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We Southeast Marine are a full service boatlift-Company with experience of over 40 years and can also offer other boat lifts from different boat type and builders.We are also particularly attractive to boat customers with unique situations because we specialize in custom boatlifts to meet your needs from lifting a jet ski to a large yacht.
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HydroHoist Boat Lift

Boat lift provides ultra protection

HydroHoist has over 40 years of experience in boat lift engineering design. The company offers many different lifts for boats, as well as PWC. Accessories are also available to customize the HydroHoist lift for specific applications. The strongest warranty available accompanies every lift. Available in models with 4,400, 6,600 and 8,800 pounds of lift, the UltraLifts fit slips 9-1/2' to 12' wide and custom sizes to 16'.

Choosing the highest quality is simple for boat owners considering a boat lift. HydroHoist International Inc. offers the most popular mode UltraLift - 2, the only boat lift with flotation tanks specifically designed for the marine environment and shaped for efficiency and safety. The UltraLift-2 's unique design takes all the steel components out of the water and protects the hull and outdrive from foulants and wake damage.

Its Heavy-duty hull supports and galvanized steel frame can lift boats up to 8,800 pounds. The heavy-duty tank brackets, torsion bar and full-width channel are the strongest in the industry and provide added stability. Cushioned hull support pads and carpeted pitmans prevent damage to the boat during launch.

In low water conditions, the UltraLift's Flex-Memory polyethylene tanks can handle any obstacle that may be lurking beneath the surface. If the puncture-resistant tanks come to rest on an object, they will flex and return
to their original shape.

Lifts from "Boat Lift Warehouse"

Boat Lift Warehouse has three brands of pwc lifts. Tide Tamer pwc lifts are usually the best choice for mounting on a piling, seawall, or a dock with a piling under it. If a piling is not available, Demco pwc lifts provide a good solution for a dock mount without pilings. The Shoremaster ShorePort is not exactly a pwc lift, but a floating drive-on docking solution for a pwc.

Boat Lift Warehouse brings you skiff lifts for small boats or large personal watercrafts. They offers elevator boat lifts for narrow canals, embankments, and locations where pilings cannot be used. Elevator lifts are an alternative to a Tide Tamer lift when the lift capacity needs to exceed 3000 lbs. Elevator lifts mount on a concrete pad and lift boats from the side. These lifts are available for boats up to 10,000 lbs. For larger elevator lifts, need contact with company.

PWS Boat Lifts

Tide Tamer PWC Lifts
Tide Tamer pwc lifts are truly a superior lift solution, providing a 1000 lbs. model and a 1500 lbs. model in aluminum and hot-dipped galvanized steel. Tide Tamer pwc lifts will mount completely out of the water to prevent corrosion and buildup on your lift, which reduces maintenance and increases the life of the lift. The Tide Tamer pwc lift will also swing 180 degrees over your dock for storage and maintenance. Boat Lift Warehouse is proud to bring you the quality and experience of a premium Tide Tamer pwc lift.

ShoreMaster ShorePort PWC Dock
While not a traditional pwc lift, Boat Lift Warehouse offers the ShorePort PWC drive-on docking solution perfect for floating or standing docks.

Demco PWC Lifts
If your dock doesn't have pilings or posts that will support a Tide Tamer lift, a Demco pwc lift will use a metal plate to mount on your dock without needing a post. Demco provides a 750 lbs. pwc lift and a 1000 lbs. pwc lift, both constructed of aluminum. These lifts are an economical solution for smaller crafts so you won't have to install a piling.


Aluminum boat lifts

Boat Lift Warehouse Company provides piling aluminum boat lifts from Quality Boat Lifts that will fit the needs of most boat owners. These boat lifts are available up to 10,000 lbs. capacities and come with a 10 year warranty. These boat lifts are easy to install and the gear units do not require any greasing. Larger boat lifts and custom applications are available upon request.

Shorestation(lake) Boat Lifts from Boat Lift Warehouse

Shorestation has been manufacturing lake boat lifts for over 30 years. Their name is a symbol of quality and reliance in lake boat lifts. Their vertical lifts have a number of options including manual or electric, canopies, and even transport systems for the lifts. These Shorestation lifts are constructed from marine-grade aluminum and use stainless steel hardware.

