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Tattoo Yachts - British heritage

Tattoo Yachts

Tattoo Yachts is a nod to the Scottish and British maritime heritage. TY have dealers/distributors in the Canada, US, Europe and the UAE.

the 26 footer "Tattoo"

The Tattoo 26 Yachts is a modernized version of the MacGregor 26. TY using the same molds, but updating with different hardware and interior design.

Photo: The galley | Tattoo Yachts

The bright Interior. Looking forward to the new 26 footer with Nice interior color scheme - red. white, and blue colors on a boat. Just seems more nautical. A weighted daggerboard, would be an excellent option for some.

There are lots of changes, interior renderings and upgrades to the Tattoo 26 sailboat. The boarding ladder on the front of the trailer. Climbing aboard from the transom, gets a bit soggy. An engine isn't included with the standard boat but up to a 60HP outboard motor can be mounted. "The green area is currently planned as a fuel tank location. Ahead of that is an icebox under the companionway." said Tattoo Yachts.

Mike Inmon is your boat dealer and he would be happy to provide you with pricing information. He can be reached at [email protected]

The Tattoo 22

Pull wake board. Out run storms operate in extremely shallow water or leisurely sail about. Very comfortable to live aboard when schedules allow. The boat also being trailerable is a big plus as well. A perfect storm boat.

In fact: The Macgregor 26 has the most videos on youtube unlike the Tattoo 22, but they videos dont capture everything this great sailboat is.

The new Tattoo 26

There are lots of changes and upgrades to the Tattoo 26. It's the other kind of Tattoo- take a look at the origin of the name on our website at

for loading

This one was about to go in a container so the mast and fenders were removed for loading. The bow ladder is a great help when launching.


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