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Cigarette Racing
Cigarettes reputation as the market premier powerboat has roots deep in offshore racings history where performance truly began. All Cigarette® boat are not ordinary vessels, all they, performance, performance CC and diesel are designed by engineers, artisans and craftsman, working hand-in-hand studied the interaction between machine and human.

Custom builds Cigarette Racing Team Boats

Phantom Boats High performance, offshore race and pleasure boats built especially for the serious powerboating enthusiast. A very high quality craft utilizing the latest composites technology combined with a proven innovative design.

Allison Racing boats

Allison builds one of the world’s fastest production and superior handling speed boats and special built race boats. In fact Allison stop manufacturing the 13-15 foot race boats but 13 and 15 are available to buy brand new from a couple of different boat builders.

Bernico Racing International

Well known in Europe since 1991 as Bernico International's business that covers custom raceboats. recreative sport boating and boat racing.

They are boat dealer of Mercruiser, Mercury, and Tigé boats, build Bernico International brand of computer-modeling sportboat version boats and perform repairs of all hulls, paintjobs, as well as repairs and maintenance of boats in general.

This (on photo below) is new Bernico International sleek 42' Leverage built by Belgium manufacture on display for the first time in Germany at the race boat show in Duesseldorf.

 both lightweight and strong, this is on of the holy grail of a performance boat

Superboat Center console fishing boats to high performance offshore racing powerboats. Monohull and catamarans

Baja Marine - High performance powerboats

The first V-bottom by Hledin

Checkmate Performance Powerboats Mfgrs. of performance powerboats from 17' outboards thru 33' deep-vee offshore boats. Model listing, pictures, equipment, clothing and accessories, graphics, and dealer information available at the site

Eagle One Performance Racing boats built to your needs

E-ticket boats Bild quality, Exceptional design and superior function.For the 20 something among you who don't know the significance of the name E-ticket. Founded in 1999, the lkake Havasu pefroformance boat builder has taken its time producets to marketsm, but the RC 28 model proved well worth the wait. Company provided wicked low middle and high speed throttle response.

Eliminator Boats Speedboats

Formula Thunderbird Powerboats Mfgr. of competitive performance race and pleasure boats. Providing sponsorship and technical support for in the APBA Factory Class I and II series.
All of Fountain Powerboats Ltd. are hand laid made with the finest bi-, tri-, and quad-directional fiberglass, high density foam core, Interplastic vinyl and stronger, less likely to delaminate ester resins.

Fountain Boats Superfast Offshore performance boats for racing, fishing, cruising or utility. Builder of some of the fastest boats in the world, including the world speed record holding v-bottom hull.

Jaguar Marine Builders of fine ultra high performance race and pleasure craft. Using the latest materials and race proven technology, creating some of the fastest, safest and most durable boats available today.

Hustler Powerboats performance and luxury powerboats

Hydrolift Sportboats Norwegian manufacturer of offshore powerboats

Kachina Boats - Performance Boats Custom makers of ski boats, performance boats, and jet boats. Handle consignment sales upon request

Kryptonite Boats Specializing in custom built performance powerboats for Factory 1 racing, poker runs and center console sport utility boats.

Lucas oil Drag Boats

wildly popular race boat  2017 season

Completely blown away by the sounds,sights and even the smells of nitro racing on the water. These boats are outrigger style racing units. The lucas oil Drag boats offers 4 models: Top fuel hydro utilize only nitro-methane and comes in 2 types of hulls, Top alcohol & flatbottom utilize both w-drives and V-drives the out rigger style hull and most competitive Pro modified features a hydro style boat hull and v-drive.

Magnum Marine High speed performance and luxury boats

Nicolini Offshore - Speed performance raceboats Class 1, 2 ,3 UIM

Nor-Tech - Hi-Performance Boats amd Ultimate Offshore Fishing killing machines

Sonic Boats High Performance

Skater Powerboats Built only by Douglas Marine, this boat has set hundreds of records and won countess championships with its unrivaled performance, speed and design. New model listing, preowned boats and complete specification information.

Spectre Powerboats Spectre Powerboats is a dedicated to builder of some of the most dominating powerboats on the water. Race-proven hulls are designed to provide the safest, fastest, most stable ride available.

Thriller Powerboats, inc.High-speed catamarans for USCG commercial use, racing and poker run models and offshore fishing models.

Ultra Custom Boats Custom builder of performance boats, Boat Building

Guys from Sunsation Offshore Powerboats always create amazing looking boats but this one is on a whole different level of amazing!

Ultra - is an awesome boating company, they are the absolute best bar none when it comes to Custom California boats.

Wellcraft (Genmar) Powerboats, cruisers, sportboats & high performance boats

Mystic Powerboats Performance luxury Sport & Race Series powerboats by Mystic. If you want a go fast buy a go fast boat, if you want a luxurious, stable, fast, good time then buy a Mystic Centre Console.

Seaway - Sportsman, Seafarer , Offshore and Sport Seaway boats

Outerlimits Powerboats

This boat is a example of class A workmanship and pride . There's is not another builder that can create as fine of a machine as this . Outer limits it's in a league by themselves that no other can match . Outerlimits Powerboats engine packages are just as amazing.

The new fast SL52 with 1650's by OP

If you are s huge fan of American pride and accomplishments visit their web site:

Ultra Custom Boats

The Ultra orange 344

the New 27 - is a 502 based 580HP package, Ultra Custom Boats

Ultra is an awesome company, they are the absolute best bar none when it comes to Custom California boats. Ultra Custom Boats always create amazing looking boats but this one is on a whole different level of amazing.

Custom Boats

Ultra Custom Boats build each boat according to what the customer wants. Typically if it is a jet, it will have a left hand drive with a foot throttle. If it has a prop, it will usually have a right hand drive with a hand throttle.

The price - It really depends on how it's equipped. Typically you are looking somewhere between $50,000 and $70,000.

Ultra Custom Boats moved to Havasu over the summer. 690 London Bridge Rd.

Dibley Marine - New Zealand's best-known Sailboat(raceboat) Designis, Keel and Bulb design.

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DriveGuardian DCM - DriveGuardian is a reliable torque-limiting coupler for power and racing boars