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Brand Windjet originates from 1980 when a group of enthusiasts is relevant to High-Technology Industries began to improve their Jet Boats & speedboats boats for recreation or commercial use.

Wind/Jet-boat building

Experience in the highly developed production - to produce high-performance boats. Was being developed as a corps, and the entire boat, as the whole system with balanced with hydro jet thrust.. This resulted in a custom-made power boats, each with its own unique characteristics. Now it's mass production of fiberglass speed boats with marine system that creates a jet of water (water jets).

Windjet Boats includes the production of ultra-light high-speed boats with aerodynamic drag trimarans body contours for a family recreation or fishing type Windjet model :490" more seaworthy and stable, and increases its cargo capacity for fishing etc. Dimensions: L5 meter ,weight of 390 kg with the engine. Unlike special boats - a great driving performance and efficiency with low weight of the vessel. This gives the boat owner to unlimited destinations. Get rid of complexes, however you will be able to steer your boat wherever you want to go. Now you do not need to hit the water equipped with a powerful heavy car to be towed and the presence of a deep channel for the preservation of rudder mechanism. Long live the freedom of recreational water engine, which calls for forgotten gregarious sense of attachment to the place of permanent mooring of the boat!

Developments Windjet will help you buy a boat with the mobility of the case and weight - like a jet ski. This will allow you no longer tied to a particular place of mooring.Boat Production technology is built on a multilayered manual contact. Such labor-intensive manufacturing makes the world's leading Boat Manufacturers concentrate their efforts on the release of large yachts.

Our WindJet production require special care and attention, compliance with production schedules. And we can not significantly increase the number of products, boats in any season. So we build our development on a combination of manual assembly-line production with advanced technology. For example water-jet installation delivers a Finnish Finland company "Alamarin-jet " - has manufactured water jet propulsion units since 1976; And because the orders are starting to exceed current manufacturing capabilities, we have assigned to a specific order to the manufacturing boat-process. Thus, ordered the boat has Combines Sophisticated Features - the color of hull, boat equipment and accessories, additional options and the exact date of the promotion stages of production.Promotion is known nationwide for quality and creative meeting production.

Our shipyard is the process of birth of the vessel from the very first stage of forming the boat-body and assembly of power, ready to load boats prepared under the contours of his trailer, Every customer can change the shipping method for each boat.




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model 490

Allow me to introduce production model: Windjet model 490,thruster with engine serial Alamarin Jet 180" from Finland. This speed boat is equipped with a water cannon with a fixed four-injection gasoline engine power to 125 HP.

Dry weight - 390 kg

Jet-engine (fountain) - Alamarin jet 180 (made in Finland)

4-stroke fuel-injected 16-fixed cells. gasoline engine.

Speed - 60 to 75 km / h

Efficiency - Fuel Economy - the fuel consumption of 15 l / h

Security - no protruding parts

multihulled boat - stability in stronger winds.

Housing material - fiberglass (binder company «ASHLAND» and high-strength reinforcing materials).

Capacity - 6 person.

not require launching equipped

Spacious ightweight boat Windjet 490is designed for family vacations, high-speed riding, fishing or hunting and water skiing. The boat with a shallow draft that does not have any protruding parts underneath, fast and fuel economical, and still seaworthy. It has static stability for lifting skiers and divers on board.

he deep and spacious cockpit, best protected from wind and spray, provides additional comfort and allows the crew to easily accommodate all the necessary equipment. Saloon convertible and removable canopy makes it comfortable to take refuge in a boat from the weather.

Boat is designed to move quickly, designed for off-road river, long-distance travel in the most remote and scenic area with a difficult fairway. Jet skis are quicker than the average speed boat.

Another important factor is the engine efficiency,are especially important in the absence of gas stations.

Leisure time cottage owners, fishermen, and cruising boat owners value the overwhelming qualities of the water power jet propulsion as compared to sterndrives and outboard boat engines in same class.

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