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All the sport and racing powerboat models are created with safety and speeds in mind, designed for unsurpassed performance and we bring to our clients is from a hi-tech engineering with the highest level of performance and special design background.

Out Sport Series powerboats are a line extension to the race type innovative catpowerboats. The goal is to provide our customers with a model that provides quality workmanship and soft interiors, and performance yachting excursions in in Luxury.

Boat Models:

C4000 - Description
The Sport series,strong offshore racing C4000(LOA: 42' 3" 12.9 m) Model with six seat cockpit of the 50' in a more manageable sized boat built to exacting standards.
Epoxy construction, highly
engineered extreme racing structure for excellent characteristics.

C5000 - extreme performance race boats.


60LS - Performance luxury V-stepped-Hull 60LS Mystic Powerboat
built an extremely high tech epoxy construction on 200 mph offshore racing-sport technology.
These 100mph capable sport series luxury yachts come complete with
an air-conditioned enclosed boat cockpit,three staterooms, Electric sliding roof and roomy decks.



Mystic Powerboats
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Mystic Powerboats

in Press

Carpe Diem - not just another powerboat

Journalists and photographers covering the annual St. Maarten Heineken Regatta are used to having an assortment of craft at their disposal to follow the races. It's the next best thing to being in the thick of the action on a competing boat. Not all press boats are to one's liking and it's wise to dress accordingly. Depending on weather conditions, one either steps ashore dry with one's dignity - and breakfast - intact or thoroughly soused and queasy. But beggars can't be choos- ers when the boats are a free service provided by organisers.

Occasionally though, perks of the trade offer up other opportunities too good to miss. It could be a helicopter flight, a ride on one of the latest state-of-the art around the world racing yacht, or a record breaking catamaran. On Sunday, March 9, a few invited journalists and photographers were invited to follow the regatta on the new prototype off shore powerboat 'Carpe Diem' owned by St. Maarten resident and entrepreneur Stew Leonard of the US family-owned grocery store chain of the same name.

No big deal one might think, but this cigarette type powerboat looks curiously different and is custom made for its owner... definitely a water toy for playboys, arid a snip at only $4 million. Built by Mystic Power Boats of Florida and delivered in October 2007.

Carpe Diem comes in dazzling white and is easily noticeable for its oversized flat overhead canopy. The vessel is 70 ft. long, 16 ft. wide and powered by two V12 caterpillar diesel 1800hp engines. The lightweight carbon epoxy hull and deck weigh 12,000 lbs compared to the engine package that is close to 17,000 lbs. Seating arrangements consist of luxurious fitted white leather loungers fore and aft while a cabin, head and shower are located below deck.

"We optimised the hull for both speed and ride quality," explained designer and Mystic Power Boats owner John Cosker who was at the controls for the outing. "Stew, who is 78 years old, was particular about the layout and emphasised that it had to be as comfortable a ride as possible for those often choppy trips to St. Barths. He also wanted an open air configuration for use in the Caribbean. The canopy was designed for maximum shade and not to have any obstructions to the views." Cosker emphasised that speed was not the overriding requirement in the design, though the craft reaches a top speed of 80 mph. One of the considerations was for the boat to fit under the Sandy Ground Bridge. This it does, the canopy clearing the struc- ture with inches to spare much to the amazed looks from boat watchers above as we pass under. After all, who wants to wait for a bridge opening?

Carpe Diem, translated as "seize the day" from the Latin poem by Horace, is a fitting name to give a boat for someone in retirement, en- joying the cocktail hour of life. Leonard uses the boat two or three days a week for day trips to the nearby islands, and to entertain guests, business associates, and family members. And to go to local restaurants on either French or Dutch side, it's the ultimate antidote to traffic congestion.

The vessel has its own boathouse shore side at his Lowlands home (think the bat mobile in the bat cave), and needless to say, the boathouse is a custom fit. When not in use for long periods in the boathouse, Carpe Diem is hoisted up clear of the water. "With a boat like this, you enjoy St. Maarten so much more," enthused Leonard

whose large family includes 13 grandchildren. "It's another dimension. There are so many restaurants that are easy to get to with this. We just drop anchor and don't care about traffic anymore." The boat is looked after by Buddy Suggs who describes himself as "an all around boat guy" and works for Leonard as captain and first mate. Suggs may well have the dream job, living in the Caribbean, accommodation, car and salary provided, and driving to islands for lunch on one the highest tech boats around.

I venture to say, all of us on board Carpe Diem attested to its supreme comfort, even when waiting around for starts or sitting at the marks taking photographs. The extended bow of this powerboat effortlessly rides above the swells and wave tops. We did wonder, however, if we would see the boat's true speed potential. Cosker must have sensed this and suddenly with an almost imperceptible shift in gears we were hurding towards the Marigot water front at 74 mph, G-forces tugging at our cheeks. A very cool ride indeed!

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