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Hake Yachts (, builder of the Seaward Family Yachts.

Their objective when designing the Retracting Keel Series, which includes the Seaward 26RK, Seaward 32RK, and stylish comfort Seaward 46RK was to create a yachts that would sail well here in Florida, where we have vast expanses of beautiful and unspoiled, yet extremely shallow water.

Seaward 46RK

They wanted their boat to be at home in Florida waters, but also be able to cross the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas to do some island hopping from time to time, a trip of about sixty five miles across open ocean.

If Seaward Yachts could sail well in deep and shallow water without undue compromise, it would have universal appeal.

Their yachts have a 'sport boat' feel without sacrificing handling ease. The boats should be easily sailed by one person and comfortable for a small family. To that end, Seaward Yachts kept the rig uncomplicated, the underbody clean and chose vertically adjusting foils to accommodate performance, stability and shallow water issues.

They designed a 'torpedo bulb' keel tip to keep displacement numbers low without compromising stability. They also felt the bulb was the right approach to keep stability high even with the keel fully retracted. A fortunate result of the adjustable foils and resultant shallow draft is the boats' trailerability.

While more time consuming to build than a fixed keel boat, the high degree of versatility the adjustable foils offer would justify the investment of time and effort.

Their yachts are priced competitively with the mix of offerings from the volume builders, without compromising our hard won reputation for quality. The Seaward 32RK has been in production since 2000, and the Seaward 26RK since 2002. The Seaward 46RK is the latest of the family, deep sea performance designed with flexibility keel.

Rudder System Information

The vertically retracting rudder is the perfect complement to the keel. It is adjusted manually from the helm, and can be placed in any of five positions, with a range of depth below the water from 13 to 33 .

The rudder blade of the Seaward boat is of fiberglass construction, with a cloth outer skin and a fiberglass composite core. The layup is as follows: Isothalic gel coat, 17 ounce carbon fiber cloth, 24 ounce unidirectional Eglass and 24-08 biaxial E-Glass. The blade rides in a metal trunk constructed of 3/16 electroplated stainless plate and is held in position by a pin that locks into notches on the trailing edge of the blade.

The rudder is unlocked for adjustment by releasing the pin from the notch by sliding a spring-loaded lever rearward. The rudder gives the boat excellent control at all angles of heel, and the helm a light, balanced feel.

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