for sale, brokers and special yacht gear advice and reviews.

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Power Boats For Sale, Used Power Boats For Sale, New Power Boats For Sale by Owners & Boat Dealers.

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Find new and used power boats for sale at Boats to Buy. Many power boats to search through from boat dealers and private boat sales.

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Each photo powerboat listing includes detailed description and owner contact info.

Old principle - Boat design

Power Boat Dealers listing of Recreational  Dealers and Dealerships.

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*Cat BOATS* New or Used for sale in the US
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Skeeter - freshwater Bass & Fishing Boats, precision engineered freshwater boats

Wooden and Fiberglass Classics - Overview and comments

Antique Boat Center - Dealer and Service Centre of vintage,wooden and classic boats

Glastron Boats - Manufacturer of powerboats from 17 to 28 feet. Including fiberglass bowriders, ski , deck boats, and sport & Family cruisers.

Boston Whaler - 1971 Sport Fishing vintage Boats

Sea Ray family of powerboats

Maxum Boats

Maxum Boats are in that same SeaRay family, put them in between "Bayliner" and Sea Ray. Its the same process on all makes when it come to the build and materials. "Sea Ray" you pay more for the extras (beautiful colors, thicker seating surfaces, uplevel wood on finishes etc.) However, Bayliners.

Lund and Crestliner boats

Pre mid 1990's IMO are another story. They were made in a completely different process and used cheaper material. Did u know Lund and Crestliner boats don't use green treated wood in the floors of their boats because in Minnesota where they are built, its against the law because of the chemicals...Most fishing boats built outside Minnesota do use green treated floors. They will last longer and will not get mushy or rot, but they will have chemicals in them.

Sea ray

Sea ray is one of the if not the best "lake" boat made. I work on all types of boat from Rinker to 200 plus foot burger yachts. In its class there is no boat even close to the rigging aspects of a Dancer. Yes there are better boats on the water but hard pressed to find a boat in the 30-60 foot range that is comparable. said Aden J. When you get closer to that 50+ range there are some boats that blow away a searay. In the mid size motor yachts I will take the Pepsi challenge any day. And for sure if ya gonna debate this don't utter the word Rinker, Cruiser, Reagle, Tiara. Sea ray mary for sure, favorite boat of all time to buff out, good gel, they shine on water.

I worked for Sea Ray Product Development and Engineering. Merritt island Fl. Currently attending Hobart institute of welding technology. Back to my point of my comment I've built the 64, 58, 51 yachts and the Jet boats 21-24 foot and they're game changers especially the 350 slx that is about to come out in 2015. I'd highly recommend the boats. I plan on buying I after I settle and so forth. If you've seen the boats I think you guys would have a change of mind Sea Ray Boats might not get back the name they had, but they sure will pick back up a lot of slack they lost.said Steven S.

Sea Ray is seeking to appeal to the market of users that don't own boats, not those that do! It's not a bad ideal to rent for a day. The boat can be impressive to the renter's and they may buy now, if not rent to another and they may buy, continue until it is sold. The name gets out there more and more to first time buyers that don't care about thousands having a boat like theirs and soon they begin to sell. It's about strategy fellas.

DriveGuardian DCM - DriveGuardian is a reliable torque-limiting coupler for power and racing boars

Power Boat Builders & Powerboat listings

Fishing and Speed Boats, small and custom commercial boats

Powerboat - list of Boat Builders

Power Boat | browse our list of Manufacturers

American Custom Yachts, INC. - fast Sport Fishing Boats

Take a look at the boat underwater lines - Good looks and Speed are LaCombe's hot buttons. American Custom Yachts is noted for fast, pretty boats with clean lines that also catch fish like no other.

Action Craft fishing boats

Adrenaline Powerboats high performance boats

Adrenaline Marine custom aluminum boats and workboats. Built by serious fishermen Albemarles boats are built on the foundation of the legendary Carolina hull, with its elegant bow flare and dramatic deadrise they have been evolving through decades of input from top naval architects. Very comfortable ands stable platform for the overnights and handled great, even through the rough seas in a tropical storm.

Advantage Boats - Because the company have so many beautiful Boats in production Advantage Boats Brand is dedicated to building the highest quality power boats on the market with outstanding customer service in add and great value in every boat they build.

