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For over 45 years, Cigarette Company is and iconic brand focused on performance and qualities. Each built boat reflecting the intense commitment and exacting criteria of the entire Racing Team including style and luxury. Over the past years,
Cigarette has evolved to become more than a fast boat.

Cigarette custom built

Cigarette customize each aspect for each boat, from the design and every detail to finishing and interior layout with commitment to quality and the experience of Cigarette Boats. While the boat interiors of most of the Cigarettes that you can see are similar in layout and design , part of that is due to their customers.

As each interior is custom built for the boat, infinite possibilities exist for what Cigarette can do from a design and layout perspective. They would encourage you to take a look at some of our latest boats in person to see the class leading design, workmanship and materials that they are using today.

Cigarette can build you an interior that will exceed all your expectations, and donít forget to check around the Miami International Boat show each year where they will be showing off all Cigarette latest tuned boats.

Cigarette with AMG

Partnering Cigarette Racing with AMG is a brilliant move by Cig. Cig still builds the boats like always before. Having a deep pocket sponsor like MB AMG is giving Cigarette unbelievable publicity which is why they stay at the top of the industry. That and the fact that they are Cigarette of course.

Currently, Numerous boat parts and high-performance components from the Mercedes SLS, AMG Coupe Electric Drive have been integrated in the design of the Cigarette "AMG Electric Drive-Concept" engineering boat design.

The next collaboration between AMG and Cigarette has produced a technology concept where a 38 Top Gun has been outfitted with more efficient a 2220 HP all electric powertrain.

Boat designed with Future Battery technology - It is the AMG Electric Drive System adapted for the marine application. The vehicle has 4 motors, the boat has two clusters of six motors. Its only got 240kwhr on board for batteries. The time it takes to fully charge depends on the charging you have available. It will accept 400v charging. At this time the final weight is not revealed.

Top Gun Unlimited

Wollin 39 Top Gun Unlimited

goes fast and looks great , Special Edition Kevlar hull, 700 Mercs keep roaring along allowing us to load it full of kids and family and go for a sunset cruise or go out for an adult play date of poker running.

The Blue 39' unlimited

with twin 1100's and m8's. The way the boat accelerates in the mid range is unbelievable, like nothing you've ever experienced on the water! The Lamborghini air inlets are perfect. Gorgeus-Classiest Perfomance Boat you have ever built.

The 46XP Cigarette - Cigarette Racing Team

High powered Cigarette in sleek, racy design - CRT

The 1978 38' "Mistress" with Teak interior. A transitional design from the wood boats to the much stronger fiberglass medium. A fine resolve and a precursor too the great designs. The classic 38' Top Gun has been Company's top-selling model since it burst upon the offshore boating scene in 1987.

the New Cigarette 41’

1040 luxury center console

featured in Speed on the water, Issue 2014


With the Cigarette 41’ Stern Drive 1040, Skip Braver and company hope to attract a new customer base while delighting loyal fans of the brand.

words Matt Trulio | photos Cigarette Racing Team

The first time Skip Braver, the chief executive officer and owner of Cigarette Racing Team asked me what I thought of the 41’ Stern Drive 1040 luxury center console, I had to muster polite enthusiasm. In fairness to Braver and the rest of the crew at the Opa-locka, Fla., company, I was staring at a scale model in his office. And no matter how well a scale model is done - and this one was done really well - it’s still a model, which to me at least is a toy boat.

And even if they’re inside bottles, I find it hard to get excited about toy boats. The second time Braver asked me what I thought of his company’s latest creation I didn’t have to dig deep to find an answer. After spending the morning crawling all over the 41- footer, I’d just driven the first model on Biscayne Bay. And before hitting those protected environs of the Intracoastal Waterway, Cigarette’s Bud Lorow, Braver and I had taken the boat offshore in 2- to 4-foot wind-jumbled ocean slop

"It reminds of driving a BMW, a Lexus or a Mercedes," I said. "Easy as hell to drive, but fun as hell to drive, too." At that point, Braver and Lorow - apparently satisfied with my answer - launched into a stereo wars-type of competition via their smart phones and the boat’s massive Bluetooth-enabled JL Audio stereo system. Though their musical selections couldn’t have been more different, Braver and Lorow shared the same general goal of blowing out my eardrums.

