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North Wind Yachts Company has a long and distinguished history of producing first class offshore yachts, sailing bats and commercial vessels.

Today North Wind yacht offer six different semi-custom “deck saloon” sailing yachts ranging from 43 feet to 68 feet, plus unlimited custom possibilities. Major contracts with the Spanish government have yielded dozens of customs, police, and pilot vessels, as well as passenger ferries and fishing boats. In addition, the shipyard constructed the “Torrent de Paries,” a 121 ft/300 passenger ferry, which is among the largest GRP vessels ever built in Spain. North Wind Yachts has delivered over 600 sailing boats that navigating the globe’s oceans today.

The North Wind Yard evolved as a joint venture between two of the most significant, shipyards in Spain, Astilleros Viudes, -founded in 1940 and North Wind Industrial,- founded in 1973.

NW Research & Development

North Wind has undertaken a major program of new material research and refined production techniques in order to make the boats stronger, faster, lighter, and an even better value in a very competitive market.

Naval architecture

North Wind Yachts works in close collaboration with the prestigious naval architecture firm, Sparkman & Stephens, of New York. Known for their excellent design and marine engineering, spanning almost seventy-five years, Sparkman & Stephens Designs is arguably the industry’s outstanding leader.

North Wind created a major repair and refit facility, with a 65-ton Travel Lift. North Wind is the Spanish agent for Dehler International, a high quality German boat manufacturer.

North Wind Brokerage handles the resale of North Wind yachts as well as others from 30 to 150 ft., and corresponds with respected brokers worldwide.

North Wind now exports the majority of its yachts to other EU countries and the U.S.A. Favorable editorial reviews in the international press have successfully raised North Wind Yachts’ profile around the world.

The luxury yacht market

The main focus of new construction yacht projects has evolved into the luxury yacht market, for which North Wind is increasingly recognized as a quality top leader. The Yard has two primary yacht building methods: one that does semi-custom building using re-usable female moulds, and the other being a one-off/totally custom approach. North Wind are thus positioned to offer a maximum range of services to the discerning yacht buyer who demands top quality, total performance, and sound value.


North Wind Yachts has significant installations on Barcelona’s harbor including two large factory buildings with a combined floor space of 38,000 sq. ft. The service yard has deep-water dockage, a 65-ton Travel Lift and an existing building comprising 16,000 sq. ft.

An expansion of the service facilities is underway, due to the increasing demand for North Wind and other yacht owners who appreciate the quality and diversity of skills available to them in the refit and repair business.

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