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bottom painted power boats - repainting & regelcoating boat services when your powerboat is in the capable hands - yard is fully secured for services FR Services, engine maintenance by Experienced Mechanic

Trailer services

Trailer Repair -(Riviera Beach,Fl.) - Boat Trailers - Sales & Service

Cost [email protected] hr

Single Axle, Double and Triple Axel trailers for Boats size from 15' to 40"

Trailer Repairs on most trailer brands/builders

Spring replacement

Bearing replacement and packing for replacement
Electrical repairs including connectors, lenses, bulbs

Winch, roller & bunk repairs
Brake inspection and replacement


Bearing repacks
Lighting and Brake checks
Structural Trailer inspections



3701 Ave K Riviera Beach, FL 33404

E-Mail [email protected]

Boat Trailer Doctor Mobile Services

This video is of support bracket being changed out from Flat bar that has been corroded to the danger of snapping thru, with it's replaceable custom galv bracket made of 4-inch Channel. Awesome here it shows new calipers with seals in the back of the hubs being changed as well as the serious issue of corrosion across crossmembers that have the indention left where they are hydraulically bent.

After we clean and reseal these areas is advisable to hit with a freshwater hose as soon as you can after retrieving your boat from the launch. We will be going across the corrosion and welding all cracked welds that you'll see across the torsion axle and the frame of boat trailer.

Strip-It LLC

a mobile dustless blasting service capable of meeting your trailer corrosion

The owner of Strip-It LLC. introduce to you a mobile dustless blasting service capable of meeting your corrosion and paint removal needs. They offer a very efficient method to strip your car, boat, trailer, concrete, and steel frames clear of corrosion, paint, graffiti, and any unwanted layers.

Strip-It LLC. utilizes the MMLJ Dustless Blaster which you may have seen advertised on my classic car. Don't let anyone fool you the Dustless Blaster is a heavy industrial piece of equipment, but it is far more cleaner and efficient than traditional methods such as sand blasting. That being said Dustless Blasting can still make a small mess in a contained area, but at Strip-It LLC. preparation and cleaning of the site, as well as the product is part of our services. Strip-It LLC want to leave each customer with a ready to use product or one they can get straight to the paint booth.

More importantly our mobile capability makes it easier for you to get the job done, no need to haul it on a trailer out of your way. Have your car right outside the body shop while you go about your business we will take care of ours. For more information please email us with any questions at: [email protected] or Call +1 334-796-9605.

For more information regarding the equipment we use visit www.stripitmdb.com for further information on dustless blasting technology.

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