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The International Marine Company has manufactured time tested design 2 popular sailboats, the West Wight the smaller sister "Potter 15 " and big brother "Potter 19". For over 40 years, the International Marine is focus on boat building a quality, that appeals to the experienced, as well as the new sailing enthusiast. Both boats have spacious interiors for little boats.

Building Your SailBoats and Adventures - the Voyager 19,20

The Ballasted Keel Voyager 20 Performance Composite small SailBoat is a self righting and weatherly cruiser. Pleasure to sail from one person. This lightweight boat you can trailer it and take her with you.

the Voyager 19

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the Voyager 19 boat review

I wonder if he collaborated with Bob Eeg on the fixed keel with internal centerboard. Could have been replicated from the Monty 17? Don't know for sure, but this would make the potter a lot more stout, particularly with the form stability of the hard chine hull, and the now fixed ballast. Also, this opens up the interior tremendously. Paul Trim

Plus no compression post taking up space. Totally open cabin.
William Murnahan

I checked this boat out at the show. The inside of the boat was much more spacious than the previous Potter 19. As William suggests, the lack of compression post opens it up considerably, similar to the feel one gets from the Precision line of boats. They have also moved the sink and spot for a single burner stove over to the starboard side, opening up the port side for a nice quarter berth/settee seat. there's a small table that can be set up. I think it would be a very comfortable cruiser for two people, with up to 2 children.

The starboard side quarter berth was set aft due to the "galley" and made a seat behind the galley, but looks to have minimal foot room under the cockpit seat. Hence the suitability for a small child. This particular boat was a pre-production mockup, and they plan to lengthen the V-bert by about 4" and I think lower it overall.

There were many benefits of going with a ballasted stub keel. First, it gets ballast down lower, and allowed them to fit the taller rig. But also, with a centerboard set in the keel, they eliminated the centerboard trunk for more cabin space, and since the board is not significantly weighted, there is no more winch and wire rope and tackle in the cabin to lift the board. Again, more room in the cabin. I suspect the boat will point a little better with the higher aspect centerboard, and they expect a much better turn of speed with the taller rig.

The biggest drawback to the weighted keel is that the boat is more difficult to beach on a shallow shore, which many Potter owners are wont to do. Still, with only, what, 18" draft, you can still beach on a steeper shore. My impression is that there was an awful lot of cruising crammed into a 19' trailerable boat.

Oh, and I wouldn't say that the ballasted stub keel was an attempt to make the boat more offshore worthy. I think it's more a way to open up the interior, and make a more stable boat for easier cruising. But, since Potters have been sailed to Hawaii before, I'm sure this one would go there too! Brian Scarborough

I wonder if the keel will hurt it's ablity to be beached? That is why we bought the P-15 in the first place. We were looking at a P-19 for a slightly bigger boat but if this one has a fixed albeit stubby keel then has it lost its beaching traits? I hope not because I love the look of her. John Heymann


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