Albemarle Sport Fishing Boats - Albemarle widely regarded as one of the finest power sportfishing-boats builds aft-facing seating at the mezzanine to offer mates a comfortable perch for watching the spread. Designed with a standard transom door allows for big-game sportfishing, and oversize boxes on the transom and in the cockpit create ample storage space to store your big catch. Thanks to the astounding 24 degrees transom the Albemarle boats can slice through waves like a razor.

Findia - / brochure / The Findia 40`Power Boat is about good times afloat, enjoying a cruise or fish with family and friends.

Ali-Craft aluminum boats - NZ. Small size aluminum boats, building since 1981. Every boat from Ali craft boat comes with a reputation throughout the world thanks to its above average performance and Weld quality assurance.

Allison Boats high performance boats.

With its long list of designs and type of boats include fishing & bass boats, sport and Racing Boats Allison Company is one of the top leading innovator in the power boating industry today.
The resale value is something that is unmatched and why investment can only be used when taking about Allison boats.This is a 87 xtb 21 that I just sold for More money than it cost new. There's not another brand that can say that.All in part to the amazing craftsmanship.

Alumaweld aluminum boats

Aluminum Chambered Boats aluminum boats and workboats

American Tugs -Tomco Marine Group pleasure trawlers

Apache Power Boats McManus Apache

Armada Powerboats - Ocke Mannerfelt high-perf - their web site dead/moved 2005, Powerboat listings

Armstrong Marine - Welded Aluminum Boats B.C. (Canada)

Arima Marine International

Astro Boats - seem to have vanished May 2006

Atlantic Boat Company

web page www.avantipowerboats.com lost May 2013 Avanti high performance boats

lost May 2013 www.banddboatworks.com - B&D Boatworks: center console sportfishing.

Sunsation Powerboats

For over 32 years Sunsation Powerboats has been known for their superior craftsmanship, exquisite styling and uncompromising performance. Qualities that run
throughout the entire Sunsation line.

From deep-vee high performance muscle powerboats, to family friendly sport center consoles and fishing boats, no other brand offers the choice and quality of Sunsation.

Contact Doller Offshore Boat dealer to experience first hand how Sunsation Powerboats can enhance your marine lifestyle.


Bahama - by Henley Enterprises

The first V-bottom by Hledin

BassCat bass boats

Bay Craft flats and tunnels

Bayliner Boats Brunswick company

Bayshore Boats fishing boats from Castle Hayne NC

Belkov Yacht

Bent Jesperson Boatbuilders B.C. Canada

Bentz River Jetboats

Barrus Ltd. - high quality leisure and small working boats

Big Pond Boat Shop - custom boat builder

Black Lab Marine - aluminum boats see Pacific al boats

Black Thunder - Powerboats built only for speed, and the cruiser that offered luxury but high performance

Blackwell Boatworks sport fishing boats - North Carolina

Blazer High Performance Boats bass boats

Blue Water Boats

Blue Water Baby yacht tender

Boston Whaler Boats (USA) - Sport Fishing and Pleasure larger family boats

Boston Whaler 1971 - Sport Fishing vintage Boats

BradleyBoat.Com Bar Harbor yachts, custom boats

Broadwater Industries - aluminum boats - B.C. Canada (new 2015: http://www.broadwaterindustries.ca/ )

Bryant Boats

Bullet Boats performance bass boats

C-Dory Boats(c-dory.com) - Fishing, cruising include offshore boat "TomCat" , and diving boats. C-Dory Cruiser series offer an expanded cabin suitable for long and comfortable cruising.

Cabo Yachts sportfishing boats, Powerboat listings

www.shallowwater.net - Calba Boats: flats fishing boats from Miami FL

Calyber Boatworks sportfishing boats

Quicksilver for boating pleasure and safety - Featuring Quicksilver oils and the complete propeller line-up, this gama includes a wide range of watersports equipment not previously distributed by Barrus. Water skis, wake boards, ropes and inflatable towables are just a selection of products now available under the Quicksilver or Mercury brand names. The extensive range of parts and accessories is the culmination in on-going research and product development.

The Quicksilver web site shows just a fraction of the Quicksilver range of parts and accessories designed to meet the varying needs of all boat owners.

