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Wellboat 30 - 3,15x3,01, 37 kg.lightest in its class,the boat is popular among outdoor enthusiasts

Wellboat 36 - 3,71x3,62,inexpensive boat designed for Hunter and fishermen,with the motor of 5 horsepower

Wellboat 37 - 3,76x3,60,inexpensive boat with useful area greater than similar fishing models

Wellboat 42 -4,20x4,10,inexpensive boat, volume V = 250l, specifically designed with large cockpit allows the boat to move freely without fear caught for fishing and hunting-Quality Lake And River Boat

Wellboat 43 - 4,51x4,30,body designed from AMg5,Lake And River fishing Boat

Walker, the stability of the boat with large cockpit under the motor to 60 hp Trimarans contours (, provide high lateral stability. The boat is designed for hiking, hunting and fishing, transporting people to perform specific functions in the coastal rivers, lakes, seas and deep reservoirs of at least 0.5 m in wave height up to 0.75 m and the distance from the coast up to 5 miles.

Case-welded, the thickness of the metal (alloy AMG5M) 3 mm at the bottom and transom, 2 mm - on the sides. The alloy does not corrode, so the boat does not require painting, special care and storage. Seats and payol made of waterproof plywood. For ease of mooring and fender provided lifelines of the AMG pipes. In the stern is the drain hole with plug. Thanks to the buoyancy of the foam blocks that are located under the sewing boards, as well as fore and aft, the boat with a load rating remains afloat on an even keel, even when completely filled with water.

Wellboat 45 - 4,60x4,50, upgrade ,modernized version of the boat Wellboat 45M

Wellboat 45M -Easy to operate boat with large allows not only comfortable to sit "on the road," the five crew members, but also to put on payolah fishing boxes for all.

Wellboat 46,46K

Wellboat 52,53 Jet

Wellboat 55Jet - 5,80x5,53, Steering (gear, wheel, rope),Soft folding front seats, Electricity (instrument - voltmeter, fuel gauge in a stationary tank, 12V socket, 2pcs., Power switch, disconnect switch, terminals, battery under the seat, automatic electric bilge pump, navigation lights); Lockers,.uel tank 130l.,Payol corrugated aluminum, Feed crinolines, Railing at the stern, Bow Pulpit,Bow ring,

Wellboat 63P- 6,64x6,30,Properly selected contours of the boat, combined with a robust body structure and sufficient amounts of buoyancy make it a safe boat while sailing in stormy weather

Wellboat 69C - 7,24x6,90,very popular boat with self-draining cockpit,increasing the length to 7 meters, using a 200hp outboard motor


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"Trade House

187330, Leningrad Region., Kirov region, g.Otradnoe, Nikolsky highway, 2.

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"Wellboat" in translation from English means "good boat", so the foundation of our business is the safety and reliability of our boats.

It is laid with the inception of the boats. Each Wellboat model boat designed for scientific and reasonable methods of designing naval engineer with extensive experience in small boat building.

Prototypes our boats pass numerous tests and tests carried out, including independent marine experts.

Only after the confirmation of the actual inherent in the development of boat characteristics and qualities, and obtaining certificates of conformity of Gosstandart of Russia made a decision on mass production of boats.

The assembly is welded boats highly skilled workers on a specially developed marine&boat technology to the rigid metal snap.

The distinctive features of boats are under the "clinker" on-board paneling, and fractured in terms of trapezoidal transom, which further increases the strength and rigidity of the boat.

Construction and equipment of boats is minimal sufficient for safe operation, and that the boat got their individuality, our experts can get comprehensive advice on tuning boats.

We are constantly working to expand the range of powerboats, production boats improvement to best meet the needs of our valued customers.

