Fun Sailing Near Florida Marinas

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Fun Sailing Near Florida Marinas

The state of Florida offers plenty of sunshine, a warm climate, and a little something for everyone. From refugees looking to settle down in the sunshine state to college students partying in South Beach, Florida packs a big punch when it comes to entertainment. Because Florida is a peninsula, it is lined with over a thousand miles of coastline. Florida is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the West and the Atlantic ocean to the East. With this amount of shoreline and year-round warm temperatures, the water that surrounds this state is one of it's biggest sources of entertainment. Florida is home to excellent beaches, fantastic fishing, and amazing sailing and boating adventures.

(PhotoCourtesy of Lauderdale Marine Center)

A lot of fun can be had just hanging out at Florida marinas, and there is a lot of fun sailing to do. What makes sailing in Florida particularly interesting is the fact that one can experience so many different types of conditions.

The waters of the Atlantic can be quite different from the waters of the Gulf. Obviously there can be large differences in water temperature and conditions from Northern Florida to Southern Florida.

The type of vessel one sails on makes a huge difference in the overall experience as well. Many enjoy spending leisurely days aboard large boats (we are talking 30-40 footers and beyond.)

Such sale boats can be excellent for spending a day fishing or perhaps sightseeing along the coastline. Smaller, sportier boats, such as the Hoabie Cat, may be seen lining the water as well. Hoabie cats are known not only for their appearance (having two pontoons) but also for their speed and their tendency to tip over. With a good amount of wind and surf this boat can provide one with an unparalleled sailing experience.

There is no doubt one can have a lot of fun sailing near Florida marinas. Many marinas do allow people to live full-time on their vessels. These marinas tend to feel like small neighborhoods, and on a nice weekend there is usually a party or get- together to be found. If sailing on the shores of Florida is not something that you have yet experienced make sure to put it on your to-do list. The experience of the marina itself, along with the adventure of being out on the water, are truly some unforgettable experiences!