Calybre Boatworks sportfishing boats was at www.calybreboatworks.com lost May 2006

Commander Boats performance boats

Campanoe - designed to be easily transported small boats and a small camping houseboats.

CanMar custom commercial boats, workboats, tour boats and yachts (Canada)

Cape Cruiser Boat Works

Cape Horn Offshore Boats

Carolina Skiff LV Series Quality features, components and all-fiberglass boat construction give you a great boat for anything from family excursions to all-day fishing trips. DLV Series - Quality features, components and all-fiberglass construction give you a great boat for anything from family excursions to all-day fishing trips. And best of all, it won't break the bank. And best of all, it won't break the bank.See the debut of the Boats at the Atlantic City Boat Show Feb 6-10 and at the Miami International Boat Show on Feb 14-18, 2013.

Caravelle Powerboats

Caribiana Sea Skiffs

Carerrera Performance Craft Ltd - available until 2013

Celebrity sold to Bombardier in 1995, then sold to Electric Marine in Quebec in 1998, last produced in 2001 was at www.celebrityboats.com

Century a Yamaha company

Champion Boats a Genmar company

Chaparral Boat

Checkmate performance boats

Chief Lapstreak Boats aluminum boats was at chief-lapstreak.virtualave.net Lost May 2006

Chris Craft Classic Elegance and Excellence design boats

Article: Classic Boating: Chris-Craft - "The Birth of the Chris-Craft fiberglass empire" story

Cigarette Boats & Racing Team - Dedication to performance - the legend in the performance offshore powerboats. Focused in the best of materials, technology, and skilled craftsmen to build each Cigarette boat.

Clark Island Boat Works

Coastal Craft aluminum boats (Canada)

Cobalt Boat, press review

Cobia a Yamaha boat company

Cobra Performance Boats

Cold Water Boats custom aluminum boats

Composite Yacht custom sport fishing boats and yachts

Conquest Boats

Contender sport fishing boats

Cougar Custom Boats

The Cove Company was at www.covecompany.com lost May 2006

Crestliner Boat Brunswick welded aluminum boats


Cutting Edge Offshore race boats was www.cuttingedgeoffshore.com removed

D. Murphy Sport Boats - bass boats from Nova Scotia (Canada)

Daniel's Head Boatbuilders Ltd fishing boats (Canada)

Davis Boats Radoncraft and Rock Harbor

Dawson Boats, Dawson Yachts and Avalon Pleasure Boats was at www.dawsonboats.com lost Dec 2004

Day-5 shallow water tunnel fishing boats from Edgewater FL was at www.hydrofoilflatsboats.com lost May 2006

Delta Boats sportfishing and dive boats by Canaveral Custom Boats Inc.

Des Champ & Jackson Boatbuilders (Canada)

Don Smith Powerboats boats with Power Vent surface drives from Pompano Beach FL

Donzi Marine performance boats


Double Eagle Boat Ltd. (Canada)

www.deboats.com lost May 2013 - Down East Lobster Boats: workboats, fishing boats

Dragon Powerboats performance boats

Duckworth Boat Company

DuraCraft Boats Welcome to DuraCraft Aluminum Boats Here you will find a great selection of hand crafted boats. Feel free to browse our website and if you have any questions, please give us a call (870-367-1554) "Making family memories since 1945"

Duroboat Powerboat listings

Dusky Marine custom sportfishing boats

Dyer Boats

Eagle Craft - aluminum boats and workboats (Canada)

Eagle One hi-perf custom racing boats

Eagle Boats

lost May 2013 www.ebbtideboats.com - Ebtide

Edey and Duff Conch sportfishing boats from Mattapoisett, MA

EdgeWater Power Boats sportfishing boats and Powerboat listings

Egg Harbor sportfishing yachts

Egret Boat Company flats boats

Ellis Boat Company

Eliminator hi-perf boats

Emerald Powerboats sold to XRMI / Aztore Holdings in Nov 2000. Then name change to MRLD Holdings and acquired by Senticore in Sept 2005 was at www.emeraldboat.com lost May 2006

vision boats Visionboats is to build fast, comfortable,beautiful and untraditional boats from Fibreglass, wood, Carbon materials and Kevlar fibre.