Model: Wellboat 43

Model: Wellboat 45

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Aluminium Boats & Building

Because of the higher prices of the basic materials, an aluminium boat may initially cost more than a similar steel vessel. There are, however, savings to be made over a period of years that justify the increased cost and could even result in a net gain. It has been variously calculated that a weight saving of 35-45 per cent can be expected from the use of aluminium alloys as against steel for hulls, and 55-65 per cent for superstructures. The advantage gained by the weight saving can be capitalised by an increase in speed for the same engine hp or a reduction in engine hp for the same speed. Maintenance costs are considerably reduced. There is no oxide bleeding when the paint film deteriorates or is damaged. An aluminium hull requires no painting other than for antifouling and for decorative reasons, and it will never be necessary to indulge in the time-consuming and plate-thickness-reducing task of rust chipping. If constructed of the proper alloys, an aluminium boat can be neglected to a far greater extent than those made of most other materials, provided that sacrificial anodes are maintained where dissimilar metals are in close association with the hull.

Aluminium is a very clean material that does not involve dirty processes. It is comparatively lightweight, and therefore easily handled. Operators like working with the material, and the working processes of welding, cutting, drilling, shaping, forming etc are generally quicker than with steel so production costs are lower. And although the cost of production equipment is higher, the effect of wear and tear is somewhat less. Saw blades are cheaper and last longer, and all cutting and drilling equipment maintains a sharper edge for a longer period of time. Cold shaping with the correct shrinking and stretching tools is remarkably quick and effective, and storage of aluminium creates fewer problems than steel; there is less weight and less deterioration to consider.

When building in aluminium there are many thousands of sections for which extrusions dies are available. These include angles, channels, tees, zeds, T beams, solid squares, flat bars, hollow rectangles, solid rounds, polygons, hollow hexagons, quarter rounds, beading, fillets, half round mouldings, step edges, corner mouldings, fluted strip and fluted angles, cover mouldings, water channels, drip mouldings, as well as a great variety of tube diameters and wall thicknesses. If a special extrusion is required, it is not expensive to have a die specially produced, depending on the quantity to be extruded. A designer needs to prepare differently for the design of aluminium structures; design parameters and functions that have proved satisfactory in steel are not readily convertible into aluminium. The design criteria is different and should be recognised as such, just as the builder in turn must learn that aluminium is unique and that to obtain the maximum from it he must adjust to its own peculiarities and characteristics. The owner, too, has a part to play if he wishes to get maximum return from his investment. He must appreciate that aluminium dents and gouges more easily than steel, and must recognise the natural laws that exist in relation to the metal.

aluminium and its alloys

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Quintrex aluminium boats

Over 70 Years with its New Look Models

Quintrex was established in 1945 and they are incredibly proud of the growth Quintrex has witnessed. Within the last decade Quintrex has catapulted to the forefront of aluminium boat-building. ober 60 years is an achievement for any business, especially in marine. They have experienced the highs and lows of recession, the ever present rise and fall of the dollar and the influx of imports into the industry, but Quintrex has ridden every wave.

All new models feature this new layout. Ergonomics played an integral part of the design and this improved aesthetic appearance really sets a benchmark, as Quintrex Australian Company increasingly closes the visual-gap between aluminium and fibreglass boats.

The New marks Quintrex’s Diamond Anniversary and as part of the celebrations, Quintrex has given its boats the “diamond touch of class. Several new models have been introduced throughout the range, which incorporate plush new interiors and improved sporty lines.

Throughout the Coast Runner, Freedom Sport, Centre Console and Cabin Boat range Quintrex has introduced 460, 480 and 510, 530, 570,610 and 650 models.

The resizing scheme has been done to accommodate the improved aesthetics of these hulls, giving customers generous compartments and practical storage solutions.

The new cockpit sides are manufactured using a thermal direct injection moulding process, which is light, easy to maintain, yet strong and durable - the finished result is similar to that of a modern sports car. Clever features inset into the mouldings include two built-in drink holders, horizontal rod brackets and an allocated area mounts for stereo speakers.

Model: Quintrex 610

Quintrex are one of the world’s largest, privately owned aluminium boat manufacturers and have experienced unrivalled growth and longevity in the marine industry. The industry leading technology, robotics and specially trained engineers, great staff and professional dealers are testament to our success.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, the company prides itself on building quality aluminium hulls offering unrivalled performance and safety standards. Famed for the legendary Millennium Hull, the unique stretch-formed hull has no comparison within the aluminium market and is often compared to its fibreglass counterparts, but with better durability, less maintenance and easier towing capabilities. For more details visit: www.quintrex.com.au

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