Goals and Visions

It’s no secret that center consoles of the luxury performance kind saved the go-fast powerboat market in recent years. It’s also no secret that, with the exception of the 41’ Stern Drive 1040, all of

them from custom go-fast boat builders including Cigarette, Nor-Tech, Marine Technology Inc., Statement Marine and Sunsation are powered by outboard engines. And that power choice makes a ton of sense based on much of the existing go-fast-boat client base, which was burned out on the breakdowns, maintenance and fuel costs that come - there are exceptions of course - with the high-performance inboard engines that power their rides. But there’s been another rather seismic shift behind the popularity of luxury performance center consoles. Simply put, the go-fast boat-buying public is getting older and new customers aren’t flocking in to replace

them. As longtime performanceboat owners have aged, their tastes, preferences and - most important - needs in a boat have changed. Sure, they want at least a taste of the adrenaline rush that comes with speed and acceleration on the water, but they’re willing to give up a lot of that for something that starts every time they turn the key. The $600,000-plus question is: Will a stern-drive center console offering with twin 520-hp engines and Bravo Three XR drives from Mercury Racing succeed in the same marketplace? Obviously, Braver and company are betting it will. What’s more, they believe their new 41-footer will expand the marketplace, as well as appeal to longtime Cigarette owners. "With the 1040, we wanted to give people new to that marketplace what our current client base was been enjoying for the past 40 years, but in a less-intimidating, easier to use form with some of the latest, greatest technology," Braver said. "But we also want our existing clients to be able to recognize and enjoy it as a Cigarette.

We’ve already sold a few to new customers, but we’ve also sold some of them to current poker runners. The reception has been even better than we thought it would be." Will the Bravo Three drives be able to withstand the loading and unloading of a 14,000-pound stepped hull V-bottom running in 3- to 5-foot seas offshore? It’s a valid concern, and one that Braver was eager to address.

"That’s a great question and one I know people will have," Braver said. "This is not a 10-year-old Bravo Three that people are afraid of. The Bravo Three has been upgraded to a Bravo Three XR by Mercury Racing; if they are willing to warranty it for two years that tells you something." Rick Mackie, the senior marketing manager for Mercury Racing, agreed. "The Bravo Three XR drive features all of the performance attributes found in the raceproven Bravo One XR," Mackie said. "The robust, twin-prop drive features net-forged upper and lower gear sets coupled to a heavy-duty drive shaft and counter-rotating, stainless-steel propeller shafts. The drive is a perfect match for the potent 520 engine package and a key component of Axius Joy Stick Piloting."

On the Water

Between running the 41’ Stern Drive 1040 offshore and on Biscayne Bay, I logged a little more than an hour in the boat. While that isn’t a ton of time, it was enough to make a few observations and form a few impressions. I’ll start with the negative: As expected, the boat’s twin Mercury 520 stern drive engines were louder than the 300-hp Mercury Verado outboard engines - even three or four of them - typically found on the transoms of performance center consoles.

Then again, mimes are louder than Verado outboards.The boat’s hardtop, on the other hand, was uncommonly silent - no clanging, banging or rattling when we ran the boat offshore. Cigarette has spent a lot of time engineering hardtops, which feature an internal steel skeleton housed in a stylish fiberglass structure that does not compromise lateral views, and it showed in the model installed on the 41-footer. Another thing I didn’t hear - or even really feel at 60 mph - was the onrushing wind. For its latest offering, the builder has created the most effective and flawlessly clear windshield I’ve ever had the pleasure to sit behind in a center console. Although the engines had more power left in them, I didn’t run the 41’ Stern Drive 1040 much above 60 mph, but at all speeds its tracking was perfect. I never take both hands of the steering wheel when I’m driving a boat, because frankly it’s a dumb move. But I could have. And when it came to turning, the 41-footer carved in the refined manner I’ve come to expect from a Cigarette.

With Axius, anyone can look like a hero at the docks[...]

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