Fab-Tech Silver Dophin aluminum boats, barges and pontoons (Canada)

Farallon sport fishing boats

Fiber Works small shallow draft boats

Fiesta Boats aluminum workboats and pontoons

Firefish Water Jet boats - Canada

Fish-Rite aluminum fishing boats, fishing Powerboat listings

Findia The Findia40` combines traditional craftsmanship, with modern design and technology, to create a unique blend of performance, sea keeping and comfort.

Fortier Boats

Fountain Boats performance boats

Four Winns a Genmar company

Fantail / brochure /- superstructure from high-grade Marine Steel, teak aft and side decks and fore decks have a non-skid finish.

G3 Boats Yamaha company

G & S Boats custom sportfishing boats

Gambler Bass Boats

General Marine - Downeast Cruisers & Lobster Boats

Genmar - manufactures several boat lines

Glastron a Genmar company

Global Marine Specialties Tiger Trax boats

Godfrey Marine

Golden Pond Classic Boats wooden boats Maine

Gozzard large boats, work boats, excursion boats Ontario Canada

Grady White

Grand Banks

Great American Concepts hi-perf custom boats & design

Hallett Boats

Harbercraft -aluminum boats (Canada)

Henley Boats aluminum boats

Hewes skiffs, bay and offshore fishing boats

Hewes Craft aluminum boats

Hike Metal aluminum and steel workboats, crew boats, patrol craft, larger vessels - Ontario Canada

"Raptor" 26 VR Boat review

HTM2 Hight Torque Marine perfomance boats

Hunter Scott Custom Boat Works Classic Downeast Yachts and boats 28 feet to 42 feet

Hustler hi-perf boats

Hydra-Sports fishing boats, a Genmar company

Imp Marine was at www.impboat.com lost May 2006

Intreprid Power Boats

Islander Boats of Canada was at www3.bc.sympatico.ca/islanderboats/isl1999.htm and www.islanderboats.ca lost May 2006

Island Hopper dive/fishing boats

Island Pilot

Island Runner Boats

Inland Seas Boat Company work, patrol, medical and dental boats

Jaguar Marine racing and high performance boats

Jcraft boats hi-perf boats (Canada)

Jersey Marine Industries (Silverhawk Boats)

JAGUAR - limited production, bass cat leavels, monster with ratings for up to a 350 engine.

Jaxon Craft custom-built deep V offshore sport fishing boats - Canada - nice website

John Williams Boat Company - Stanley boats Maine

JS Boatworks custom fiberglass boats

Kachina Power Boats(web blog) custom performance boats

Kazulin wood mahogany boats

Keffler Boats aluminum sled boats and small offshore boats - Oregon

web page not available at www.kenner-boats.com - Kenner Boats:

Key West

Klamath Boats also makes Valco boats

Koffler Boats shallow water, river, white water aluminum boats from Eugene Oregon

Kropf Marine welded aluminum boats their boat business sold to Connor Industries, manufacturers of Stanley aluminum boats in April 2005 (Canada)

Kryptonite Boats hi-perf boats

Lagoon Royal classic wooden boats

Lake & Bay Boats - high perf flats boats

Larson Boats a Genmar company

Lavey Craft Performance Boats

Legasea Boatworks custom Carolina boats

Legend Bass Boats

Legend Boats Canada

Lifetimer Boats Aluminum boats from B.C. Canada

Lip-Ship Performance new & used cigarettes

Luhrs (Luhrs, Mainship, Silverton) sportfishing yachts


Magic Powerboats, Powerboat listings

Magnum Marine

Fish Brothers Marine - Mahogany Masters - wooden boats

Mako Marine

Malcom L. Pettegrow Custom Boats one off - Maine

Mangrove Boats flats boats

Marada was at www.marada.com lost May 2006

Marine Boatbuilders Company work boats, patol boats, pumpout boats

Marathon Boat Group makes Grumman and Duranautic Boats - small boats

Marathon Marine aluminum water jet boats (Canada)

Marlin Yacht fishing boats

Marolina Yachts custom boats MD

Mathew Brothers custom bay built yachts MD

Maverick Boats skiff, bay and offshore fishing boats, Powerboat listings

Marine Classics Uk Company build a superb range of power, electric or hybrid Classics

