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Company has more than 25 years of general management , leadership,
and operational experience.

Square Meter Yachts build and designed with the latest technologies.
A brand new boat "scandinavian cruisers" combining beautiful classic lapstrake&clinker dory lines with the latest rowing and high performance sailing small craft functionality.

The design of our Scandinavian Cruiser's modesls are faster than most other boats and admired equally by experienced landlubbers and sailors , giving the boat owner
true pride of ownership.

Boat Productions:

Dory 18 - 17.5 ( 5.35 m) unique useful small craft designed in modern materials & and unique style and aeronautical engineering.

SC20- Ultra-light and strong E-glass,High speed at all points of sail, this
Scandinavian Cruiser 20 can easily be sailed single handed as she has a self tacking jib or in stronger winds.
Future yachts: SC30,SC40,SC50 and SC66

Scandinavian cruisers in Press

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published:Fragrant Harbour Mag | August 2010

For more than a century, sailors have admired the grace and beauty of the Skerry Cruisers (Square Metre Yachts). Originating in Sweden, these slender boats, with low freeboards and tall rigs, undoubtedly inspired the designer of the new Scandinavian Cruiser (above), with its beauty, speed and classic lines.

Designed without regard for any handicap, class or measurement rule, the purpose of the Scandinavian Cruiser is simply for it to be the fastest possible small day boat in its marque. Ultra-light E- glass, VE resin and 15mm Navicel Q60 rigid PVC foam core is used allowing for a displacement 6171b, or just over a quarter ton. Overall length is 5.86m (19'3") meaning it can be squeezed into a 20-foot container. Portability in this global day and age is an advantage. A waterline of 3.84m (12'7"), a keel draft of 1.4m (4'7") and a mast of 7m (23') mean that performance has not been compromised. The boat also features a rotating, semi-unstayed, tapered, carbon wingmast, a lifting carbon keel strut with lead bulb and lifting carbonfibre rudder, and a furling self-tacking jib, main and furling asymmetrical spinnaker. The Scandinavian Cruiser is perhaps best known as a singlehanded performer with its hiking straps and single trapeze belt, but two adults and a child can also fit comfortably into the self draining cockpit. A high boom means 'headroom' is improved. There's even a small 'cabin' with its own entrance hatch. With Hong Kong rapidly running out of space for mid- to large-size.

Call Max Roest of Marinco 9381 3861 or email [email protected] for details. pleasure craft, this neat and tidy 20-footer may be the answer. Further, without an outboard or bracket, no local pleasure vessel operator's licence is required.

below: the Scandinavian Cruiser 20

Danish Delight

by Peter Nielsen

published: SailMag, Feb 2010

Aother month, another daysailer... not that I'm complaining. This month's beauty is the Scandinavian Cruiser 20, a boat that was dreamt up by a Dane, designed In the U.S. and built in China, and Is soon to be available here at a price that's bound to get people fingering their checkbooks. Builder Nis Peter lorentsen says the SC20 was inspired by the classic Skerry cruisers that were popular In Scandinavia a century ago. One iteration of those was the 30 Square Meter boats, many of which were imported into the U.S. And yes, there is a definite resemblance in the lines of the SC20, at least above the waterline.

But this boat is a far cry from the full-keeled wooden beauties of yesteryear.

Designer Eric Sponberg has obviously taken to heart his brief to design a fast and beautiful daysailer. He has given the boat a rotating carbon-fiber wing mast that can be taken apart for transportation.along with a lifting keel and rudder, a lightweight foam-cored hull, and lines that fairly reek of speed and elegance. Half the boat's 750-pound displacement Is in the lead beavertail keel bulb, and a furling A-sail. furling jib and big full-batten main should provide controllable power on all points of sail. With its skinny beam, light weight and long overhangs that'll stretch the waterline when heeled, this boat should really get up and go. Should you want to hang on to full sail for that bit longer, you can send your crew out on the trapeze. Final pricing had not been decided as we went to press but should be in the region of $25.000 p|us shipping. And if 20 feet is too small for you. Sponberg has already drawn 40- foot and 66-foot versions that look just as gorgeous.