About Boat Lifts

At Boat Lift Warehouse, they are dedicated to finding the right boat lift solution for you. There are many types of boat lifts and you prefer to spend your time on the water, not trying to figure out which of all the boat lifts is best for you. The Company are here to serve your marine needs so feel free to contact us by phone (877-468-5438) or email for any questions or concerns that you may have.

Galvanized and Aluminum Boat Lifts

In order to choose boat lifts that will last for years to come, you must first select lifts made from the appropriate material. Galvanized boat lifts are usually less expensive but requires more maintenance if it is to last as long. You must repair with a spray-on cold galvanizing material any scratches that develop in the galvanizing because these will rust and harm your lift. Aluminum boat lifts do not rust, but aluminum does still oxidize. The oxidation process takes longer which means more time would pass before you would have to worry about cleaning off the oxidation. It is important to note that maintenance free boat lifts do not exist.

Attention to the normal wear of boat lifts can help to make them last as they are designed. Tide Tamer boat lifts have a patented design which allows it to stay completely out of the water in the "up" position. This will drastically increase the lifetime of a lift because contaminants in the water will not have as much opportunity to harm your lift.

Manual or Electric Boat Lifts?

The decision to get manual or electric boat lifts is determined largely by two factors. How much patience do you have and how much money do you want to spend. An electric motor rarely lasts forever so you are likely to replace it at some point and this should as well be considered. After a decision has been made to get an electric boat hoist, you must carefully decide which type to get. A Boat Hoist USA hoist is less expensive but has more exposed parts while the PSI drives have completely enclosed gearing and are more resilient to the weather. A PSI drive is highly recommended.


Weight is a concern when buying boat lifts only because many pwc and boat manufacturers give dry weight when quoting specifications. This does not include gas and gear and the like. Please consider this as you consider which boat lifts to buy.

Boat Lifts Specifications: Please note the specifications of each of the boat lifts on this website in order to make sure that your purchase will work with your existing setup. For example, if you are buying piling mount boat lifts, please verify that your piling meets diameter and height-above-dock requirements before deciding.

Questions: If you have any questions at all, about boat lifts or any other marine-related subject, visit or tel:877-468-5438.

Boat Lift Warehouse
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tel: (877) 468-5438

On Site Boat and Boat Lift Service

We Offering new client and Spring tune-up specials. We come to you so it is easy and hassle free.

Specializing in:
-Hyrdraulic flush


Lake WA, Lake Sammamish vzqf3-307004726[email protected]

Lift Masters

The Lift Masters has been manufacturing boat lifts for 9 years. They sell lifts nationally as well as internationally.

Lift Masters specialize in Quality and Versatility. If you have a boat, any type of boat include sailboat, they have a lift to suit your needs. Their boat lift kits begin at $700.


Have a Sailboat? We Have a Boat Lift for You! Accommodate your sail boat with the mast up.

How about a really big boat - also thet can help you!
Lift Masters Can Accomodate Your T-Top in Our Boat Lifts Mount pipe to the side so your t-top will clear.

Off-set boat in a wide slip for easier access.

Lift Masters manufacturing facility and our office is located on Galveston Island, Texas. Galveston is approximately 50 miles South of Houston, Texas.

Boat lift kits

Lift Masters Company boat lift kits are shipped to you with all the components you will need to mount your lift. The boat lift kit you order will be custom built to fit your existing pilings. These lifts are designed to adjust for different size boats. All boat parts and accessories are hot dip galvanized to ensure years of faithful service.

the Warranty

All of Lift Masters' boat lifts are one year warranted for original date of purchase against any parts defects that are due to faulty materials or workmanship. This LM warranty does not include damage to the boat resulting from misuse or accident.


Boat Shipping and any applicable sales tax will be added to kit prices. Lift Masters Team steel mount boat lift kits star at $1900. Steel mount kits are shipped from the factory in approximately five working days. Steel mount boat lift kits are built to lift boats from 6000 to 20,000 pounds with ease and grace.

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