Meridian Yachts

WellBoat aluminum Power boats/fishing boats(Russian manufacturer)

Albatross Power boats/fishing boats - Fisherman,Albatross, Retro, Perch and Luck Models for Professional fishermen and hunter

lukol RU -small fiberglass Boats and Powerboats

FishLine - Aluminum Fishing/Powerboats (RU)

Rae Line - Outboard, Cabin Cruiser, Hardtop and Bowrider Models (New Zealand)

YNOTYachts - design & custom builds boats

Hanse - German Boatbuilder "Hanse Yachts AG"

Mystic Powerboats Performance luxury Sport & Race Series powerboats by Mystic

Frewza Boats - NZ Aluminum Fishing Boats

Seaway - Sportsman, Seafarer , Offshore and Sport Seaway boats.

Sea Ray - boat reviews, information on Brand New and Old models

American Hydrofoil - AH boat builder of commercial, pleasure, and military hydrofoil watercrafts.Fuel efficient boats which has American Hydrofoil's exclusive Vertical Dampening perfect for watersports, waterskiing, and sportfishing.

Robalo - Performance Fishing Boats with bluewater performance

Colombo (since 1956) - builds Powerboats of a timeless elegance and style, Beauty yachts which will hold all of their value for decades to come.

Rose Island Shipyard - Lobster 38, 43, 49, 53, 65, and Pathfinder 58 Boats

Vicem Yachts - Vulcan 46m review

Stratos Boats AR - Bass & Multi-species boats, awesome for fishing and wakeboarding got the best of both worlds in this.

Clint Chase Boat Builder - CAD Design, Wooden Small Sailboats

Beetle Cat Boat Shop -The traditional wood boat construction "Plank-On-Frame" using the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

SabreYachts( Maine, U.S.A) - Sailing and motor yachts

IPB - Style and performance IPB Series of boats offer the ultimate in versatility. Bass boats, skiffs, tenders, flats or river boats

Allison - Some people want more from their boats. More speed, more efficiency, better quality. That's where bullett. But then you have even another level where one brand stands.alone at the top with the absolute finest quality,.the most efficient., best driving, highest performing bass boat on the planet..built by pride by family whose legacy is unmatched - the one and only Allison.

Cigarette Racing & PowerBoats - Company involved in powerboat endurance racing in the early 1959s. They are really nice. The boats are or can manage quick speed.

Sport & Fishing powerboats - stylish and high quality performance boats at the pinnacle of the boating industry today. The introduction of the fastest powerboats.

NITRO Bass & Fishing boats - Performance Bass Boat Series

Cobalt boats (U.S. Kansas)

Cobalt boats in U.S. Neodesha, Kansas are focused on their family's dream boats and lifestyle, manufactured with balance between technological advances and hand craftsmanship. They're tirelessly crafting and designing well engineered and the most innovative boats imaginable on the market now.

273 Cobalt Boats

Smooth and Awesome Performance... If you drive a Cobalt. Find a rough lake and watch the Cobalts slice through the waves while other boats get bounce around, as in porpoising.

I worked for Red River Marine for many years before it sold to Travis Boating. Then opened my own business, then sold it. So I spent 17 years in the boating industry and the simply isn't a better boat built! Cobalt Boats are the best of the best said David B.

Master Craft Boats

There are a lot of people that dream and want a mastercraft, and you know - do not want to compromise quality, but price always rules! Get a great quality surf plus recreational wake for 50, 000-62, 000 new, sell a ton of boats. But unless a family goes "all in" with boating and skips any other activity you price your boats out of reach for most families. Mastercraft boats not PCs, and you can play with them not have software updates all the time, but you add special water effects .

The new X46 by MasterCraft

Looks awesome and you Love everything from the bow to the back of tower. From the tower to stern will take some getting use too. Rear seats and sun deck(or lack of) is fuggly. But all in all a very cool boat that will appeal to some and not to others. The X46s with a surf wake looking like that, this is a prime surf platform. folks solely into 22 mph. wake will look at the smaller less pricey models.

Awesome transom seats, amazing large size driver seat, love the walk thru on sun pad and rear step, ecstatic about the two wrap around seats on the rear and love seeing the integrated seating being out to use in more boats.

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